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File 158422290880.jpg - (370.18KB , 750x1137 , ad7bc3edc12606e7c135a62ff3c140b1.jpg )
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How do different times of day, seasons and weather affect your mood? When spring comes around, and it gets warmer outside, I feel more alive. All of my emotions become more pronounced. This is a double-edged sword. When I'm happy, I feel it much more, and when I am not, that is also much stronger. When it's warm outside, I feel like I have to do something, like there's got to be something to look forward to. Never actually happens though.

I love early morning the most because it makes me optimistic. Sunsets are depressing as hell because the day is ending and I never feel like I got enough out of it. By the time it's night though, that sense of unfulfillment is gone and I feel just fine. Rain and clouds are nice in their own way because everything feels the same the entire day.

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>> No. 25427 [Edit]
I enjoy fall and winter far more than spring and summer. Summer at least has some things going for it and the heat can be enjoyable sometimes, but spring in general I don't really like. The latter half of the year is the better half. I think the best part about spring is that walking around at night is more pleasant than it would be in the winter.
>> No. 25599 [Edit]
In nearly every way. Spring and Summer I am always more energetic, and in general more content with things. THings look promising, and I feel at ease. During Fall, things start crumbling down and I get more restless, rains a lot here, and I always have this sentiment that rain and thunder alike are punishments from God or something. I feel like an ancient hiding from unstoppable forces. This all said, i live in a so-called tropical paradise. From an outsider perspective "it's always sunny". But even so I feel those things very much and they peak at winter. During the middle of winter it feels like a mess. My mind and body feel like being attacked i am more pessimistic and all.
I also feel these things about morning and night, except they peak at summer. Around 5-7 pm it's the worst time. During winter everythin its too hazy to make out.Every winter is a pain to get through.
I even feel like the specific times when rains are connected with my emotions somehow, not because it rained, but before even raining.
>> No. 27174 [Edit]
File 164703719553.jpg - (621.65KB , 1280x960 , 540ca4c3394340ea41698f2a0e688e7d.jpg )
Something about this time of year, early spring through summer, makes me feel nostalgic, like all the good times from the past which happened around this time are back. And more than that, like an idealistic life comes into view. It's not real, it's not tangible, but for some reason it feels close.

You could describe it as an involuntary, unjustified good mood. Sooner or later it comes crashing down. The sun starts to set, September rolls around, and nothing has really changed, but for a little bit, things seem pretty good.

Post edited on 11th Mar 2022, 2:21pm
>> No. 27185 [Edit]
My mood may be chained to daylight/weather alone. I have always observed that as night sets in I become more paranoid, more fearful, and more pessimistic about my future. Thoughts of the end of not just myself but anything and everything really grip me around the early AMs or so. But lately I've begun to realize that seasons have just as much, if not more, of an effect on me. During summer I tend to be less pessimistic, and even have a completely different and reverse mindset entirely where I do reckless things and ignore risks without worrying about it. By winter however I'm waking up every morning wanting to just lay back down, let myself be fired, and then just die. I think of the end and wish I could erase everything around me. I think I have some serious mood disorder because my mood will change rapidly back and forth throughout the day in the first place.

File 161909866749.png - (0.97MB , 1521x739 , waasted.png )
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Anybody ever read nay philosophy?
Just so you know, Plato is the truth
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>> No. 27114 [Edit]
This is very interesting in so many levels, and I couldn't cover them all.
The biological fatalism makes me think of Kiss Maerth talking about the morbidly obese human brain and the disastrous consequences of that degeneracy for all beings. The horn metaphor is brilliant.

>Which again accords with studies that "depressed" people make more rational choices.
Do you know which ones? When I'm peak depressed I often have this feeling of seeing clearer than ever, feeling more logical than ever, perceiving reality for what it is, more focused, all that while in atrocious mental suffering. It's an scary idea, the happy are the delusional, the depressed are just less distracted and can see true reality. I try to see the comforting part on this and think it's, at least, a general human condition, since it touches a very personal matter.
>> No. 27115 [Edit]
I'm glad someone got something out of my post! And yeah I was also pretty impressed by that fitting metaphor – this is one of the few philosophical works that was a pleasure to read, filled with some nice gems and food for thought. I'll do a follow up with his views on technology which I thought was interesting to compare with those of anarcho-primitivists like Kacyzinski.

>Do you know which ones?
Look into the "depressive realism" hypothesis, although like all social science studies you'd probably be better off just trusting your insticts on this one given their notorious reproducability issues. (There's also probably different types of "depression" in the first place. I assume the one that Zapffe is referrring to is that of a chronic, dull weariness – not necessarily borne out of a painful environment but rather by a slow realization of the absurdness of it all).

In the same vein there's also some related thoughts that depression should be considered as an altered state of consciousness unto itself (i.e. a global alteration in the means by which sensory inputs are perceived). I think we might get a more concrete picture of all this in the upcoming decades or so when there is increased research into the exact nature by which psychadelics affect conciousness (i.e. not from a localized biochemistry point of view but a more functional systems perspective), since many of the same psychadelics supposedly have transformative effects on depressed people.

It's also interesting to think about how one might square the various annecdotes about psychadelics "opening your mind to the true nature of the universe" with Zapffe's writings – they can both be true if both result from different states of conscioussness, but which is the "correct" one? Offhand I'm inclined to say that it's the latter just because the state of mind induced by psychadelics seems opposite to that of the rational mind (in that people hallucinate forms that don't exist, and are generally less coherent for that time). The fact that some people also undergo ego disollution
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>> No. 27152 [Edit]
I read everything Schopenhauer wrote (because he explicitly tells you to and there was by no means a lot of it) and Kant's Critique (because again I had to). Never read Hegel (yet) but I just wish the guy could have gone 10 pages without some jab at him. World is full of them. I haven't read Marx's older stuff like the Grundrisse, only Capital I-III and I don't really see how Hegel is pertinent to Marx. You don't need to know anything about Hegel to read Capital. But it seems his modern relevance derives from Marx. I'll get around to reading him when I get some amphetamines or something. I had to do that for Kant. I feel tired all the time otherwise and can't be bothered reading dense shit.
>> No. 27434 [Edit]
Some other things I recently learned which you might find interesting:
* Sleep deprivation seems to alleviate depression, although it returns once again when they rest [1]
* Depression leads to longer period of REM sleep (and less deep sleep). There are also some research that REM sleep is critical for modulating emotions.

Those sort of match with my experience where I paradoxically feel most energetic when sleeping at 4am and waking at 11am (as opposed to a usual schedule of sleeping at 1am and waking at 11am). It should also be noted here that at least in my experience the phrase "alleviate depression" should be very narrowly defined, not as having no melancholic thoughts at all (those are always a constant, and in the Zappfian sense inherent/inevitable), it's having the energy to override the feeling of listlessness/weariness and temporarily divert yourself by e.g. watching anime.


No. 24355 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you people get enough sleep and do you actually dream? If so, can you remember your dreams?

I personally rarely dream. I tried several lucid dreaming strategies, but none of them really showed any effect, even tough I would love to be able to use my dreams as a form of escapism.

I recall my last dream which felt really realistic and touching. I will now just share it here because, even though I dont think that dreams have a deeper meaning (to be honest, I also have not read up on this subject yet), I am interested in your thoughts on it.

I recall cycling on a road near my apartment, moving away from it. It was really late at night, probably around 1 AM or something. I was driving without lights and recall feeling the soft wind of a summer night on my skin, even though it was rather on the cold side. The most interesting detail I recall was the sky: One half of it (the left) was fild to the brimming with stars, way more than you would be able to see in an light-polluted modern city. The right on the other hand, was an empty void without any stars, and the border between these two regions was exactly above my head and had the highest density of stars. It was beautiful.

I am really sorry if this sounds like rambling. Thank you for reading.
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>> No. 24478 [Edit]
File 156410500422.jpg - (62.26KB , 393x590 , Grog.jpg )
What anon said, a dream journal is your best, most useful tool to have access to your dream world, dream retention, almost a necessity to train lucid dreaming as well. I've been keeping a dream journal on and off for many years now and recently I'm back at it again. I usually would write and draw my dreams but it can get time consuming when you're remembering 3 or 4 dreams each night. That's the reason I always end up quitting it. Now I'm back at it, I can't stop for long, it's like losing half of my life when I can't remember my dreams anymore.

One useful technique I don't see people mentioning often is organizing your dream if you can't pull yourself to actually wake up fully to write the dream down. What you want to do is tell yourself the dream you just had, organizing the pieces you remember, doing your best to transfer all that dream data over to an organized thought remembering everything over and over again. Even if you wake up hours later or decide to write down later instead of right when you wake up you'll remember a lot, most often all of it. Try to tell yourself the dream over and over again, don't let your mind float away from it, you may lose it forever if you do. After you tell yourself the same dream 3 or 4x you'll have memorized enought to actually write it down later.

Another thing I don't see many people mentioning are dream triggers. You know when you look at something that instantly makes you remember a dream you had? Use that, try to come up with a system. If you're trying to remember a dream, try to trigger yourself by lookig at pictures of animals, plants, people, places, try to remember what you did the day before or the stuff you watched or how you felt that week. You would be surprised how these triggers are not that difficult to find. Just today I was trying to remember a dream and by touching my nose against a window and breathing on the glass, a whole dream scene triggered for me. It's fascinating and satisfying at the same time.
>> No. 27144 [Edit]
File 164562160418.jpg - (15.69KB , 526x297 , drmn.jpg )
I had a wonderful dream last night. It was 1992 again, a gentle breeze was blowing through the open window, softly moving the curtains as it came. The pale light of a bright morning shone through the entire room and everything was quiet. I was sitting on a checkered carpet in front of the old TV set, switching through the channels. Between the ones with just static I find a station airing an old episode of Doraemon. As I sit there, watching a friendly blue cat teaching a kid to pilot a giant robot for the first time, the world seems to be captured in absolute bliss and perfection.
>> No. 27145 [Edit]
File 164563044712.jpg - (100.85KB , 1000x1000 , __cirno_and_doraemon_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_ba.jpg )
That's a reposeful imagery. I would assume that you are from a different part of the world than I am but I have to say it's quite a pleasant surprise to hear that someone in another side of the world shared a similar childhood as I do. Makes it feel a little less lonely.
>> No. 27146 [Edit]
This is one of the most beautiful things I've read on an imageboard.

File 164375051332.png - (786.35KB , 1625x1412 , lamia at the gates.png )
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Dear neets, right now I am facing a strange situation. All my life I always thought things would naturally progress, and I would get a stereotypical job and a wife or something, and it would take an real concentrated effort to escape these circumstances. At the same time I always longed for neetdom, to remain in the comfort of my room, away from ford-drivers. After I graduated HS, I felt this bizarre sense of incongruence when thinking about me working or being any profession, and also when doing any of the regular things adults do, such as dating, having a house with marriage, etc. When pressured to decide my future, I choose STEM field, simply because my HS acquaintances seemed to get into it and because I was an introvert so I thought it would fit me. The thing was, I never had any passion whatsoever. People around me seemed to be really into it, or at least didn't dislike the whole thing, some of them did similar stuff since they were a child. So I did a little engineering and CompSci, failing grades here there, and basically changing majors left and right. When I saw that I hated programming and had failed databases several times in a row, I decided it was time to quit again. I choose math, owing to similar reasons of being abstract rules that give insight into problems and shit like that (there's a mathfag here that explains this really well). Now, this course I choose is actually a course for teaching math, I downplayed the effects of this when I signed up (I also had just watched Kojikan). Needless to say, the prospect of going to another semester of this is terrifying, I actually missed all the actual teaching classes for obvious reasons. I'm 23, I think I am already getting too old for this shit. My parents place much importance into academics, but they have seen that no matter how much they screamed at me since my bad grades at middle school days, I continue to be a passionless individual and sincerely can't care less about this. My family gave me three options: Finish the shit I started, try some other course(non-teaching math or something else) or become a neet. Naturally the prospect of being a neet seems a bit like a relieve, but it sounds like a trojan horse. My relationship with my family is not the best, and this would mean being in this house forever. I would like to hear the advice of other anons here, older anons, nee
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>> No. 27136 [Edit]
I'm in a bit of a similar situation. I'm 21, close to 22. I entered university to study Japanese a few months ago but had to drop out, due to falling my exams, which resulted from a lack of motivation. The reason why I chose that major is probably not difficult to imagine; I spent all of my youth watching anime and to a lesser degree, playing Japanese videogames. Eventually, my interest extended to the culture's history and religions. But my course revolved mostly around learning the Japanese language, which I didn't have much interest or passion for. I'll still be returning to the course in a few months because there's nothing else that I could do that I am remotely interested in, in terms of education. I don't want to be a wageslave either and becoming a NEET is not an option for me.
>> No. 27139 [Edit]
I'm 22, just got a job after being a neet for awhile. You dont need a degree to get a good job. For me, I got the comptia certification and now I got a comfy tech job. As for passion, I don't even think I am passionate about anything. You just have to think to yourself, "do I really want to be stuck like this". Or at least thats how I made it.
>> No. 27141 [Edit]
>I entered university to study Japanese
Unless university is free in your country, this doesn't seem like a sound move, financial wise? English majors are already the laughing stock of employment prospects, and the job market for those majoring in japanese history/culture/language can't be any larger?

Why not avoid forking over money and just study these things on your own?
>> No. 27143 [Edit]
File 164542207556.jpg - (593.15KB , 1836x2448 , media_E9aHMcDWYAcw_vw.jpg )
>Unless university is free in your country, this doesn't seem like a sound move, financial wise? English majors are already the laughing stock of employment prospects, and the job market for those majoring in japanese history/culture/language can't be any larger?
It's practically free, yes. Let's just say there's no real financial downsides to it. From what I've heard, the job market for Japanese translation work is actually pretty big. I myself assumed that since Japan is a relatively wealthy country that is big in international trade and produces media which will only keep growing in popularity in the west, I'd probably have a decent amount of opportunities in terms of future employment.

>Why not avoid forking over money and just study these things on your own?
Well, I just lacked the discipline for that. I was hoping that receiving some sort of guidance would motivate me and help me learn the language more efficiently. Sadly, the amount of help I actually received was very limited. I was mostly on my own.

I also just didn't want to work. I'm currently working a low-skilled job until I go back and while it's nice earning money, I'd probably go insane doing this years on end. Being a student is the closest I can be to a NEET.

No. 27130 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I've been sitting through these days in front of a screen for years and years and years.. I'm not even interested in anything anymore. Not like I was.

What I now call, "false friends," have kept me company. The same things. The same old group. But something doesn't feel right. Hasn't for a long time. I just try to forget about anything. If this is what life is then it's not worth it. In that sense it was hard, but it was mostly easy: I didn't have to think. My whole existence was non-thinking, as much as I could, every single day.

It was necessary for me to believe that it had to be this way, maybe you can all relate. I certainly was not the most popular. Average intelligence, extremely shy, extremely awkward. I had usually either one friend that was probably with me out of convenience or a group that didn't much care for me. There seemed to be no life to me at all.
>> No. 27131 [Edit]
File 164528892842.jpg - (809.18KB , 770x1028 , 1642900294963.jpg )
I'm nearing 30 now. I found out that I had health problems that went under the radar in terms of diagnosis, but, persistently, wore me down. I could never have energy (we called it "depression"... BS). I always had a near suicidal mood. Why me? And everyone hated me so much. And every person or group which might serve to alter this trend, I watched every single one of them die. The looks on their faces were burned into me. I agonized over them, some more than others, but the one message that came back to me was that I was everything wrong with a person. I gave up, came back, gave up, came back, gave up, gave up, gave up...

I'll tell you now that I did some wacky health thing and cured one of the major ailments. Suddenly I was no longer mortally depressed by default, it just went away. A huge weight in my existence just went away like that. And then other things happened and now I feel fine.

We're simplifying things here, but I still watch my screens. I wonder what is possible, and what it is like on the other side. The existential angst terrifies me. I tried to let go of this vice, because I can experience it not as such, these false friends, but I could not. There were some attempts in the beginning to leave, but I could never do so for very long. I would not know what to do. I do not. But I only know thhat I must leave.

There was a tremendously depressing metaphor I saw, though I can't remember when, and I can't even remember what it was exactly, nor can I find it. However, the gist of it was that the butterfly, in trying to get out of its cocoon, was weak and struggled, only barely managing to do the job and escaped its prison. But it never spread its wings, and spent the rest of its life crawling.

There was no point to this thread. It's just a bit of my story.
>> No. 27132 [Edit]
File 16452893316.png - (2.57MB , 1273x1909 , 1638950953908.png )
I notice mods have removed my original picture.. I didn't realize it was against the rules. You can't really see anyone's face, it's a pretty powerful and interesting picture. That's why I used it. Sorry about that.

File 148971835852.jpg - (56.05KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Stella no Mahou - 02 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
22527 No. 22527 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you think you might be cursed in some form or another? If so, in what way?
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>> No. 26939 [Edit]
tattoo the curse in the flesh and make your body strong
>> No. 26962 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure my creativity is getting tapped into by some supernatural entity and used to provide inspiration for artists/authors/musicians/etc that have actual followings (and by extension, the time and money to finish their creations). Every time I get an idea for a story or a character or a song and it feels like something worth fleshing out, something always comes out that's just like my idea. Even though I don't tell anyone about it. So now I can't even publish the cool thing I dumped so much time into because it'll look like a ripoff.

In that same vein, I've learned not to get my hopes up for anything because I'll always be shot down. Any time I see an opening to improve some aspect of my life and I take advantage of it, pow. Beaten down, again and again, until the opportunity closes. It's like teasing a dog with a toy and every time they jump up to get it, you yank it out of their reach right before they can grab it, no matter how high they jump. Only I'm the dog.
>> No. 26963 [Edit]
It doesn't matter if two things have the same premise. Just what does it better.
>> No. 27035 [Edit]
You may be right. I do make an attempt to keep myself stimulated, but nowhere near as much as I'd like. Days fly by like hours, the month is over before I even realize it, and it dawns on me that I only accomplished a fraction of the fun/interesting things I (vaguely) planned for. Wageslaving doesn't help, even though my job is theoretically supposed to be pretty stimulating too.
In any case, I am still not unconvinced that it is actually some sort of hell life loop. Maybe I'll catch on eventually.

File 163114333715.jpg - (181.16KB , 850x935 , fun.jpg )
26730 No. 26730 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
So I've been thinking a lot about the problem with suicide.
The biggest issue with doing it is the actual act of doing it of course, pulling the trigger, popping that pill, ect. Humans like most animals have this deep seeded instinct for survival. We'll try to keep on living no matter how horrible and pointless it might be to do so. On top of that, it's not like we can just get someone else to do it for us right?
I believe this is why so many people talk about doing it endlessly and never commit, or maybe even attempt it in half hearted ways that they know won't actually work. They might really want to do it but just can't make themselves.
So what if you could do it passively? What if you didn't know if/when it was going to come? What if your actions only indirectly lead to suicide?

I had the idea for this after thinking a lot the other night about shooting myself with two guns at the same time from opposite sides, and what it might be like if the two bullets collided inside my brain. I got to thinking that the timing and aiming would need to be very precise. Naturally for this the guns would need to be mounted on racks of some sort. bore sights would make it pretty easy to align the gun's trajectory. One could also attach bicycle cable to the triggers and with a pully system be combined to one. you could even go one step further and attach them to an actuator, which only needs a power source and a simple switch to open/close the circuit and activate it. This all comes with the problem of flipping the actual switch of course. So I thought about it.

So my idea is a pressure sensitive switch built into the seat of a chair. Once you sit down, you'd have ten minutes before a randomizer starts. That's more than enough time to think things over and get out if you change your mind. Once the ten minutes pass, you have anywhere from one minute to nighty minutes before the system goes off. Plenty of time to take your mind off things and watch a movie or something. Of course, if at any time you change your mind, even after those ten minutes, you can still cancel the process, which would start over from 0 the next time around. I think this would help give the device an air of safety and better assist in tricking one's brain into allowing you to do it. The guns me
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>> No. 26983 [Edit]
who's rem?
>> No. 27031 [Edit]
File 16423958183.jpg - (26.69KB , 768x433 , sarco2-162Kb-768x433.jpg )
I wish I could simply order one of these from Amazon or something. Getting it printed and assembling it myself seems like such a hassle. And it's pretty expensive.
>> No. 27032 [Edit]
>order from Amazon
You'd end up ordering a shitty Chinese knockoff design that makes you crippled instead. These things aren't single use though, so ideally some forward-thinking 3rd world country would buy a bunch and become a suicide tourist spot.
>> No. 27042 [Edit]
File 164276667710.jpg - (23.85KB , 225x350 , 311910.jpg )
>Rem is one of the twin maids working for Roswaal L Mathers. She tends to speak in a superficially polite manner and sometimes acts without thinking. She holds both worshipping respect and guilt toward her sister for an incident in the past; because of this, Rem tends to think of herself as inferior.
Source: Myanimelist

File 163650190722.png - (819.45KB , 750x1000 , ヤモリ.png )
26875 No. 26875 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do pets help you cope with loneliness?

I'm thinking of getting a gecko because I always thought they're super cute, and after watching a couple YouTube videos I got the impression that leopard geckos and crested geckos in particular will happily interact with humans.

But I'm a bit worried that I might neglect him and he'll end up dying or having a shitty quality of life, or that taking care of him will become such a drudgery that it'll end up being stressful for me.
They live up to 20 years, so this isn't a decision I'm making lightly.
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>> No. 26997 [Edit]
File 16411750657.jpg - (254.75KB , 1536x1935 , catimakura.jpg )
I love my dog but also my parents primarily look after it.
>> No. 26998 [Edit]
You have a weird looking dog.
>> No. 26999 [Edit]
My family has 4 cats and they are easy to look after, it depends on the cats though. These cats we have now are actually the hardest ever that we have had. Cats are basically wild animals that just take advantage of you, so long as you give them food water and kitty litter you don't need to do much else, usually. Ohh, but you should of course de-sex them. Generally we used to simply keep a bowl of cat food topped up and they ate when they felt like it, that worked well for all of our older cats but not for the ones we have now, we have two cats that are brothers and they are HUGE! We changed how we feed them but they are still fat, they are just very lazy so don't burn much energy, then my sister found a kitten by a creek and we took that in, it's mostly fine but sometimes urinates on things but then worst of all, my brother is an idiot so he did not desex his cats(both male and female) his female cat has had kittens and he has ditched the male one on us. We de-sexed him but he still has those hormones in him for now and so he is causing problems with the other cats and fighting them though I don't think it's serious so far they never seem to get cuts or bites, only one of the fat ones did and it developed into an abscess that we had to clean and monitor, I think it was from the other cat anyway it did not have any bite or claw marks just the abscess.

But anyway, that's the most problems we have ever had with cats, usually we just let them do their own thing and they are fine.
>> No. 27002 [Edit]
My parents have crested geckos. They are pretty cute and some do like being with people. They aren't too difficult to care for either, of course just make sure you have the time to care for them.

I have a red-eared slider turtle and 2 cats. Pets do kind of help you with loneliness. My shittiest years were made better because of my cats.

File 151209745922.jpg - (108.18KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - .jpg )
23139 No. 23139 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What did you fear as a kid?
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>> No. 26364 [Edit]
25 although I can hardly believe it. It feels like the last five years passed in a couple months. I didn't really have access to games or a computer either until I was around 14, but I burnt out pretty quick. I wouldn't say it was that I watched or played a lot of stuff, I just have been tired all the time.
>> No. 26976 [Edit]
I remember being really afraid of heights despite rarely ever being anywhere very high. I think maybe I used to have dreams where I was falling because I had the idea that falling was the most horrible feeling in the world (where else could I have got this idea?)
Even the drop in rollercoasters was almost too much for me. The feeling of what it's like to fall for a prolonged period made me want to vomit and pass out (and still does).
Also the dark and really any place that felt too exposed and vulnerable to attack.

I always felt in a state of turmoil, never felt stable. I suppose that's why the idea of losing even ground beneath my feet or being somewhere exposed/indefensible/inescapable were my worst fears.
>> No. 26977 [Edit]
Heights are probably my greatest fear. Because you could trip or slip and fall to your death at any moment and also the fact that there is nothing you can do about it once it happens, if you fall from a great height, that is it, you are dead. I feel less frightened being a metre away from a brown snake than a metre away from a tall cliff or ledge.
>> No. 26996 [Edit]
You never know you could legitimately have some health deficiency in addition to whatever else is ailing you.

File 164100127345.jpg - (154.06KB , 1024x709 , clampynewyear.jpg )
26981 No. 26981 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
happy new year! this is our year i can feel it
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>> No. 26990 [Edit]
Happy new year everyone.

This looks like a good year for anime. There's some new anime I'm looking forward to and I think it will only get better.
>> No. 26991 [Edit]
File 164106160246.png - (32.00KB , 286x288 , yotsuba-drawer.png )
Happy new year!

One of >>26986 or >>26990 will turn out to be dead wrong!
>> No. 26992 [Edit]
File 164106367846.jpg - (108.08KB , 720x831 , ab5f01dbe52e5f2f4c7182ef4cf989c4.jpg )
If Made in Abyss season 2 comes out, it'll be at least a decent year.
>> No. 26995 [Edit]
I bought a dakimakura to cement my everlasting happiness and there's at least one upcoming anime that makes me the most hyped I've been for a show in a decade. I have no clue about further releases though.

I kept up with seasonal anime last season for the first time too and most of it is fairly decent, but I plan on watching some high rated classic shows instead. Platinum End is my favourite recently released show though and I'm like 90% sure it is being review bombed by manga readers. Some of the negative reviews of it on MAL are outright wrong factually. I heard people are looking forward to Spy x Family too but I know nothing of it.

File 158058456946.jpg - (188.11KB , 500x600 , __persephone_greek_mythology_drawn_by_tenni_noboru.jpg )
25236 No. 25236 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How would you like the world to be? If the world could be changed completely, what would one in which you were happy look like?

Rule: It can't be 2d; the fundamental construction of the universe has to stay the same. You can remove your knowledge of 2d if necessary.
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>> No. 26828 [Edit]
Even if they don't articulate it quite like that I would say that most people would take that seriously. People generally want the people in control to be intellectual and to actually know what they are doing rather than be corrupt and only there to fill their wants.
>> No. 26890 [Edit]
i want this, its not a direct answer but a worthwhile read. it paints the most beautiful picture of what the world should be.
>> No. 26893 [Edit]
File 163686423591.jpg - (436.09KB , 775x1014 , 4866e09ece37ae0553aed281d0604136.jpg )
Bob: Doug, recently you made some interesting comments. I was wondering if you could expand on them a bit, in private...

Doug: Sure, Bob. What comments?

B: You were talking about alien contact. You said if aliens were to contact us, they might try online before revealing themselves in person. Why do you think so?

D: Well, I have a number of reasons. Before that, you have to assume there really are aliens, they're aware of our existence, they have the means to contact us relatively soon, and they're interested in doing so. You could argue against all of these assumptions, but since you’re asking, I'm guessing you’re open-minded enough to accept them for the sake of argument...

B: Sure. Go on...

D: We've already discussed various means of contact that *may* be occurring already. UFO sightings for instance, which sometimes have multiple witnesses. There's also abductions.

All of these are easy to deny though. Authority figures can easily discredit reports of contact. It seems no one can provide hard physical evidence, and it’s easy to come up with other explanations most people will readily accept: weather balloons, secret military projects, mental illness, etc. Unless you've experienced it yourself, you can't say for sure contact has been made.
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>> No. 26964 [Edit]
ET ... shitpost home...

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