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File 148318043744.jpg - (163.50KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! S2 - 11 [720p]_mkv_s.jpg )
22420 No. 22420 [Edit]
Do you ever talk to people offline about your online friends, or mention them at all to anyone? Do you think family would consider you crazy if your only friends were internet people?
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>> No. 22421 [Edit]
No, I don't have and never had any online friends.
>> No. 22422 [Edit]
I'm 22421
Sorry maybe I misunderstood you, one might call everyone on tohno-chan friend, of course.
>> No. 22423 [Edit]
It doesn't have to be "friends" exactly, just people you interact with online even.
>> No. 22426 [Edit]
My offline and online life are treated separately, but the one thing similar between them is that I have very little to no social interactions with people. Also, aside from my almost non-existent desire to socialise with people, I'm horrible at dealing with people.
>> No. 22498 [Edit]
When I used to I'd just refer to them as my cousin's friend if I ever had a story to tell about them. Otherwise, no I didn't specify it was my internet friend.
>> No. 22504 [Edit]
Depends on the person and situation. Some are more open to online friends than others and a lot of times there's no real need to specify so I don't.

On the occasion it's apt to mention they're online it's usually something along the lines of "A buddy of mine I game with out in [state/country]" then some reason why their location is relevant. Like "haha those crazy commies in cali".

All my friends are online though. I think at one point it used to bother my family but now they've just accepted it. People I have to associate with offline would probably find it weird if they found out but I don't think it'd come as too much a surprise to them.
>> No. 22515 [Edit]
I mention them in passing like "someone online I talk to said X" but never in more detail like what websites I go on or who they are. I think my friend thinks I go on 4chan mainly which is pretty amusing.
My father doesn't believe that I have friends online, he thinks you have to be face to face to really connect with someone. He said that I don't even know their real names so how can we be friends.
I remember he once told me he used to have a friend as a teenager that everyone just called by his nickname and he couldn't actually remember his real name and doesn't think anyone even knew it. So I don't think he gets it
>> No. 22557 [Edit]
File 149137332978.png - (571.29KB , 1016x700 , qemily.png )
The very few people offline I know consider my online hobbies extremely weird, for obvious reasons - being a disgusting weeb and failure at life.

As for online, I'm eager to socialize (IRC, namedfag forums) .. at first. But once the circlejerk gets too .. jerky, I flee. Hence the preference for anon boards.

Anybody with similiar abandonment issues?
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