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File 152437038879.jpg - (486.17KB , 3200x1680 , B26BDD22-DC41-4C89-BCE7-42105914FD02.jpg )
23512 No. 23512 [Edit]
You know what sucks about being a loner? Not having people to go to restaurants with. There is so much good food I would eat if only I had people to eat with. Going to a restaurant alone is weird. I could never do that.

I mean, every now and then I get food with people. But not anywhere near as much as I’d like.

Can you think of anything else you need a group for?
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>> No. 23513 [Edit]
I agree on the eating out thing, but I don't really recommend other outdoor activities that require another person. I guess going to a convention or even shopping for merchandise can be more fun when you have someone to chat with and comment to.
>> No. 23514 [Edit]
File 152437142347.jpg - (149.33KB , 1200x900 , WLZ3JfM.jpg )
>Going to a restaurant alone is weird.
It is, but I do it anyway from time to time. It can be slightly awkward but you get used to it. Normally I get food to go so I can eat in my room alone watching anime or something, but a couple weeks back I had the urge to dine in at a restaurant to change things up. I parked myself in a corner and played games on my 3ds while having said lunch. The place was pretty much empty anyways.
Likewise, my mom used to drag me to the casino all the time with her and I'd kill time by waiting for her in the dinning area. I'd sit there in the corner for an hour or more throwing down the comp drinks while watching anime on my cell and chatting on irc, Even took my laptop at times. Little distractions like that can help take your mind off the awkwardness. That said, I do usually try to avoid letting people see what I'm doing exactly, or at least hiding what's on screen by sitting with my back to a wall or something.
>> No. 23515 [Edit]
A lot of athletic activities require groups. Forming an after school club requires 4 members plus a qualified staff sponsor. A successful imageboard requires group participation. Warfare, MMOs, democracy, choreographed lucky star cosplay dancing and amish-style barn raisings.
>> No. 23518 [Edit]
Cooking for yourself is cheaper anyway, for most things.
>> No. 23581 [Edit]
I know how you feel OP, I used to think that way too until I couldn't bear the people I live with and started going out just to get away from everything.

I realized three things: a) You don't go out to show off how many friends you have, you go out for yourself first and foremost. b) People respect you when you go solo because even normalfags are scared of not traveling with the rest of the pack. When they see someone go solo they take it as being brave and lone-wolfish, and this leads to c) It opens opportunities to make friends, a cute waitress showing interest in you or meeting some guy you can totally relate to at a bar or someplace happens more often than you would think.

If it's too awkward, you can read a book or browse the internet on your phone while you're there, everyone else who comes alone does the same thing anyway. These days I just care too much about good food and getting away from home to care about what people think when I'm out.
>> No. 23582 [Edit]
>It opens opportunities to make friends, a cute waitress showing interest in you
Why would anyone want this. If I'm alone eating I don't want to be interrupted by some normal.
>or meeting some guy you can totally relate to at a bar
Did you take a wrong turn in one of those imageboard listings or something?
>> No. 23583 [Edit]
>Why would anyone want this. If I'm alone eating I don't want to be interrupted by some normal.
Not everyone is a brainless uber-normie, there are some decent around. Though if someone is really bothering you, just give them a hint or let them know that you're unhappy and they'll fuck off.

>Did you take a wrong turn in one of those imageboard listings or something?
>> No. 23584 [Edit]
I didn't realize that it's weird to go to a resturant alone. I suppose now I don't care that it's weird to go to a resturant alone.
>> No. 23588 [Edit]
Going to a fast food restaurant alone isn't abnormal, I see others do the same often. For a dine-in establishment it may be out of the ordinary, but as long as you're not bothered by standing out ever so slightly it should be fine. Heck, if there's a place you really want to go to to eat their food, invite some family member of yours given you are in contact with any.
>> No. 23954 [Edit]
I remember I went to an all you can eat Chinese buffet here in town all by myself at one point. It was during the lunch rush where everyone in the building was with someone, and I just couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched, and judged by the patrons because of my lack of lunch partner. I just had my food, paid, and alt-f4'ed out of there as soon as possible so that my social anxiety didn't go full haywire.
>> No. 23955 [Edit]
At least you didn't mistake the garlic bread and soy sauce for french toast and maple syrup.
>> No. 23966 [Edit]
Eating at a restaurant alone isnt considered weird everywhere.
>> No. 23983 [Edit]
There are a lot of people that go to restaurants alone. Also many people go to the movies alone. You just believe it's a social activity because of popular culture and what normalfags think about those activities.
>> No. 23984 [Edit]
no, some restaurants actually refuse to serve singles because they have limited seating and one person by themselves would still take up a booth, meaning fewer customers
>> No. 23986 [Edit]
That's fairly rare though, since many places have a bar they can sit single or excess customers at.
>> No. 23987 [Edit]
yeah I've never come across that myself. It makes sense on paper, but I can't picture a business doing well if they're turning away paying customers. That sort of treatment is going to alienate and piss off customers who might not want to return.

Not only do they have bars, but if the place is really crowded they might just have single people share. This was my experience when I went to have breakfast at a -packed- Denny's in LA. They put me on the waiting list and when my name came up they asked me if I was okay with sharing a table. Had I said no 'maybe' they would have turned me away, but if that were to happen it would have been on me.
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