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File 151428700927.png - (17.04KB , 130x128 , MH1-Melynx_Icon.png )
23195 No. 23195 [Edit]
how come japanese are better than me at everything?
have you looked at videos of arcades there? have you seen their innate musical talent? their innate drawing talent?
junior high schooler shit scribbles in notebooks while going to the bathroom look better than anything i've ever drawn and i actually practice and they don't.
even the women there are better at games than me. normalfag women that are going to college and have a part time job stop at the arcade once in a while and fucking destroy the arcade machines. the arcade is their only practice and it's like 30 minutes a week at best. me, i have been playing rhythm and fighting games for YEARS and i own the home console version, i dont have to go to the arcade miles away like they do, for eight hours a day i practice and i have made barely any noticeable improvement.
no, i don't have an inferiority complex, it's true, there is video evidence of this happening everywhere and i seriously have been playing project diva since 2012 and still can't perfect any extreme songs.
not only that but i am limited to the few games i know and would have to start all of my work over again if i were to move to a different game. them, the fighting game community there, there are some guys that join tournaments for several different games. they can juggle them all no problem.
they cook their own food, they go to school, they go to work, they clean, they study, they watch anime, they all usually have a project going on like writing a book or developing a game or running their own website where they post their drawings, they have drinks with friends ALL IN ONE DAY and they still also have time to be better than me at every single conceivable thing without any practice.

i hate them, anyone that's not japanese might as well have not been born, they're human perfection and they do more in one fucking afternoon than i do in years.

Post edited on 26th Dec 2017, 3:18am
>> No. 23196 [Edit]
me: street fighter IV came out now? but i only barely understand 3rd strike! how will i keep up now? i have to take years to learn just one character all over agin!
japanese: join evo and win first place

me: get a part time job and it drains the life out of me and i have no hobbies anymore and have to quit my job just to start playing video games again
japanese: work 60 hours a week and have nine hobbies and friends master of all trades

me: struggle to stay awake and focused for just one 22 minute show
japanese: finish the whole series in one day with no distractions

me: cooking takes all of my effort and energy
japanese: cook while multitasking and complete seven activities by the time their food (better tasting than mine) is done
>> No. 23197 [Edit]
they're all jacked up on speed
>> No. 23198 [Edit]
Why do you give a shit about who can be the fastest spastic in a rhythm game?
Have the japs gone to the moon? Or won 2 world wars?
>> No. 23200 [Edit]
it's not about the games, it's about how they do it effortlessly and their time management.
latter part of your post is just plain fallacy
>> No. 23201 [Edit]
This thread is stupid, there are plenty of westerns highly qualified in their field of study and that still have hobbies and social life. Like, pick any professor that writes books.
The problem is that EVO players on twitch are the most successful people you have seen.
>> No. 23204 [Edit]
professors are exceptional people.
unexceptional people in japan, lowly workers and school children are better than the average westerner. it's true.
it really seems that way. so focused and they never get tired or bored
>> No. 23217 [Edit]
I'm not sure how Japanese people are better by default, surely that's just a bias from never having been there. There's no way to tell otherwise I'd think. I can say though that there are times when other people do things with no effort while I have a lot of trouble even doing it at a basic level. It feels bad, especially when you have to do whatever it is in front of others and embarrass yourself. I doubt everyone over there is like that, just like everywhere else. Lots of things take practice too, and some people can do certain things better for whatever reason, but that's the way it'll be I guess.

Post edited on 28th Dec 2017, 11:52pm
>> No. 23226 [Edit]
The fact is you don't know how much effort they put behind what they do. You neglect another person's efforts and say "ITS BECAUSE THEY'RE JAPANESE. I HATE JAPS". That's rascist and ignorant as fuck.
>> No. 23247 [Edit]
Asians just have a higher IQ than everyone else so they know the best methods to doing anything. They don't just do something randomly hoping for a good result, but they develop a method in their head for doing it perfectly.

Also, normal people have higher testosterone than NEETs, they did this study on rats, it's called the winner effect: Those who win get a higher testosterone (which enables them to win even more), but those who lose end up losing testosterone so they end up as "losers" who lost so many times that they aren't competitive anymore.

In other words, a competitive highschool girl has relatively more testosterone than a NEET, plus a difference of about 10-20 IQ points. My advice is you start working out and getting your testosterone back.
>> No. 23251 [Edit]
>> No. 23253 [Edit]
In asia they tend to spend time getting very good at one thing, while in the west it's usual to spread your time across many different things.

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