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File 16698784371.jpg - (339.28KB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Bocchi the Rock! - 02 (1080p) [CCDC18.jpg )
27871 No. 27871 [Edit]
Are there any themes or subjects in media that you just can't handle?
>> No. 27872 [Edit]
I'm really terrible at handling anything with romance if it's directed at the viewer or player. All it takes is a cute character telling me she loves me a few times to send me into a deep state of suicidal depression. It's not exactly fun being reminded of things I've never actually had and never will. I don't think I can handle most eroge because of this.
I guess it's a byproduct of never being loved or shown much affection. It's one thing if it's just a story about other people, but if it's directed at me, then it just hurts. It might be nice at first, but reality will sink in knowing it's not real, they don't really feel this way about me, they don't really like me, no one ever could. It's just a script and per-recorded lines, lines I wish someone(not just anyone) actually would say to me and mean it, let me know I'm not alone in this god awful hell of world.
>> No. 27873 [Edit]
I don't like hetero romance, even in anime. It always feels idealized and hence fake. It doesn't even have to be strictly romance, whenever there's substantial hetero interaction it always disgusts me.
>> No. 27875 [Edit]
Everything in anime is idealized.
>> No. 27876 [Edit]
Gore and cruelty.
>> No. 27879 [Edit]
Not really. What I like about anime is that I feel like I can accept anything it throws at me, even when those same things would feel horrible to me in a film or show.
>> No. 27880 [Edit]
Rape. Its too real. Also most romances. Because its too real.
>> No. 27881 [Edit]
I find it surprising to see someone say this considering how much worse, realistically, a non "hetero" romance is. If we're going to talk about idealized, there's probably nothing more ridiculously idealized and out of touch with human reality than the depictions of same-sex relationships in anime or media in general. I've noticed homos and those who enjoy seeing homolust have this sentiment fairly often, so I can only imagine there's some major deviation in the perceived ideal human behavior. I feel more or less the same way about yuri/yaoi, and not because I particularly care about it being "degenerate" or whatever bullshit. It just repulses me for some reason, not for the physical reasons, but something about the way the depictions of the emotional/romantic interactions feel is incredibly obnoxious. Maybe it's because I know enough about girls/women from my own family and life to know what parts of their behavior I hate the most, but it's grating to me in the same way a fork scraping on a metal pan is. Usually I never have any problem like this at all with normal relationships, so there must just be something about the dual feminine or dual masculine romantic interaction that creates an energy that sickens me. I can only imagine there's some deep gulf of a divide between the mentality and outlook on human social interaction between the people who enjoy it, and myself. I actually have a really hard time relating to people in otaku circles these days, because it seems like the kind of people who enjoyed the themes I like in anime/manga/vns have been completely absent for the past decade at least. Everyone loves yuri, and frankly speaking, it's like waterboarding for me. I've probably only enjoyed one or two yuri relationships in anime or manga or anything, and usually that had some more interesting themes that made it seem almost like a real relationship.
>> No. 27884 [Edit]
Probably it's because to me with hetero romance there's a tendency to self-insert and that breaks suspension of disbelief. Whereas with yuri that doesn't happen. That said I prefer yuri in the style of Kirara rather than "gachi yuri" like bloom into you, since it's very "pure" and closer to the deepest forms friendship one could have.
>> No. 27885 [Edit]
Yuri absolutely breaks my suspension of disbelief. I also find it very uncompelling.
>> No. 27889 [Edit]
I have the same problem. It's a shame since I find the characters to be very cute.
>> No. 27890 [Edit]
Don't get me wrong, I've seen some yuri romances that put most anime/manga romance to shame, but they're few and far between. Usually they're best when writers use the more abstract relationship to depict concepts and emotions that tend to get a little lost in the usual stupid bullshit of most anime "romance".
>> No. 27891 [Edit]
>> No. 28043 [Edit]
When I see responsible adults caring after children, it bothers me.
When I was younger, I had the idea of being a therapist/counselor. School counselors helped me when I was young, so I thought it'd be nice to join their field. Life happened, I pretty much dropped out, and now when I see characters who are looked up to and provide support to young ones, I feel like a failure.
I actually stopped playing Trails of Cold Steel III because Rean Schwarzer triggered this response in me. It's funny and sad for me.
>> No. 28108 [Edit]
All the ones that if you speak about it here, you get banned.
Tohno chan seems be one of the last places where I can hide from the normalfag's stupidity around the internet, and I'm eternally grateful to the people who keeps the normalfags away from here.
>> No. 28109 [Edit]
You got any other place than TC? Few days ago I had to bury the last place I knew besides it. Makes me paranoid to only know one place to dwell.
>> No. 28110 [Edit]
There's for anime, but I stopped going there since most threads are just image dumps (it 's still worth checking a bit since threads are alive much longer so there's more chance for discussion of niche shows). Beyond that, not really much I'm aware of. There's "afternoon letterbox" for random chitchat. I used to visit "bus stop" but since a few years back there seemed to be a tonal shift and there were many more posts inclining towards normalfaggy things.
>> No. 28111 [Edit]
TC has really great rules. I always thought that if I ran my own imageboard, it'd be pretty much the same in that regard. That would be pointless though, seeing as TC already exists.
I'm very grateful for this place.
>> No. 28217 [Edit]
I can't deal with money.
>> No. 28218 [Edit]
In what way?
>> No. 28322 [Edit]
Anything to do with promiscuity, even its insinuation. Every promiscuous "person" should get shot.
>> No. 28323 [Edit]
>> No. 28324 [Edit]
Because they're a virgin with rage.
>> No. 28325 [Edit]
This is TC though...
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