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File 15195591885.jpg - (73.07KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] New Game!! - 05 [720p]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )
23393 No. 23393 [Edit]
Everything always has to be dark and gritty and violent. It's fucking depressing.

This world is such a horrible fucked up unfair miserable place filled with pain and suffering and injustice everywhere. While you're reading this a dozen people are probably being raped and murdered, someone's watching a family member die, someone's dog might have been run over, someone just got sold into slavery, who knows. There's so much lying, cheating, stealing, and corruption everywhere on this little green and blue rock of ours. We're on this earth for such a short period of time, and during that time we struggle to make the best of what we've got. This while uncaring people try to make life worse for us each step of the way. There's nothing we can do about this though. This is just how things are and will always be.
I want to try and not think about it, to take my mind off that stuff and relax without thinking about war and crime and murder for a minute. Seems like the logical thing to do. Yet as horrible as this world is, most people can't seem to get enough of it. From news covering all the most recent gruesome crimes in the area, to tv glorifying more crime and violence. The most popular movies making a spectacle of violence while games let people act it out. Sure sometimes these things might have interesting stories to them, stories of perseverance, good vs evil, or that can pull some emotion out of you. They have their artist merits to an extent in some cases, but that's all people seem to like, Violence, and lots of it. When it comes to anime, the small amount of CGDCT fans out out there for instance is nothing compared to all the massive amount of people who refuse to watch anime that isn't filled with tons of action and fighting like your dragonballs or what have you. If there's no action, people get bored of it or in the case of things that are cute/moe can get angry and hateful even.

Whenever something cute and wholesome gets popular, there's likely a big twist behind it. Be it cute cartoon animals mutilating each other, muppet style youtube vids being philological horror, magical girl anime that turn out to be dark and violent, dating sims that are gruesome horror games in disguise, slice of life anime that turn out to be zombie filled survival horror. Stuff that's honestly pure and innocent doesn't seem to get popular a fraction as often as the more action packed violent stuff. Even the word wholesome itself is a meme at this point. When I was a kid most of the video games were bright and colorful with cartoon mascots everywhere. Then they went away in favor of more gritty realistic games and brown/grey shooters.
Stuff made for kids is one of the few area where you can find truly wholesome cute innocent material with no catch to it, but even then people attack the stuff in reviews all the time demanding they be more mature. When the trailer for the third Cars movie came out for example, people got really excited about it because it looked dark and showed the main character getting seriously injured. That seems pretty fucked up to me for a kid's movie. Of course you're not even supposed to like that stuff made for kids, less you get labeled some creep, autistic man child, or pedo. Far as I know sites like cruncyroll don't even host kid's anime.

Guys, I'm tired of this. I'm tired of living in a sick and fucked up world with no escape. Where the hiding spots and few comforts available keep coming under attack one by one or get mocked by normals as they find a means to shit all over it. It's like being back in school all over again with bullies making fun of you for liking nerdy shit. I'm writing this because it feels like no matter how hard I try to get away from this stuff, this fucked up world keeps getting shoved back in my face. I'm just so tired...
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>> No. 23394 [Edit]
i dont live in a third world country, dont socialize with humanity at all other than reading internet posts, and i dont watch the news so the whole first paragraph you wrote doesnt apply to me.
i watch action anime because the alternative is absolutely nothing happening.
i would prefer for there to be more plots that are resolved with non-violence. wizard of oz was resolved with non-violence. spirited away was resolved with non-violence. nadia secret of the blue water was resolved with non-violence. only three examples i can think of but they do the job of demonstrating my point.
the characters in all three of these actually had stake in the plot. they had something to lose. i need conflict or else i don't give a fuck and have no reason to pay attention. there can be conflict without violence.

more writers need to learn how to write conflict that isn't grimdark or violent like these three examples. if they did, i would watch it.
but they don't. it's very black and white as far as this goes. pick your poison: absolutely nothing happening, or conflict but with lots of gore. that's your only two options 99% of the time and why i can only think of three examples in all my years of consuming media.
dramas not withstanding but they bore me since i dont like romance or normie themes.

you might be so depressed you want to shut your brain off and essentially sleep while watching shows but i dont. i need stimuli.
as for video games i'd say cartoonish stuff outnumbers the violent stuff by quite a bit. they just don't get 1/10th of the exposure and even the japanese prefer playing CoD for whatever reason. you're being blinded by the marketing.

Post edited on 25th Feb 2018, 6:45pm
>> No. 23395 [Edit]
>wizard of oz was resolved with non-violence.
Movie started with the main character's dog attacking a neighbor, followed by the main character dropping a fucking house someone and stealing the shoes off her dead body. The climax ended when the main character dumped what was essentially acid on the villain, melting her alive.
>> No. 23396 [Edit]
all three were accidents. i don't count them. violence is defined as intentional. they were also G rated. mario jumps on mushrooms if you want to go there so i guess you are stuck with playing educational games for 3 year olds.
>> No. 23397 [Edit]
File 15196172579.png - (258.72KB , 516x398 , smb_bricks.png )
>violence is defined as intentional
So what do you call the final destination movies then? Where in people accidentally die in brutal graphic ways one after the other?

>mario jumps on mushrooms
I think you mean Goomba.
The more fucked up part is Super Mario busting bricks if as you said you want to go there. Believe it or not, those bricks are transformed residents of the kingdom that bowser invaded. This actually goes back to OP's point a bit. They couldn't leave well enough alone, and just had to tack on something dark and sinister where it didn't need to be. At least the Goomba are mostly mindless mushroom mutations. Stomping on them isn't much worse than stomping on a mushroom.
>> No. 23398 [Edit]
that movie is a narrative plot called person vs. god(s). death is a living breathing entity making those "accidents" happen.
>> No. 23399 [Edit]
You can always place puzzle games, which I find very fun. I love Tetris. There's no violence there. You can also play farming games or even simulators.
>> No. 23400 [Edit]
I heard of this puzzle game called "Irisu Syndrome" it's pretty cute and light-hearted
>> No. 23401 [Edit]
I like grimdark and violent and cgdct, although not an overlap between them like Madoka.

Slow paced stuff in general is unpopular. As long as the nice things are popular enough to remain being produced I don't care.
>> No. 23402 [Edit]
I think if everything was cute and wholesome it would become boring in itself. If there's only one genre that's prevalent it will become tiring. There is a trend of dark gritty things especially after the success of things like the dark night movie. Couple that with the target demographic for a lot of anime being teenagers who like edge and you have a bunch of low quality "dark" series. That said, there's also a lot of low quality moe shows that try to get by just on cuteness without any substance behind it (I say that as a big cgdct and iyashikei fan). The thing is sometimes darker subjects can be comfy in a sense, I would bring up mushishi as an example of this in anime. I think it's really comfy but not every story has a happy ending and there's definitely darker elements. Although madoka I think isn't too bad, there are a lot of shows that rely on the shock value of wholesome subjects juxtaposed with violence. I've managed to convert shounen-fans I knew in real life to liking cute girl shows, there is an appeal there, but also even though I like cute and wholesome things I also like the occasional show with violence and more apparent conflict. Variety will never be a bad thing in my opinion, as long as there's the option to watch what I want then I'm happy. If there's only one genre available then it gets boring no matter what.
>> No. 23557 [Edit]
Men grow tired of sleep, love, singing and dancing sooner than war.
>> No. 23563 [Edit]
They have it good, they may not admit it because victimizing oneself is so widespread today and they want to be able to say but I have it baaaad to justify most of their shortcomings. So they have it good and are unable to realize just how utterly, truly and massively fucked up, cruel, unforgiving and violent the world is for others. In other words you could say (and please excuse my usage of the term, I generally try to avoid it due to its association to certain groups) they are "bluepilled". When SHTF and they know the meaning of violence, conflict and suffering these same people will break down and turn away from violence for the sake of edginess. In a way I guess it satisfies certain inate necessity for struggle and overcoming proxying it through the characters in media.

Alternatively, you could say humans are by nature hard wired to 'fight', fight for food, territory, against other tribes and anything that represents a danger to them. And that's good, because it's what has allowed humanity to get where it is today. That aspect of violence will always remain with us, fortunately good people know when it's necessary to let it out and keep it hidden the rest of the time.
>> No. 23674 [Edit]
I get what you're saying, but for me even cgdct anime has been ruined as an escape, I think I might have schizotypal personality disorder, I don't know for sure I haven't seen a therapist about it yet, maybe I will soon, anyway I seem to have the general symptoms at least, and what i'm trying to say with this tangent is that I just end up getting jealous of the characters who can act so friendly towards each other, every time I watch some happy anime like Hidamari Sketch or something I just feel like there's a hole in my chest and i'm a failure waste of space.
That coupled with all the lolicon stuff i've seen over the years growing up has made me sort of just not want to associate with that type of anime, it just makes me nauseous and brings all of my demons out to come fuck around with me and make me contemplate suicide in a fit of guilt, rage, self-hate, and loneliness.
I guess anime like that might just represent anything positive in this world, having friends, a family, loving yourself enough to just live and be content, it feels like i'm rejecting heaven, and i'm consciously going to hell, where I must belong.
I guess because I feel like I belong in hell I do sort of like some dark and/or edgelord anime, Elfen Lied for example, I really connected with the character of Lucy in the way she kills anyone around her, thinking they hate her or are mocking her in a really delusional way which she realizes is delusional but she still believes the delusions to be right and that people really do hate her, it really reminds me of myself, I metaphorically kill anyone who gets too close to me except for a couple childhood friends who I cling to whenever I meet them, like how Lucy does with Kouta, and they are drifting away and it's not their fault, but it feels like eventually i'll be all alone, and for some reason seeing someone go through the same thing as me in an abstract symbolic way makes me feel better, even though it's sad and in a relatable way, it feels therapeutic and I don't really know why.
Maybe seeing a cute anime girl with the same problems as me lets me sympathize with myself by proxy, and briefly escape from my sick self sabotaging deathbound mind.
>> No. 23675 [Edit]
>t I just end up getting jealous of the characters who can act so friendly towards each other, every time I watch some happy anime like Hidamari Sketch or something I just feel like there's a hole in my chest
I think you might like Asobi Asobase.
>> No. 23676 [Edit]
I'll check it out, thanks for the recommendation.
>> No. 23703 [Edit]
Many people are bored with modern life. Without imminent dangers a man gets dull, so he seeks something to cope with that. Violence in media might be a direct consequence of that.
>> No. 23708 [Edit]
It's not violence in particular, but rather a general lack of satisfying problem solving. Working away at the same task like a robot everyday isn't exactly mentally stimulating. I find the most pleasure in dealing with mathematical or scientific problems, violence is certainly one thing that can entertain though. I just feel that as a whole humans like to have puzzles to solve, and without that conflict we are bored.
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