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File 159586433582.jpg - (97.64KB , 550x420 , e2511f4091c055d6d6f96cfdb917b13c.jpg )
25770 No. 25770 [Edit]
What do you think would happen if you had a kid? The scenario doesn't matter, imagine you miraculously had a kid, what now? What kind of parent do you think you'd be? How do you think they would turn out?

On one hand the idea of having that much influence over another person has some appeal, on the other hand there's no guarantee they'll turn out the way you want. If they end up being shitty, it could be absolutely painful. While I wouldn't want them to be a normalfag, if they aren't they'd probably have a miserable life. It's a lose lose situation. I don't think I would be good at it.

Post edited on 27th Jul 2020, 8:40am
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>> No. 25772 [Edit]
That makes me remember Otaku no Musume-san.
If the kid was a baby it would be given to a church or sold to the gipsies, it's impossible a baby could survive in my care.
If it was older enough and I couldn't have any other option I guess I could provide food, the most fucked up advice ever given by a father figure and little else. Since I'm unable, both practically and philosophycally, to tell others (even if they are 7 yo what to do or exercise any kind of authority ), it would probably end being an awful kid, a delinquent, etc.
>> No. 25820 [Edit]
File 159769351725.jpg - (90.89KB , 1024x768 , Mihama_Chiyo_full_848665.jpg )
My kid would probably grow to turn fucked up. I can't help it. My parenting would be either military-tier training and keeping him or her away from society or completely lazy and uncaring. Not that I actually want to raise him or her either way.
>> No. 25821 [Edit]
That would suggest that I would someday have sex, that's something hard to even imagine.
>> No. 25822 [Edit]
There's also artificial insemination. Or some crazy science experiment.
>> No. 25824 [Edit]
Well, OP said miraculously, so it does not need to be the usual way.
>> No. 25825 [Edit]
For starters I don't know how I would support a kid financially. I'm not living paycheck to paycheck here, but I might if I had a kid, they're freaking expensive. That said I'd certainly try my best to give them a happy but productive life. Give them opportunities I never had and learn from the mistakes of my parents. (one treated me like a stranger the other spoiled me even if it was to my own detriment.) In a way it might be fun introducing them to all number of hobbies and interests to see what they take to, then supporting whatever it is they like.

With stuff like toys and games I'd want to introduce them to older stuff first, then slowly get them caught up to modern stuff, but on the one hand I feel like there's something to be gained from seeing how things have advanced and growing along with them, this while I feel the gaming industry in particular has become a shit show, especially for younger generations, but on the other hand I think kids don't care about would just want whatever is new and that their friends have.

One way or another I think they're likely going to grow up to hate me, reject whatever good I try to do, and go become the worst kind of normalfag trailer trash drug addict or whatever, as kids often do. Maybe after he or she gets done being a shitty person they'll grow up a bit, learn from their mistakes, and clean themselves up, but from what I've seen out there lately people seem to just stay in that rebel phase for life.
>> No. 25826 [Edit]
This. It would be awful to try to teach your kid all your hobbies and cool things while he would probably be only interested in his smartphone, fortnite or modern "music". I have nephews and besides a short period were I could download them Ghibli movies we have absolutely nothing in common, I would say I have more in common with my average normalfag coworker, even if it's just a generational thing. And I have to say I was the same to my father; he was all into DIY, bicycling, exercise and that kind of stuff while I couldn't care less and never cared.
>> No. 25827 [Edit]
>awful to try to teach your kid all your hobbies and cool things
I hate this trope of a parent trying to mould his child into his own vision. Such things make it seem like the parent is trying to live through the experiences of the child, and often just lead to a child with no real passions since everything in his childhood has been impressed on him instead of freely explored.
>> No. 25828 [Edit]
For many I think the whole point of having children is to carry on one's legacy.
>> No. 25829 [Edit]
Yeah I've been in a similar situation with someone who had been living under a rock and who I 'thought' might like to learn more about otaku/nerd culture. I tried to introduce them to everything from Starwars to Touhou. In the end it turned out they didn't really give that much of a shit and were just humoring me. It was a lot of wasted time and effort to say the least.
>> No. 25831 [Edit]
I think one of my biggest disappointments in life has been to discover people doesn't really give a shit about anything except the usual topics. What for a minority are passions for the majority will always be nothing more than pastimes.
And giving a shit about something isn't particularly well seen, like my father always told me how I was "obsessed" everytime I got into a particular interest, and that was really bad.
And I understand their point, it's probably necessary for the species to be like that and stick into social and physical relations over all other things, but I will not be the fucker that gets bored and depressed when he gets old, retires or suddenly gets some considerable free time. What it's good for the species isn't necessarily good for the individual.
>> No. 25832 [Edit]
I'm not a violent or sexually perverted person, so my kids would at the very least not be physically abused.
I actually think about child rearing a lot, and I think I could do a good job as a dad in terms of getting them well-educated (e.g. teaching them at least 3 languages from the time they're babies, getting them into computer programming, math and electronics at a young age, teaching them how to think critically and do their own research on topics like politics) and healthy (I know a lot about nutrition because when I became an adult I had to get rid of the morbid obesity that my mother's care had left me with, and I would see to it that they spend a lot of time doing sports and training their bodies). I wouldn't let them watch much TV and instead teach them more beneficial ways of entertaining themselves.

In many ways, I'd be a much better father than the one I had.
Thing is, they will end up severely emotionally neglected unless they have a mother who can compensate for my coldness, and I cannot imagine that I'd be able to put up with a woman's shit for years and years without eventually killing myself.
>> No. 26020 [Edit]
My dad is a lot more normal than me in a lot of ways, but I think it's a good vision at what happens when someone who isn't very normal has kids. For the record, I don't hate him for it and I have to thank him for a lot of my perspectives on reality. He had few if any friends growing up, I believe he has some form of autism/aspergers. He impressed a lot of his hobbies onto me, that's not really anything that went wrong though. I like his hobbies a lot, he was into lots of good stuff like building scale models, learning about history, stuff I really do like. But there was a lot of physical violence when he got angry, I had welts on my back quite often and his mental illnesses definitely affected me worse genetically. I don't mind being an outcast, or a loser or whatever normalfags would call me, but I wouldn't make me if I could help it. I don't think I should have kids sex or no, because if his mental illnesses were enhanced in me, who knows what my kids would be like. My mom is partially to blame genetically as well, having a grandmother with actual schizophrenia and a history of spending long periods of time, months or years, at mental hospitals. It's just a terrible combination. Theres so much to say but I'm tired at the moment and the genetic problems stand out the most.
>> No. 26024 [Edit]
Having a child could either be like a cutesy SoL manga and give our lives meaning or a very tragic situation. It depends on how they turn out and if they resent you for being a loser or something.
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