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File 171240903643.jpg - (56.06KB , 510x639 , baby-chick-in-spring-paint-by-numbers-510x639.jpg )
28910 No. 28910 [Edit]
Hello Tohno-chan.

I love you.
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>> No. 28911 [Edit]
imagine your suffering when this place is done for good
>> No. 28912 [Edit]
I believe in Lord Tohno and his dedication.
>> No. 28913 [Edit]
this board seems dead anyway. funny. i had a thought the other day that the reason why imageboards are dead is because they are inhabited by people, who are genuinely dead inside. that's quite a recursion! i wonder where are the kinds of people who used to make imageboards to thrive now? i can't believe they just died off.
>> No. 28919 [Edit]
Tohno-chan will never die because people like us stay on the internet forever.
>> No. 28920 [Edit]
File 171246189464.jpg - (353.59KB , 1182x832 , 寝てる沙耶c0b3bab2e6dddbeb36d9fcaf7d0fbbc4.jpg )
just a few days ago another small imageboard died:

younger people seem to be only interested in TikTok and stuff like that
>> No. 28921 [Edit]
There simply is an excess of imageboards with little differentiation, and most young guys will mainly gravitate to 4chan anyway.
>> No. 28922 [Edit]
>>28919 This.
Some of us have nowhere else to go...
>> No. 28923 [Edit]
>younger people seem to be only interested in TikTok and stuff like that
i can't believe this is the core reason. there were always activities our there, that were attractive to young people. do you see many young people out there willing to sit in their room twenty four hours a day and post pictures on Ronery? yet some force made people to post on imageboards and the same force destroyed the imageboards as well. i wonder if imageboards were just a social made of the former times. to me it definitely makes sense. after all, so many of those people, who were known to be "the heart" of imageboards in that sense that they delivered most posts, were just the party kind of people, who sought to hang out. and no wonder they ended up IRL. so perhaps anons who doom and despair because imageboards are dying are wrong. perhaps imageboards were never alive, at least not in the sense we'd like. but then, there were many of nice people here as well, people who could genuinely help and so on. people who were more or less interesting as persons and of course they were computer geeks. where are they? assimilated by big media? cut off the internet wire for good? where are they? do they get born still at all? well, i guess i'm just rambling again. more so because i am not the kind of a nice person you'd like to see on your imageboard... i wish somebody steered me to get assimilated by big social media, so i become mindless grey mass like them. at least it seems to promise to spare me this brainpain i have because i am stuck on a set of stagnant sites unable to find a relatable person and unable to do anything about it, or about the sites themselves. imagine me to be a consumerist who's been isekaid into a contribution centered world. i really think i need to get isekaid back and not trouble any of you with my woes every time i get to the damn posting form.
>> No. 28940 [Edit]
File 171310143270.jpg - (206.95KB , 1200x1800 , how about the old web amirite.jpg )
I dunno about that. Zoomers don't seem to be as creative and passionate as the old guard regarding putting the time and effort on original web content. Pull up all those studies on attention-spans, hinderimg-academic performance, over-reliance on quick-turnaround regarding relationships & purchasing, and short-form content dominating the netscape; I think the effects all of that end up bleeding into the quality of what they do online. In general, they seem overall more nihilistic and apathetic than the channers and goons of the early 2000s.
The current netscape's obsession with censorship, politics, and more centralized webspaces makes it easy to see why old fags just sort of abandoned the web for the most part.
>> No. 28941 [Edit]
I think it's a mix of several things.

1) Most of the weird outcasts from our era grew up into normies, because its basically the only alternative as you age other than declining further into mental illness/isolation/poverty/homelessness/transitioning/whatever other outcomes our cohort tended towards, so the number of people to post who remember how it is supposed to be done is much, much reduced.

2) Zoomers are basically trained to both be the centre of attention so anonymity doesn't appeal to them, and also have no attention span so F5'ing a thread or lurking to gain context before posting are not something they want to do.

3) In Heisei era being this level of insular and obsessed enough with certain subcultural artifacts to be called 'otaku' was exceptionally rare and ostracised, but as it was always a very consumerist culture as capitalism has accelerated (and especially post-lockdown where even normies were forced to live like us) there's both a deluge of places and people for less insular/withdrawn/maligned posters to find community, but also these more subaltern communities are constantly on guard against normalfags so retreat into further esotericism, cynicism and hostility that just kill the board momentum and make posting miserable. as bad as /a/ could get in 2008 at least you could talk about anime you liked, but now you couldnt even post sincerely about loving your waifu without 10,000 replies of different soyjak edits and >TRANNY >TROON >DILATE under every post so an already disenfranchised cohort feels even less compelled to post actively and retreats further and further.
>> No. 28992 [Edit]
Damn man,thats sad,people cannot have civil discussions anymore without spewing out memey nonsense...
>> No. 29000 [Edit]
>as bad as /a/ could get in 2008 at least you could talk about anime you liked, but now you couldnt even post sincerely about loving your waifu without 10,000 replies of different soyjak edits and >TRANNY >TROON >DILATE under every post

Against my better judgement I went to check on 4/a/ if this is true and while I found little to no traces of this insufferable irony poisoning, it was filled to the brim with shallow 'absolute cinema', 'peak', and other meme lingo I saw on YouTube, Reddit, MAL, basically everywhere else.

And then it hit me why Tohno just feels so much more comfortable: It has a sincere, romantic aura to it (especially /mai/), just as you have said. People here have a more serious, deeper appreciation to their favorite things than this impulsive, locust-like consumption of whatever media they set their eyes on currently.
>> No. 29002 [Edit]
Amazingly, there will occasionally be threads on 4/a/ that have a nice atmosphere to them.
>> No. 29006 [Edit]
I find r/anime surprisingly tends to be better for reading others' thoughts on anime (usually needs to be nicher ones though, otherwise it too devolves into stale lines).

The issue with /a/ is that if someone does put in the effort to type out a well-reasoned post they just get called out for "blogposting." They've settled into that local minimum of zero-effort/zero-substance posts, and end up discouraging anything against that status quo.
>> No. 29007 [Edit]
>The issue with /a/ is that if someone does put in the effort to type out a well-reasoned post they just get called out for "blogposting." They've settled into that local minimum of zero-effort/zero-substance posts, and end up discouraging anything against that status quo.
I've noticed this across 4chan, too. Another thing I've noticed is that if you write in any sort of depth, you will get called a "Reddit midwit." Years past, that sort of depth was expected in some boards. Likewise, if you mention anything beyond the surface level, then they call you autistic.
>> No. 29008 [Edit]
Maybe some group like the feds are responsible for propagating this, as a way to stifle conversation.
>> No. 29009 [Edit]
4chan always skews towards a younger group and the current generation is mostly posting and reading from their phones, hence the preference for short posts.
>> No. 29010 [Edit]
>I've noticed is that if you write in any sort of depth
Honestly, more often than not, the contents of such posts don't justify their lengths, and it feels more like the authors are engaging in masturbatory behaviors, even if that's not the intent. On t-c too, this happens: prolix opinions one has seen many times before.
>> No. 29012 [Edit]
I have a hard time being concise and end up deleting a lot of my posts because they feel like that when I revise them.
>> No. 29013 [Edit]
For the record, it wasn't my intention to discourage posting, just pointing out that the size of a post doesn't imply much about the quality. Given the slowness of t-c, I'd rather see a "rough," long post than no post, especially if it's for /a/, /vg/, /vn/, or /ma/.
>> No. 29025 [Edit]
I agree with you. I see many times that users will write and write without saying much. They merely re-iterate what they say many times but in different words, which is not good, either. However, I wasn't getting at that sort of poster, but I meant the types of posts where actual thought is put in and they are of substance. There are times where I have found posts that I would consider to be hidden gems, but others merely dismissed their point entirely, saying "tl;dr." Many times, people just result to posting vague snippettes without really elaborating on what they mean. Sometimes, it leads to misinterpretation, which spurs many arguments because not all parties are on the same ground.
>> No. 29116 [Edit]
TC, do you find relief in watching thriving friendship in media or does it cause you pain? I really have mixed feelings about it. Observing a good friendship bestows some sense of security, but seeing a loner ascend to power all the while being alienated to everyone else is even more thrilling to me. But I despise litrpg and derivatives, like "How I got Isekaid To Dominate Them All". It seems to me observing friendship should be helpful, because you self insert there and have a substitute for the lack of real friends. And when you remove yourself into alienation you destroy yourself even further. Enlighten me, o' TC, blessed thy wisdom!
>> No. 29117 [Edit]
I like warm friendship like the type shown in kirara shows. It does not cause pain to me, because I know such friendship cannot exist in the 3D world anyway. And I know that if I were also 2D, the characters would be just as kind to me as well.

I don't really self-insert into their friendship, I just feel happy comfort in the fact that there is at least no suffering in the 2D realm. But I do connect with the characters/empathize with them, and while I don't quite feel any romantic attraction to consider them a waifu, I look up to them as my role models and spiritual guides.

I hate shows that bubble with "fake" friendship though. I don't really watch isekai, but the plot you mentioned of "seeing a loner ascend to power" does not appeal to me either, there is already enough suffering, and while seeing a loner take revenge might be superificially satisfying, it still creats more suffering. If it's isekai with completely overpowered person, I much prefer in the style of Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear where it's someone who goes around helping others, and ends up making friends in the process, with the focus on the emotional bonds rather than the overpowered-ness.

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