This is where you can remind us how much the software sucks and how dead the community is.

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Tohno-chan banners

Here's a thread for posting any banners you've made and would like to see used on the site. All banners already on th...

Insecure Connection is aids and gay.

Connection to is insecure. Https:// does nothing to help. Can this be amended?

No Subject

Thank you for existing, tohno-chan. The internet may change, friends may disappear and betray you, but the one constant has bee...

No Subject

Is there an RSS feed for tc? If not, thoughts on one?

No Subject

In the spirit of being transparent and honest with people here, figured I'd make a thread to shed some light on the recent...

Null the spam filter for text inside a code block

Basically, have it skip anything that's put inside the code BBcode. Spammers would never know to exploit that. I know maki...

No Subject

Time for some feedback. Recently I noticed a change in the general vibe of /tc/. Overall I feel the style of posting started to...

Potential User Error; Embed Issue

I've been trying to embed a link on a post in >>>/navi/3111 (media formats thread) and every time I click reply I...

11th birthday

Hey, /tc/! Hey! Guess who turns 11 today? Happy birthday!

File size

Please increase the maximum file size on /cr/. The current is only 7168000B.

/mp3/ thread

Some anon created a thread on mp3 sharing some koto music. I tried to listen and reply to him but it gives me 404. Anybody else...

No Subject

I highly recommend using cloudflare's csam scanning tool to stop illegal images from appearing on your site. It also helps...

No Subject

Creating a separate thread to document this issue so >>6857 doesn't accuse me of being miserly. If you see a server ...

No Subject

why were my threads erased from existence

No Subject

I'm not sure what happened but the Jp text is broken on the AH thread. It was fine for the longest time. Can this be fixed...

Posts showing up at home but not on the thread.

This happens sometimes. You write a post, try to post it, get an error but it shows up on the front page anyways. Then you chec...

No Subject

Can we have some kind of new rule that prohibits thread derailing / metadiscussion within a thread? Posts like "Oh wow, lo...

No Subject

Hey I have a question about rules. There are many exact and strict rules such not posting 3DPD, talking about friends, girls et...

No Subject

Demod DSG. There is nothing about him that makes him suitable to mod the irc or even post on tohno-chan. He is a sarcastic, dis...


Lets have a thread to show Tohno how much we appreciate making the site for us and maintaining it all these years.

No Subject

Mentioning "husbandos" should be against the rules.

No Subject

Will you shut down tohno chan one day? I would be sad to see it go.

Change the Video Embedder/Player

I don't know how much tohno and friends know about programming, so I hope this isn't an unreasonable request, but fla...

No Subject

Good evening Tohno. I wasn't sure where the post here or /navi/, so please pardon me if I chose the wrong board. I was won...

No Subject

love you tohno

No Subject

I got banned and I don't know why or for what post. The Ban was only short but still, I can't think of what I could h...

No Subject

The local moderation team's unwillingness to forcibly quiet those who are unable to take it easy has allowed those who are...

No Subject

This thread is infested with pictures of 3d people. Please have it cleaned. >>/ot/9442Post edited on 11th Jul 2020, 8:21p...

No Subject

Hallo, as indicated by the image, there's an error in the 12th rule item: 'loose' should be 'lose'....

Ban evasion on TC

Post in this thread every time you're successfully evading and active ban(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)...

Update the image rules to be more clear and accurate

Around three days ago, I was banned for linking to an image of a 3d person which I labeled as being of a 3d person. The rules p...

No Subject

how come this board is dead?

No Subject

>> 6680 the mods here consistently stalk users across boards, across ip addresses and who knows how else. its offensive t...

No Subject

Only reason I don't browse this site is that it has to many boards and not enough people.

No Subject

These slogans keep getting stranger and stranger. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

No Subject

why was my post about waifuism having nothing to do with taste deleted?

No Subject

How do I edit my posts? I tried clicking the edit button and then reweriting my post with the changes I wanted to make but I am...

No Subject

Should the 'no 3D' rule really apply on /tat/? Can't be '/pol/ with more /tat/' if we can't post ...

No Subject

Is talking about piracy (stealing stuff on the internet, also robbery on the high seas) forbidden? Some posts on /vg/ were remo...

Why not SSL / HTTPS

Is there any reason this site is not made HTTPS? It is safe to assume at this point that nobody gives a damn about privacy on t...

7 more years

Hey hey, /tc/, /tc/, guess what day it is! It's that time of the year again! Happy birthday!

stuff that needs work

I'm just gonna go ahead and list off know missing features that need implemented, and know bugs/problems that need fixing....

False Advertising

May 29 22:41:49 <Lesh> i had to catch sheep today May 29 22:41:59 <Lesh> i am man May 29 22:42:06 <Lesh> i go...

No Subject

Should bagging moe result in a ban hammer? You see, one: every other anime forum has incessant moe hating so we don't need...

Love the site

Greetings tohno-chan staff just making a thread to tell you that i love your website and that you are doing a great job unlike ...

No Subject

Just wondering, how much does it cost to keep the site up for a year tohno?

No Subject

Can we make the IRL board public and just hide its posts from the frontpage like you did with /tat/? The community has changed ...

No Subject

Can't we use legacy captcha? The current one freaks out on me, now and then.

Selection for Societal Sanity plan

The best way to make sure normies do not find a foothold on this website is, unfortunately, to make sure this website is not ea...

No Subject

Due to multiple reports, I moved this thread to /fb/ since the original OP would not. I used to post here intermittently a coup...

No Subject

Should we be concerned about the massive nazo dumb on /ddl/ It seems suspicious

short survey

1. When did you start visiting tohno-chan? 2. How did you find out about tohno-chan?

New boards?

So when are we getting a Loli Henti or random board??.

No Subject

Hi there. New to the chan. I'm concerned with the lack of SSL - Security is very important to me. Would the administrator ...

No Subject

I forgot my mod login.


I want to dispute my ban. >>27959 The post you reference >>27948 by that criteria does deserve a ban. However this ...

the future of tc

So the site activity has been declining for quite some time now. What future do you have in mind for the site Tohno?

No quality or quantity

Lets face it, TC is pretty dead lately. I haven't been able to post as much as usual because of a new job which eats up mo...

The Final Solution to the CP Question

I'd like to suggest a potentially permanent solution to the CP spam that's plagued us for quite a while now. The firs...

Discord Chat (Connect with IRC) This is a Discord server I have made, which uses a bot to connect the IRC to the channel and vice ve...


The captcha is obnoxious as hell. I've noticed it doesn't work at times with the correct code typed in. Furthermore s...

No Subject

I got nostalgic and started thinking: what ever happened with all the old tripfriends of /tc/? why did they go? Back then I tho...

No Subject

Should 'Dark' be made the site's default theme?

Reaction Images

This is something I've kind of thought for a long time: do you think we're too harsh with "reaction images"...

No Subject

What's Tohno-chan's policy towards quest/CYOA threads?

No Subject

random pictures have disappeared

No Subject

May I suggest adding some of our boards to the list at It could be a good boost to activity.

No Subject

Why does /akb/ exist? Wondering because it goes against most of the things this site/community stands for.

No Subject

Suggestion: delete 4chan meta from /ot/ and add a rule that forbids discussing 4chan meta. If I wanted to know what's goin...

No Subject

why is this locked: i thought we were accepting lower quality posts now?...

No Subject

You know what would be grate? if hidden threads stayed hidden on the front page.. That would be just super...

No Subject

Oh! the first snow of this year...

No Subject

Happy birthday Tohno-chan.

No Subject

What's the point of having threads made two-three years ago still up today? And why have so many pages for a board with a ...

No Subject

Why the fuck would you do this? I understand wanted/needing more visitors, but why buy a public ad, and on /a/ of all places? T...

Refugee crisis

Hello Tohnochan I'm a poster from the /r9k/ board of an imageboard, 4chon, that used to be pretty big but has since dwindl...

/mai/-waifu, the joke board.

Recently I spoke with someone about /mai/ and they mentioned the board has become something of a joke in recent days, and of co...

RE: Himouto thread

The Himouto thread has been deleted because of all the complaints and reports we've been getting with regards to low quali...

No Subject

What does noko in the email field do?

No Subject

Since, with Tohno's blessing, I plan to start work on developing a new board engine for Tohno-chan, I'd like to ask y...

No Subject

/fig/ should rly be /merch/ because there is a lot of non-fig merch issues which end up being discussed on random not-exactly-r...

No Subject

I noticed we're getting spammed by CP a lot lately. I suggest we get more mods so that there is a mod avaliable around the...

No Subject

What is this and why did it load when I opened up the front page, I don't see this image anywhere It's on images/payp...

No Subject

What's the significance of this? I've never been able to figure it out. Is it related to Air? The kanji (進呈) stands f...

No Subject

It's poll time, /tc/. Which theme (board style) are you using? Since when have you been using it? Is there a particular th...

No Subject

I just got a site notification on firefox when I clicked the latest post on /ot/ with those numbers and letters in the last ima...

No Subject

it's 01Apr in Japan already. Will we go two years in a row forgetting about this holiday?

Tohno on the offensive.

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading. -Lao Tzu As it is, the site seems to be a little dry on n...

No Subject

No Subject

why is the load time here so slow? are you serving this site off your old pII and a DSL connection?

No Subject

mobile layout when

No Subject

What the hell is this place. I was googling for samurai and jews and I found this rather boring chan. Do people even post in he...

No Subject

um hi i saw the ad and came here but i don't know where to post what board should i use?????

No Subject

thanks for the sticky in /an/ filled with 4chan tier reaction faces. having that be the first thing people see when opening up ...

No Subject

Hello. This is a meta thread but rather than being about the site itself it's related to /tc/'s userbase. I hope this...

There's sort of a little error on the top of the page

All the boards in the 2nd category have their tooltip as "Video Games" I assume this is a little mistake in the websi...

No Subject

This place would be booming if every single person who visits the site set a goal for themselves just to make 2 posts a day. no...

No Subject

how come i can't make AA using the banner command? also protruding pecker

Youtube embed
No Subject

we should have board dedicated to 2d bros, which i call ani-m8s

No Subject

Do you feel comfortable letting the Wayback machine and Google crawl TC?


I;m sure most of you have noticed, activity on tc has started to plateau wihtout neccesarily the increase in quality that lower...

No Subject

Hi, could you delete this thread off of /an/ please. I started the thread a long time a...

No Subject

I can't seem to post on /mai/ (I get redirected to frontpage). Not sure if I was banned for questioning some things or if ...

No Subject

How do you feel about the quality of anime discussion on Tohno-Chan?

No Subject

How come the Japanese board not displayed in the site's homepage? Also, the "Anonymous" written in said board is...

No Subject

Am I the only one that is seriously tired of all the gender discussion here? (Specifically transgender shit and feminism/misogy...

No Subject

Why is there always some guy who is like "Oh look, its Shinden again' every time Shinden makes a thread? I see nothin...

No Subject

I noticed post rate on tc has been declining for the past few months with no corresponding increasing in quality, although post...

Please Explain

I don't understand the purpose of the Watch Thread option. Where is the actual thread watcher after you click it?

No Subject

there are too many noobs and people with bad taste on /an/ to make posting there worth my while. can this be fixed?...

No Subject

So does anyone actually give a shit about all the shitposting lately? I'm not seeing anyone complain about it over even bo...

No Subject

wheres the psychiatric help board

Board Merging

I think that merging /cr/, /fig/, and /mp3/, into a Misc. Hobbies/Interests-type board is something to seriously consider. Havi...

New Lotte no Omocha board?

Do you think that if they made another season of Lotte no Omocha that you would make a new board for it?

No Subject

I deleted that post already but please do explain this to me. Is this a joke?Post edited on 8th Nov 2013, 9:40pm...

No Subject

In honor of the fact that this is by far the worst season of anime in recorded history, could you lock /an/ until January 1, 20...

No Subject

Is figurecumming allowed in /fig/?

No Subject

Hey, Tohno, guess what? I remembered this time. Did you?...

No Subject

can you unsticky the banner thread here? nobody uses it anymore so its just a waste of space. if anyone wants to post a new ban...

No Subject


No Subject

How come the otaku topic boards here are so slow? It seems like the only board anyone uses anymore is /so/ and I really don...

No Subject

since guro is not allowed, can someone tell me whats the difference between guro and "abuse" so that I can post the l...

No Subject

Can we stop this 'general' bullshit before it'll spreads to all boards?

No Subject

Is there a way to bypass the blocking of /fb/ and other boards and kakusus on the home page so I can actually see all the posts...

Allowing fujoshi on the site pt.2

Last time this idea was mentioned it developed into a huge insult-fest so I'd like to try again. Personally I believe fujo...


I'm making this thread for metacommentary with resect to the TC MAL group I don...

No Subject

can we have a board for funposting? i know you don't like to have people making jokes and stuff on all the serious discuss...

No Subject

I combined two epic memes to create this banner. I think there was the possibility that people may have liked the banner, but t...

No Subject

people should be forced to pass a basic quiz about anime before being allowed to access this site. it worked good on 55chan bef...

No Subject

I check Tohno-chan several times per day and yet there is almost no posts ever. I believe we should work ourselves more into po...

No Subject

I've been looking at the feedback and such, and I have to ask, what do you wish for the mods to do? We've seen an app...

No Subject

the archive search function drop down options doezn't work correctly. it seraches for threads in the previous millenium to...

No Subject

A few reminders: - There is a hide thread button. - Meta shit ALWAYS goes in /fb/, not the thread that offends you. - If you ha...

No Subject

There has been a spate of deliberate shitposting here. Please don't hesitate to delete posts and/or ban. It is not someone...


How come /TC/ no longer cares about otaku topics such as anime, manga, VNs, hentai, etc.? Look at where all the traffic is on t...

namefield link color

i think the namefield's link color is too similar to the subjectfield's color so that when someone uses the emailfiel...

No Subject

can i post pics of myself on tohno-chan if i rotoscope them?

No Subject

do you think you could make a special hidden board for one piece/naruto/bleach discussion and move the oremio thread into it? o...

No Subject

Time to axe /fb/. Nothing good came out of it in years and the threads reached an all time low lately. Does anyone see any reas...

April Fools theme

Can this be added as a permanent option in themes? I promise I'll always use it! I like it a lot more than all the other t...

No Subject

So are we going to do something this year?

No Subject

Will there ever be a Kigurumi board? Not demanding anything, just curious what the anons here think about it.


In your opinion, what do you believe makes a person a Ford Driver? I think we really need to clarify this matter if we're ...

No Subject

So what is this mysterious "drug thread" where all drug discussion belongs? Because I've already hidden multiple...

No Subject

Tohno, apparently you used to love 3D and 4chan rnernes. What made you change your mind?

'X' generals

Are they really neccesary on a slow board like this? In my opinion they create an unneccesary level of organisation, at the exp...

No Subject

Is the source code for Tohno-Chan shared? I am currently working on an imageboard and I would like to implement some of the fea...

No Subject

sometime i feel like i should be posting with sage activated, but the thread is already at the top of the board so i feel kind ...

No Subject

Well I guess I should stick up for myself, but I really think I'm better off this way. I'm just a sucker with no self...

No Subject

After perusing the archives a bit, I was reminded that TC used to allow quite a bit of 3D to be posted. Here is an example: htt...

No Subject

As it turns out, when you spoiler a URL, the text of the link is still visible which negates the point of spoilers. Is it possi...

/a/ SHIT

There should be some kind of way to inform people of the standards of the site so that people don't post '/a/ SHIT�...

No Subject

Can we formally ask that people not abuse spoilers? Misused spoilers degrade the quality of your post and, in turn, degrade the...

No Subject

Uhm... please remind me: when was /tc/'s anniversary? We didn't forget once again, did we?

No Subject

So today I realized that Tohnochan is blocked at my school because it's under the category "Games". I have no id...


How do you honestly feel about Tohno-chan as a community?

No Subject

I think that kakusu discourages discussion a lot. Arguably, the only real purpose for it is to make comments that you don'...

No Subject

There's too much meta discussion within threads and not enough actual discussion. Unless some kind of rule is added to dis...

No Subject

I tried ask in /ot/ but I didn't ger clear answer and I didn't want to cause anymore off-topic discussion, so I try t...

No Subject

what is "corm"

No Subject

/fb/ - Tohno-chan's flagship board.

No Subject

As Tohno-chan grows the quality of discussion is steadily declining and yet despite the increase in users there has not been an...

No Subject

How many active moderators Tohno-Chan has? I know there is list on FAQ, but afaik that list is outdated, right? Sometimes it ta...

Birthday threads

Maybe we should have a sticky thread dedicated to birthdays in /mai/.

No Subject

Do you archive the deleted threads anywhere?

No Subject

why isn't there more taniguchi related content on tohno-chan?

Drug discussion on Tohno-chan

There is an opinion I hold, which I am sure many people here support, that illicit drugs are bad. In fact, I would rather not s...

No Subject

No Subject

how come tohno-chan is a .com?

No Subject

/ot/ is seriously stagnant, please make some nice new threads

No Subject

How can I get back into the irc channel? I've finally decided to stop using my old 56k dial-up and get cable, but now ever...

No Subject

How do you feel about current pace of /tc/? Do you wish the board moved at a faster pace? Do you think it'd be better if w...

No Subject

minagi can't into kawaii

No Subject

Does anyone else spend so much time on Tohno-chan that it feels like it's a part of who they are? I really don't know...

IRC (#Tohno-chan on rizon)

Because the IRC and site itself seem to be separate entities, with their own separate user bases. Some believe the irc channel ...

No Subject

>Against the rules >- Gaia/weeaboo shit. (Conventions, English dubs So I can't, say, mention that I prefer subs most...

No Subject

Why has there been a spate of /jp/-level shitty threads? Seriously cut it out.

No Subject

how about making an /int/ board?

No Subject

What does Kakusu mean when it is in the mail field? Pardon me, I'm new here obviously.

No Subject

Is it just me or is the recent images box not working?

No Subject

Is it just me, or is Tohno-chan really slow these past few months? Slower than it even was when it was new. Usually I come on h...

No Subject

It's back!

No Subject

Is this April's Fool? This is too much. My mother is very sick and basically... well, doesn't matter; just: she has b...

No Subject

I have a suggestion with respect to the hide function. I know that there are frequent complaints here about bad threads that ne...

No Subject

Suddenly, the site is deserted.


Post ITT if you can't stop oversuing kakusu. I kakusu ~49/50 posts, maybe more even. The thing is I don't remember us...

No Subject

we should have something like the savoq links boards. it would be useful and a source of amusement for internet enthusiasts suc...

No Subject

Just something random and insignificant. Pages on tohno-chan which have been archived on get hotlinked there...

sort of like /jp/ without all the 3D

brought this up in the irc some time back, but sort of forgot about it.. and stuff... just tossing this out there. what do you ...

No Subject

I can only hope for the best... I need to.

No Subject

Can you make it so that when you click to edit a post, the post appears in the text box? It just saves the small inconvenience ...


How do you guys feel about the idea of deleting any and all images of 3D people outright, no questions asked, and making it a r...

No Subject

I think...are images not loading on /pic/ for anyone else?

No Subject

I will apologize in advance for posting 4chan related stuff here, but I wanted to point out that the way the site is managed so...

No Subject

I like this website. Thank you for making it.

No Subject

Are there any plans regarding SOPA? Do we just wait for shit to hit the fan, are things being blown out of proportion, or is th...

No Subject

I think someone told me a while back that you told google to fuck off a while ago. Is there an alternative method to hunt for o...

No Subject

What happened to the waifu dreams thread on /mai/? The one witht he osaka pic in the OP. If it was deleted by mods well then yo...

No Subject

/mt/ should be renamed "Learning", "Self-education" or something of the like. Why? Because NEETs are by def...

No Subject

Uh... call me the stupidest ever, but didn't we forget about something, say, about a month ago?

No Subject

Hey Tohno, can you change the date settings so that it always shows "(Sun)"? You know, when you're a neet everyd...

No Subject

I think the updates broke music.I can't post youtube links and can only see part of the huge current listening thread....

You seriously need fewer boards.

There's nothing necessarily WRONG with this many boards, but the currently rather small userbase for this site is spread i...

No Subject

I like the site, I really do. Love it, even. But the userbase needs to learn to take it easy instead of just thinking they do....

No Subject

Images from /ns/ are showing up in the newest posts/newest images feature, wasn't that supposed to not be happening?

About the posting of pics of real people

Should we be allowed to post pictures of real people? I have heard some here saying that they think it's ugly and reminds ...

Just a few questions

>can you see this text? But you have to mouse over this to see it, right? Intentional...

No Subject

I like this place, it's so weeaboo. Keep up the nerdy work. BRB, L.A. Noire, Panty and stocking, and fapping to hentai. An...

No Subject

Suggestion: make it so tc pages don't come up on Google searches so people don't find their way here when they search...

No Subject

I just noticed the image spoiler function isn't working on /fig/... is this intended?

No Subject

Waifu board, figure board, VNs, anime/manga..this is the best place ever. It's like an otaku resort on imageboard island. ...

No Subject

What does that means?

No Subject

Would it be possible to frontpage sticky the waifu explanations and overall helpful threads? Maybe with a subtitle saying that ...

No Subject

I have not seen the insult "Ford Driver" before coming here. How old is this, and where maybe did it come from? Would...

No Subject

Can clicking on a post/image on the front page take you to the "last 50 posts" version of the thread it's in ins...

No Subject

So I randomly decided to start switching themes out of boredom, and it seems that the ones that were tailored to fit the text h...

font/style in name field

I don't like this bold font, so I change to easy mode. So green.. Am I weird? FF4 was to blame; thanks goes to >>113...

No Subject

Can you guys use the blotter or something to notify us when there are changes to the rules or any new news on the main page? Mo...


After two new threads popped overnight in /ot/ (>>/ot/8451, >>/ot/8459) I think we should talk about this again. If...

file uploads

>Supported file types are: CSS, GIF, JPEG, JPG, MP3, PNG, PSD, TXT Wow, I was just about to report that any audio codec but ...

No Subject

Ever thought about adding various images/videos/music to one post like krautchan? I don't think it's that useful, but...

No Subject

For some reason, adblock decided to block all images on /vg/. It's easily rectified, but why?

No Subject

From a thread on /ot/: >It [the recent posts list on the front page] only shows the past 15 posts, and there's plenty m...

No Subject

It doesn't go away when I click the X button! Oh god I am not good with computer ;_;

No Subject

Is there a way to download the files attached to >>/mp3/2 and >>/mp3/5 ? Somehow it doesn't seem to work. pic ...

No Subject

I said this in /mai/ a while back but.. Could we have a small wiki where we can write stuff about the 'waifu concept'...

No Subject

Is it just me or do all the thumbnails of png images of manga pages look really jagged? Not sure why I can see png images of fa...

No Subject

Can you guys post some stats of the site? There are few posts but I'm sure that much more people comes here....

No Subject

I have a suggestion: put the Shi-painter applet on /cr/ board so we can draw our own oekaki.

Traditional Games?

Maybe we could get a board or an area for traditional games? If you're unfamiliar with it, this mostly consists of Tableto...

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