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File 14966443296.jpg - (21.77KB , 295x379 , 1491920364177.jpg )
6474 No. 6474 [Edit]
Can't we use legacy captcha? The current one freaks out on me, now and then.
>> No. 6475 [Edit]
What don't you like about it? If you're encountering the fading bug (you select an image and it fades away, making it impossible to complete) you can always activate the hearing one.
>> No. 6476 [Edit]
I'd prefer to not use a captcha at all, but it can't be helped. Our original captcha which was text based worked like ass and didn't stop any of the spam we got. I don't think legacy captcha would be 'much' better. I do however understand that some people don't much like the current captcha. In my experience with it so far I've found it to be very quick and easy to use, where as some have complained about it being very bothersome and asking for a lot of confirmations. I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume it's ties to google bother people in terms of privacy and google being the big brother? Not much I can really do about that. I'll try removing them from some boards here and there. Only put em up more around the site due to recent troll problems. As for all around? As much as I'd like to I'm afraid i can't do that dave.
>> No. 6477 [Edit]
That, and I like to re-think my posts, which causes the captcha to time-out and reset.

I often have to do two questions before approved, yes.
>> No. 6478 [Edit]
Yeah that timing out thing is pretty annoying, I've had that happen to me plenty of times.

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