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File 138321016774.jpg - (20.52KB , 402x145 , 10-31-2013.jpg )
4440 No. 4440 [Edit]
Hey, Tohno, guess what?
I remembered this time.
Did you?...
>> No. 4442 [Edit]
I can't believe I actually forgot!

For the last two months I've been telling myself not to forget on daily basis but last week was so busy... Good job remembering, though, as long as there's someone out there to remind us it doesn't really matter who it is.

So yeah, four more years?
>> No. 4443 [Edit]
I'm still really not sure about the date. is this based off when we switched servers, when the ib4f site was created, or when it was open to the public? either way I don't remember the site's birthday being on the same day as Halloween.
>> No. 4444 [Edit]
I base it on this: >>3170
>> No. 4445 [Edit]
Yes: four more years and to meet in 2040.
>> No. 4447 [Edit]
See: >>1751
we all fucked up... again (geez).
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