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File 159201042663.png - (277.32KB , 1815x841 , IMG_0860.png )
6772 No. 6772 [Edit]
Around three days ago, I was banned for linking to an image of a 3d person which I labeled as being of a 3d person. The rules page states that linking to images of 3d people is not allowed and that the board rules and irc rules are the same. It's not explicitly written that posting videos of 3d people is prohibited, but there's no reason to assume that it is allowed considering that videos of 3d people contain the same imagery. On the irc, I know people are allowed to post 3d media if they label it as such. If the irc rules actually are different, that should be clearly written, even if clearly stating so is uncomfortable for whatever reason, because otherwise it may be confusing to people who have used both.

In the Corona thread, there are still posts which link to news articles with pictures of 3d people right as they are opened. Here they are for reference. >>/ot/34278 >>/ot/34664 The second post in particular, includes a link which still has 3d people in it after being warned, just wearing masks, which there's no reason to think would be allowed. Their post also mentioned wanting to kill all Chinese people, yet while they only got a warning, I was banned for something which would be allowed on the irc. In /mp3/ quite a few posts probably link to 3d media. This one has been around for 2 years. >>/mp3/2503 The ban page also includes 3d media, just for the sake of taunting people I guess.

All of this sends a very mixed signal. Please provide an explanation in plain english because I really can't understand it.

Post edited on 12th Jun 2020, 7:59pm
>> No. 6773 [Edit]
Talked it over with one of our mods. Sorry about that. They just wanted to be more strict about the no 3DPD stuff, which I can't say I blame them for. I've thought about deleting some of the hidden boards that might attract that stuff just to double down and be clear cut about it. We did come to an agreement though, that users are big boys who can handle themselves, If someone wants to follow random links, they do so at their own risk. Any 3dpd content behind external links isn't our problem, but linking to such things IS discouraged. Do it too much and we'll ban/delete as need be.

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