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File 165547616260.jpg - (201.96KB , 1080x1080 , EZIhfpgVcAAtCTi.jpg )
6837 No. 6837 [Edit]
why were my threads erased from existence
>> No. 6838 [Edit]
Likely for this reason:
>Do not create threads that already exist. Use the catalog to look for a thread related to what you're looking.

From >>/r/15

Post edited on 17th Jun 2022, 8:39am
>> No. 6839 [Edit]
i think its fine when the threads are over three years old
>> No. 6840 [Edit]
But why create a new thread instead of posting in the old one? That way conversation can reference previous posts as well.
>> No. 6841 [Edit]
one of the threads i made wasn't already under the compass of another
>> No. 6842 [Edit]
If I recall correctly, you made an animal thread and the one where you asked how people found tohno-chan.

Threads about such subjects can be found in >>/ot/28802 and >>/ot/36754, respectively.
>> No. 6847 [Edit]
i also made a thread with a picture of a pie as the OP saying what things have you done while manic/sad
>> No. 6848 [Edit]
Interesting. I don't recall seeing that thread. I can't even find any records of it from the logs.

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