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File 13690139866.jpg - (44.68KB , 512x384 , 1369013893252.jpg )
3924 No. 3924 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
can we have a board for funposting?
i know you don't like to have people making jokes and stuff on all the serious discussion boards you have, but sometimes jokes and stuff are fun and also since people complain about slow post rate here another board couldn't hurt.
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>> No. 4124 [Edit]
please elucidate with respect to the file name
>> No. 4166 [Edit]
/ota/ is such utter vomit, its surprising that they actually managed to put together something stupider and less worthwhile than 4chan.
so happy that they're not here anymore.
>> No. 4176 [Edit]
It's not trying to be 4chan.
>> No. 4189 [Edit]
File 137491117834.png - (202.39KB , 874x517 , typical ota thread.png )
sick dubs dood

File 137142196856.jpg - (24.09KB , 452x102 , zen.jpg )
3990 No. 3990 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I combined two epic memes to create this banner.
I think there was the possibility that people may have liked the banner, but that I substantially reduced that possibility by pointing out the epic memes.
do you think you might have liked this banner if I didn't mention the epic memes?
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>> No. 3994 [Edit]
I think this isn't the best way to get data for your psychology masters thesis.
>> No. 3999 [Edit]
you're actually not in a position to make that judgement unless you are a fairly experienced professor of psychology who has a track record of getting masters degrees for his/her graduate students.
furthermore, if that were the case then you're probably trying to sabotage an academic competitors research in hopes of gaining the inside track to next year's grant money.
>> No. 4009 [Edit]
I like it, I think its funny
>> No. 4093 [Edit]
File 137224640144.png - (98.28KB , 452x102 , planet xen.png )
I added another epic meme(pronounced meem)
Can any /o/ goers tell me if I did it right?
I dont go there too much.
P.S. there another hidden meme

File 137119715350.jpg - (53.83KB , 638x479 , 13654648647.jpg )
3977 No. 3977 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
people should be forced to pass a basic quiz about anime before being allowed to access this site.
it worked good on 55chan before 55chan was not around anymore.
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>> No. 4032 [Edit]
please make some more.
nobody posts new ones anymore and the old ones are getting boring.
plus the banner thread used to b fun. look at it, it has 260 posts over the past (almost)3 years, which is about 2 per week, but over the last six months it has only 10 posts.
why did everyone stop?
>> No. 4033 [Edit]
actually, what i should say is "why did you stop?" because you were making most of them.
there is only one banner from a new anime this year so far and we're at the cusp of the 3rd season.
>> No. 4034 [Edit]
lost interest, also doesn't help my mpc can't take screencaps anymore ever since installing madvr. and in retrospect I take back what I said, a lot of banners not made by me are perfectly good, and a lot of banners I've made sucked.


Post edited on 22nd Jun 2013, 3:12am
>> No. 4177 [Edit]
I've been here since 2009 and came here from /hikki/ and I've only seen 2 or 3 anime although I have several other interests in common with the users of this website. Please don't assume everyone here watches anime.

File 13686513888.jpg - (171.42KB , 1035x600 , 125487547.jpg )
3903 No. 3903 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I check Tohno-chan several times per day and yet there is almost no posts ever. I believe we should work ourselves more into post a more considerable amount of posts per day.
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>> No. 3921 [Edit]
I'm not seeing that at all, prove it!
>> No. 3923 [Edit]

I guess. Can't be helped, though, that's the price we pay to keep the shitposting away.
>> No. 4002 [Edit]
I believe "work" is an poor election of a word to use in here and that people should post because they want to, not out of any sense of obligation.

Let it be, man. It is how it is.
>> No. 4008 [Edit]
I think you're a genuinely nice person with interesting things to say. You should post more; don't be shy!

File 136763108247.jpg - (142.10KB , 606x788 , Hanna rudel.jpg )
3846 No. 3846 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I've been looking at the feedback and such, and I have to ask, what do you wish for the mods to do?

We've seen an apparent influx of outsiders coming in, and I've seen a lot more complaints. But a lot of these complaints are not rule violations, so we've been avoiding resorting to bans in those instances that are not rule violations. I guess you think this isn't working.

Should we be giving bans for "not following TC posting etiquette" or even "not following TC poster culture"?

I guess what I am asking is this: Do you want total moderation? If necessary, do you want moderation more strict and radical than anything you can even imagine today?
41 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3919 [Edit]

If you think it's natural and not the least bit surprising why are we arguing about this?
Are you really that bothered by my saying "I don't like _ becuase _. - This is a shitposting idiot who needs to go back to 4chan."? it's just an exaggeration. Of course people don't say things exactly like that (aside from that orimo thread where people said things exactly that) If you like I will admit I should have phrased that differently. perhaps what might have been more appropriate would have been: "I don't like _ becuase _. - This person and his opinion is wrong and I'm compelled to tell him why"
I can see how I may have been mistake in categorizing that shaft thread. I could have sworn in the nisemonogatari thread some people were becoming overly defensive and 'fullretard' in the presences of some negative comments. I recall one person going off on a rant about negativity the series receives in response to someone posting a meme image poking fun at the series. but uppon checking on that it seems to not be the case.

>Most people here aren't exactly willing or capable of accepting things they don't like, be it a work of fiction or an argument.
This is something I mostly see outside of /an/. drugs, women, cars, sports, the entirety of /so/ /ot/ /fb/, comments on site mentality ect. Unless of course they're generalizing, in which case I do indeed see plenty of it on /an/. hating things from Shaft, kyoani, moe, genres of anime, so on. But when it comes to more specific things I think people tend to avoid watching what they don't like and as such there's not many around to complain about it. there were only 11 instances of people saying something bad about a anime on the first 4 pages of /an/ that I found. It should be expected that someone will say something bad about a anime they didn't like before dropping it, 4 of those 11 examples specifically stated they were dropping it.

I still believe a person's opinion shouldn't need to hold any weight. If they don't like something they should be free to say so just as list 3) is free to s
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 3922 [Edit]

>If you think it's natural and not the least bit surprising why are we arguing about this?

Because you're acting like it's not, like it only ever happens on /tc/ and like we should get do something about it.

>it's just an exaggeration.

Brilliant, just brilliant. Nothing better than arguing about stuff you don't even mean.

>I don't like _ becuase _. - This person and his opinion is wrong and I'm compelled to tell him why

This does happen. And by 'does happen' I mean 'does happen everywhere on the internet'. Hell, not even limited to internet.

So what are supposed to do now? Stop discussing stuff altogether or just never reply to each other?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 3933 [Edit]
>This is something I mostly see outside of /an/. drugs, women, cars, sports

I really hope you're not arguing in favor of the people that post on these subjects. There are some exceptions, but, for the most part, the topics described above are full-on Ford Driver culture, and constitute an entirely different argument from the one you two gentlemen are currently having.
>> No. 3936 [Edit]
File 136976956198.jpg - (148.76KB , 640x960 , 9111c798.jpg )
After a hiatus I'm back to rule with an iron fist. Obey me!

File 136796307443.png - (186.52KB , 508x351 , yomi.png )
3873 No. 3873 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
the archive search function drop down options doezn't work correctly.
it seraches for threads in the previous millenium too and in 7 decades it wont search this milennium correclty either.
you have to manually enter the correct search terms in the URL if you want to get an accurate search results

pic is anime girl who was tricked into picking up a dog turd
>> No. 3874 [Edit]
That's a jumprope you fucking tit.
>> No. 3930 [Edit]
>yomi exercising

thats not how you get to be the fattest girl in the whole school

File 136753457259.png - (29.15KB , 800x473 , 1342830262426.png )
3838 No. 3838 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
A few reminders:

- There is a hide thread button.
- Meta shit ALWAYS goes in /fb/, not the thread that offends you.
- If you have an idea for a decent thread, post it. Don't complain about the lack of content until you at least try to encourage it yourself.
- Posting in a thread just to whine about it only serves to increase the thread's lifespan by promoting arguments.
- People will inevitably ragepost in threads they don't like. Take it easy and let them keep raging instead of responding.
- You don't need to announce that you think [x] is better than TC and you're leaving. Just leave.
- Relax.
8 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3881 [Edit]
File 136816536419.jpg - (159.32KB , 1352x1200 , lain all pumped up and whatnot.jpg )
>It sends a message to the person getting banned

It doesn't
The only thing a person who "gets banned" takes away from the experience is the knowledge that the moderators are assholes. Nobody ever thinks to themselves "oh I got banned, I guess I'd better straighten up and fly right". Anonymous posters on imageboards are extremely egotistical and they rarelyAKA never admit a mistake. They don't need to because they can just jump on another IP and keep doing whatever they want.

I made this picture to illustrate why I'm right and you're wrong.
>> No. 3882 [Edit]

>people who are constantly complaining that they want X type of content or Y type of end user banned from the site need to realize that the moderators really have no ability to fulfill the demands placed upon them.

Depends. If they say 'I want OreImo gone' or 'I want shoujo threads gone from /an/' then sure, it's not happening. However, if they say 'I want Ford Driver shit gone' and 'I want 4chan lingo gone' then there's a pretty good chance of that happening.

>once everyone accepts that fact then they can also accept the fact that they have to either learn to take it easy

One day you too may realize that some people find in plain impossible to take it easy in an environment of ironic shitposting and epik maymays.


>The only thing a person who "gets banned" takes away from the experience is the knowledge that the moderators are assholes.

Are you genuinely brain damaged? Look at >>3841 and tell me he didn't deserve to get (perma)banned. Go ahead.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 3883 [Edit]
yeah it's easy for mods to remove, prohibit, or restrict content. more so the more specific you get. wanting staff to create things with complaints about board speed or quality posters, that's just a pipe dream.
>> No. 3885 [Edit]
File 136819988434.jpg - (9.43KB , 251x112 , 482636_544586608909270_52159375_n.jpg )
>epik maymays

File 136702092231.png - (791.08KB , 1499x1124 , 1365734676676.png )
3823 No. 3823 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
There has been a spate of deliberate shitposting here. Please don't hesitate to delete posts and/or ban. It is not someone who accidentally posted something unacceptable, it is someone who is deliberately trying to be an ass.
8 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3833 [Edit]
I don't know what is going on here. The decline in quality this last month has been abysmal. I would like to see a return to stricter moderation, and fuck anyone who complains. Less sarcastic one-liners, pointless/random threads like 'how old are you' or threads with just a picture and no text, references to other boards, etc etc. I thought the moderation did fine in the past in discerning what should and should not be punished, and I think it's time you stepped in and reminded everyone that what has been going lately is unacceptable.
>> No. 3835 [Edit]
>The decline in quality this last month has been abysmal

everyone left for /ota/, which is - coincidentally - a bit over a month old and is actually fun to be on.
the only people who are still on /tc/ are the type who like to complain incessantly about other people's posts.
>> No. 3836 [Edit]

/ota/ is more or less the same terrible shit as 4chan unless its changed drastically in the last few weeks or so since I last saw it, so good riddance to anyone who would prefer there over here.

Not that this place has been very good lately either (3D woman thread still going strong in /so/!)

Post edited on 30th Apr 2013, 5:35pm
>> No. 3837 [Edit]

If you dislike /tc/ that much and /ota/ is that much fun could you leave please? Thanks in advance.

File 136660527844.png - (119.98KB , 851x483 , rp.png )
3798 No. 3798 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How come /TC/ no longer cares about otaku topics such as anime, manga, VNs, hentai, etc.?
Look at where all the traffic is on this site: neurotypicals talking about sexual politics on /so/ and motorists discussing 3DPD shit on the off topic board.

Have you thought about registering Wohno-chan? The W is for wannabe because I get a pretty strong impression that most of the current class of end users on this site adopted the pretense of otaku to give them "cred" on 4chan as they certainly don't actually care the least bit about the actual topics that would appeal to the typical otaku.

Its rare these days to even see an /an/ appear on the front page, let alone a /ma/ or really any of the otaku boards.
10 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3818 [Edit]

Do you absolutely positively have to say this every time this subject is mentioned? We got it the first time, there's no need to repeat this.
>> No. 3820 [Edit]
>/so/ was created well after tohno-chan was already well established

Thats news to me. My memory fails me but I think its been there since ib4f. Maybe it was made during the .tk era, and there were very few users then.

4-ch isn't really appropriate for most of us, as you can see maybe ten percent of users posting there are actually completely new to *chans, and you can tell through their naive sort of posting style and putting their real names in the name area (I think they somehow end up there via Google).
>> No. 3821 [Edit]

It has, it hasn't even been half a year between the creation of /tc/ and /so/, hell, I'm not even sure if it has even been half of that, I don't remember it that well. But yeah it's a completely pointless argument.
>> No. 4366 [Edit]
You are so wrong. It's been here since the beginning.

You're correct. It's been here since the first few weeks of ib4f days.

File 136666666652.png - (2.85KB , 260x19 , Untitled.png )
3806 No. 3806 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
i think the namefield's link color is too similar to the subjectfield's color so that when someone uses the emailfield it makes it look like the name is part of the post's subject
>> No. 3807 [Edit]
OP pic is from a thread on a different board in which the OP used the name field, btw

File 136610231111.png - (17.98KB , 500x375 , :ota:scoped bird cooking spag bol.png )
3783 No. 3783 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
can i post pics of myself on tohno-chan if i rotoscope them?
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3785 [Edit]
You've haven't been cheating on /ota/ have you?
>> No. 3786 [Edit]
>> No. 3796 [Edit]
>> No. 3802 [Edit]
Well, if you're just anxious about showing yourself in here... well... no.

If you just want to tangentially bitch about Aku no Hana here in /fb/, you should better join the thread on /an/ and express your thoughts there.

If you actually want to do something nice about it, regardless of it being based on yourself or not, I'd say you can and you should post it on /cr/.

Post edited on 22nd Apr 2013, 3:10am

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