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File 144226755323.jpg - (259.78KB , 1204x903 , 885361c3.jpg )
5668 No. 5668 [Edit]
Recently I spoke with someone about /mai/ and they mentioned the board has become something of a joke in recent days, and of course this was a bit concerning. The issue mainly involves the rise in the more bizarre characters. Besides being unsightly, some leave the validity of their partner's claims to be questionable.
The idea has been bought up about limiting the board to eastern characters only and I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter.
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>> No. 5670 [Edit]
tohno-chan started originally as an otaku/neet culture board, but its transformed to a board for (mostly disturbed) lonely people.
the result is that the site attracts an increasingly disturbed cross section of the internet and these people have a more diverse collection of paraphillia.
so long as these people don't post 3D i don't see what they're doing wrong, but that is why i suggested changing /so/ to /dsm/.
i prefer having more nutty people around, makes me seem sane and healthy by comparison.
>> No. 5671 [Edit]
Depends on how serious they are and what character their 'waifu' is I guess.
>> No. 5674 [Edit]
well changing the board path would be pretty hard since you'd have to move all the content over manually, and the post backlinks would all break. so I can't see that happening.
>> No. 5675 [Edit]
it could be done in a one-line unix command
>> No. 5676 [Edit]
Which characters seem bizarre?

I see people post a western cartoon character once and never return. Besides that the only Western characters I see are from video games, like Mass Effect, Dead Space, and there is also games made in the west that are Eastern influenced like Katawa Shoujo and League of Legends. Though I guess you could kind of debate Katawa Shoujo's origins a bit, but let's not derail into that.

There was the whole stupid mess with the cyclops cartoon guy and his thick headed brony friends but I think that was a case of problem people not characters.

Also I would like to know as well, what about a eastern character with western influence? where would that fall?
>> No. 5678 [Edit]
>the god damn Galactus chick
Well of course that guy is a problem, he's made a stink on other sites as well. Not to mention is underage, 14 the last time I heard. Guess could be 15 now but doesn't matter much. Still underaged and annoying.

The Zerg guy seems to have vanished, I'm not sure if he was serious. I actually thought it seemed interesting but it was without a doubt strange and different.

The Ian Malcolm person is a weird case too, for the most part they never post screencaps from the movie at least, and do seem serious about him, but it is a weird case. I remember at one time there was somebody similar who loved a Harry Potter character but I never saw them after they made a thread about it.

As this is Tohno's website, I'll respect any choice he makes. I'll be sad, as it most likely means I'll have to go myself but I don't want to bring in who my spouse is and make this about us. However I do see where the problem comes from, trolls love to stick some random cartoon character and then vanish and /co/ types from 4chan are pure cancer.

Post edited on 16th Sep 2015, 11:27am
>> No. 5679 [Edit]
I just wish /so/ would be more than a one-way outlet of pent up frustration for suicidal, depressed, bitter, nihilistic, angsty young men. Absolute downerfest. There used to be some interesting threads there. I think. Or maybe I'm just delusional? But that's all besides the point.
>> No. 5680 [Edit]
no, it was never good. its a containments board for r9kunts
>> No. 5681 [Edit]
Bullshit, take a look at /r9k/ today and tell me /so/ is anything like that.
>> No. 5684 [Edit]
File 144251454565.jpg - (26.85KB , 479x338 , if she was real.jpg )
Poster from another waifu community here. Yeah galactus is a troublemaker, not a bad person but does get autistic as fuck and shits all over the discussion. Might be ok in a few years but has some growing up to do.

Having said that, you are going to get people like that. The wider waifu community is filled with all kinds of crappy people, so the bigger your board the more likely you are to come across them. I'd watch your out, in case you get the really nasty people like Rikafag.
>> No. 5685 [Edit]

Why do you want to turn this about people? It is about characters, who could fall in love whit something like a cartoon?!

Videogame characters, I understand
Literary characters, I understand.

But cartoons? They are poorly drawn, ugly and literally retards.
>> No. 5693 [Edit]
I suppose it's true that this sort of thing is to be expected as the site draws in more 'unique' visitors. I'd prefer to avoid being too judgmental when it comes to this stuff but the more unusual the characters get the harder it becomes to tell if they're really serious, and no one wants to see the board get overrun by people who ironically have waifus just as a joke thing. Still, as others have mentioned the ones with unusual waifus/husbandos are at least being respectful in not posting 3dpd. They still seem to come and go for the most part anyway. For instance I haven't noticed that humanoid yellow cat or that lemon head guy around for some time.
There's a few that pop up here and there that are obviously bs which I'm not afraid to delete on the spot, so I guess we'll just continue to keep an eye on the board and take care of problematic posts as they pop up as we've been doing.

I'd guess that some people might be attracted to those characters due to a form of nostalgia. Could be the characters call back found memories of their childhood, watching those characters on screen and such. But yeah if it's something modern I don't really get it.

It's like >>5674 said, for urls it's not as simple as just changing the letters.
>> No. 5696 [Edit]
well nothings set in stone yet, I might have to be a bit stricter on what's allowed there. I'm hearing a lot of bad things about this Galactus person but I haven't really seen them do anything ban worthy as of yet. It's still very tempting to at least ban western cartoon characters, but in looking over the board they're doesn't really seem to be that many of them anyway.

eastern characters with western influence would be okay if we banned western characters.
>> No. 5699 [Edit]
Fair enough. I was just kinda hoping to get a bit more feedback before making any sort of final decision.
I think I'll let this ride for a few more days, let other people chime in with their opinions, then made a clear decision.
>> No. 5703 [Edit]
I'll share my opinion about this. I think an idea to consider would be to create a hidden board for the western waifu people, and possibly a seperate irc channel. Something like that might be the best solution to this issue. I think that banning outright may be a bit extreme, but if that works it works.
>> No. 5705 [Edit]
>if you post anything i don't like i'll delete it and ban you and i'm a moody bitch so don't push your luck

gee wonder why /tc/ is so fucking slow
ppl don't want to take a stab in the dark seeing if their post is allowed of not, its a waste of effort on their part, so insead they don't post or maybe even leave the site entirely.
you should give us a list of posts that we're allowed to make so that we can post without worrying about if you have a stick up your ass today or not.

>> No. 5710 [Edit]
You know, I think that's actually a really great idea. It really would be something of a win win. They get to keep posting and we don't have to see it. only down side would probably be how dead the board would be, but meh.

Any suggestions for a name?
>> No. 5711 [Edit]

I don't think this is a good idea because of how few they are, also if that happened the brinies would still bitch about not being allowed even there, I say that characters from videogames and eastern looking ones should stay as it is and a rule of no cartoons.

They can't discuss cartoons here normally why the hell would they come to this chan to post about their "waifu".
>> No. 5726 [Edit]
/mai/ is a safe zone. Insulting, talking down, or arguing with someone about their waifu is not cool. I don't care how much you hate the character or the where they're from or whatever, be respectful of people's waifus on /mai/ and take it to one of the other boards if you have to.
>> No. 5727 [Edit]
Wait, the board would be for husbandos too?

I'm actually a bit confused already where I would post about my spouse, he is eastern but a big mixture of influences and I've met people who thought he was /co/ before at first glance.
>> No. 5728 [Edit]
He's the only one bothered by husbandos.

Good job pasting that.
>> No. 5729 [Edit]
I wonder if they're gonna disregard their own rule because Nippon waifu love is more pure than love for any other character or being. :^)
>> No. 5730 [Edit]
I feel like there's some discussion I'm missing, is this also being talked about off board? I've never even heard of somebody not liking husbandos on TC before.

Now you stop that, TC's /mai/ is supportive and a good place. I've never gotten bullied here or anything like that. The way you word it too makes it sound like you hate otaku culture, which means you're on the wrong website. the /mai/ board here is still part of TC.
>> No. 5732 [Edit]
>/mai/ is a safe zone. Insulting, talking down, or arguing with someone about their waifu is not cool.
This is /fb/
>> No. 5739 [Edit]
well this sure has turned into something of a mess...
I was strongly considering the separate board idea, but fact is because there's so few of these people in question the board would be dead and it'd be the same thing as just banning them.
After speaking with some people about this I've started to wonder if this is really necessary or even the right thing to do.
As it's been pointed before we've had these types around for years now and they've always been a small minority who usually move on after a while anyway, while the really obviously bs ones we'd delete or ban pretty quickly most of the time. Worst example so far I think was the zerg guy and they already left from the looks of it.
The thing is though the way people love their waifu have always come in all shapes. While the most common would be in the romantic sense there have been those that view their waifu as a companion, a goddess, a hero and so on. For that matter is it really right for us to tell people who they're allowed to love? Most normal would probably look down on us and ridicule us for loving any fictional character, 2d or 3d, eastern or western. I know this site is primarily for eastern interests and many of us here have given up on western media, but I think what we really need to be looking as is not where they come from or what the color of their skin is but rather if the feelings are genuine, and lemme tell you from what I've seen some of these people are down right obsessed. Of course it can be hard to tell if someone's being honest about their feelings for a character, but it's not like people never take up eastern characters ironically. Believe it or not we had one person on /mai/ with something like 15+ waifus and for each one they'd act like that was their one and only true waifu. So really you're just as likely to get trolls on either side so I'm not sure if this should even be an issue of legitimacy. Obviously this is more about aesthetics I think and no one really wanting to see western characters on a primary eastern board. I do have to ask though, If these people never posted images of the characters they like would it still bother you guys? I certainly wouldn't notice anything if they did and heck this could even be a compromise if need be. Still, they're respecting the rules and ways of the site by not posting any 3dpd and I can't help but feel that they deserve a little bit of credit for that if nothing else.
In collusion after giving this a lot of thought I'm thinking it might be best to leave things as is for the most part, but of course if you guys still really truly want to get rid of them then I'll oblige.

oh and yeah furries/bronies can fuck right off one way or the other.
>> No. 5743 [Edit]
TC? pathetic? A place where people love anime characters? Really?
>> No. 5747 [Edit]
File 14430172664.jpg - (134.62KB , 695x685 , 2861394-panty_and_stocking_panty_and_stocking_with.jpg )
So by the logic presented by some of the people here we shouldnt have things that we don't like on the waifu board. So should i start whining to tohno about the one anime i really hate with a passion? I mean we're just picking and choosing things we don't like and there are waifu of this anime.

What about anime that looks western? Are we banning that too? If I find an anime ugly? Can that be banned too? I mean having vague rules because I don't like something is a good idea right? Right?
>> No. 5748 [Edit]

Literally the only anime that looks like that.

Also, the things will stay as they are, check the board.
>> No. 5749 [Edit]
This is tohno-chan. The point of the whole site is to get away from stuff we don't like. Also you're talking about one guy complaining about stuff he doesn't like. If its just one person then they have to deal with it. If its a large percentage of the userbase then it should be dealt with. Thats why Naruto isn't allowed to be talked about here.

Anyway in the post above yours I said it would be ok to have anime-influenced waifus. So Chun Li from street fighter is ok, Korra from that Korra cartoon is ok. Stuff thats not ok is Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony, Scaret Johanson, a car exhaust pipe etc

Post edited on 23rd Sep 2015, 10:34pm
>> No. 5763 [Edit]

>There used to be some interesting threads there. I think. Or maybe I'm just delusional?

You aren't. Check the archive. The problem is people started to overdo it with blog style posting on /so/. It was a classic case of slippery slope - started out as 'well, juuust a little is fine', ended up in /so/'s current state where most people just vent about their lives. In a way I'm happy for them because having a place to vent in is always good but at the same time I can't say it makes a good read.
>> No. 5767 [Edit]
I know this has nothing to do with the thread but that wooden tohno is super cute.
>> No. 5773 [Edit]
I really dislike the exclusion of waifus that are considered furry. Just cause it doesn't come from eastern media doesn't mean it cant be some ones waifu. Saying such would be ridiculous. I understand that some might question the seriousness of some, but can't exceptions be made for those who are serious? Ive only ever been able to find two places for waifuism, and the other place isn't really active.
>> No. 5774 [Edit]
It's not that it can't be someone's waifu, it's just that it can't be posted on our waifu board. Not without being deleted, that is. It really doesn't matter how pure, how honest your love may be.
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