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File 149458169442.jpg - (367.10KB , 1402x1473 , C_BLRYxVwAAbYP7_jpg large.jpg )
6322 No. 6322 [Edit]
Just wondering, how much does it cost to keep the site up for a year tohno?
>> No. 6324 [Edit]
Round about $140 usd give or take.
>> No. 6465 [Edit]
thats a considerable amount. why would you spend all that money and then let /tat/ garbage mar the site's front page?
as the moment the front is like 50% politics argument posts, it detracts substantially from the site's otakuness.
>> No. 6466 [Edit]
It might not be ideal but it helps keep things active around here, gives people more to talk about while here.
I think I see where you're getting at though. You're saying that it removes links to other discussions and topics around the site by pushing them off the front page right?
I can certainly see the logic in that, if that's the case. Although to that, wouldn't people check all the recent posts, or take a look at the boards they're interested in?
If to that you'd recommend hiding the board, that would essentially kill the board as it's been hidden for a pretty long time in fact.
If you'd recommend deleting it, well, why delete one of our more active board with posts people seem to put good thought and effort into?
I think the better solution might be to simply compensate for it and try to get other boards more active in turn... which isn't gonna happen lol.
Maybe leaving a link to it but hiding the posts like we do with /ns/ could work... Good thinking anon! I'll get right on that.
>> No. 6467 [Edit]
My two cents: /tat/ should be for discussions that pertain otakus, hikikomoris and neets... Like analysis and discussions about why the societies shun people from these stereotypes, why they exist, why and how normals can infiltrate it, how to fool people into thinking you're sane, etc.; a place where debates that have no room (or are too sensitive for) in the other boards can take place.

I personally don't mind /tat/ is basically a mini-/pol/, nor that its posts can be seen in the front page's feed... but I think this board not having parameters of topics imho detracts from the overall identity of the site.
>> No. 6468 [Edit]
>discussions that pertain otakus, hikikomoris and neets
That's sort of what /ot/ is for though, and to an extent /so/ as well.
The term is tossed around a lot lately but /tat/ is like a containment board. People find it annoying to see arguing or debating on other boards so we have /tat/ for that.
>> No. 6470 [Edit]
There have been seven posts in /tat/ over the past week. Fucking seven.

If that's enough to flood the front page we seriously do have low userbase problems now, though I cant blame anyone for leaving at this point. I think you're just that same person thats always talking about /pol/ this, /pol/ that and said Tohno frequented /pol/ or some shit.
>> No. 6473 [Edit]
>and said Tohno frequented /pol/ or some shit.
I don't think I've ever posted on that board, I 'might' have skimmed it over once or twice out of curiosity though, but I don't remember too well.
>> No. 6539 [Edit]
Yeah, fuck that cunt. I''ve noticed him as well, and he's making Tohno change the site to suit his own personal liking.
>> No. 6540 [Edit]
There's been a lot of that going around. Pretty tired of it honestly. Tired of all this shit...
>> No. 6542 [Edit]
It seems liek random pictures are disappearing, such as the last one in the colouring thread on /mai/
>> No. 6543 [Edit]
I haven't really noticed that. they all seem to be okay last I looked.

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