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File 151034763033.jpg - (153.15KB , 1200x741 , Marooned_(close_up).jpg )
6618 No. 6618 [Edit]
Is talking about piracy (stealing stuff on the internet, also robbery on the high seas) forbidden?
Some posts on /vg/ were removed and I assumed it was for straying too far from a thread's topic but then I made a vaguely related funpost on /lol/ which also appears to be gone now.
I don't see anything about it in rules. Against US law maybe? But then there appears to be copyrighted stuff on /ddl/.
Please clarify.
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>> No. 6619 [Edit]
Maybe this?
>Ex.07) Meta-posts and complaining about the community's views/opinions outside of /fb/.
>- If you've got a problem with TC or it's userbase, take it to /fb/. That's what /fb/ is for.
>> No. 6620 [Edit]
File 151035069885.jpg - (1.53MB , 1080x1500 , 1494177040215.jpg )
If there's copyrighted material on /fb/, please report it. I don't have time to individually check each item there.

Piracy is against the rules due to violating US law.

Edit: I should clarify. Discussions of piracy is OK, but suggesting that users break the law (ie pirate copyrighted materials) is not OK, and providing links to pirated materials is not OK either.

Post edited on 10th Nov 2017, 2:20pm
>> No. 6621 [Edit]
This could be it. Rule of thumb is: Could this give Tohno extra work? If the answer is "yes" then don't do it.
>But then there appears to be copyrighted stuff on /ddl/.
Indeed, and that board is getting a hard look over the next few days.
>> No. 6622 [Edit]
I don't mind it as someone who sails the seas myself from time to time. I can't say the same for our mods however. That said It's one thing to take part in that stuff one's self, it's another to get a website involved in it. So while it's annoying as fug browsing sites where staff are anal about piracy and delete links to just about everything, I reluctantly understand why it's done. I don't believe there's any law saying you can't talk about piracy, but linking to or posting things that are copy written is unfortunately something we can't allow and yeah is covered under that US law rule.

Like >>6621 said I've been considering axing /ddl/ for a bit now. The board seems to only be used by 1-2 people who upload PDFs of books and as far as I can guess they don't seem to use the rest of the site much if at all. I've gotten a few CDs about content on that board over the years too. Usually I'd delete whatever file I get messaged about on the spot, but since no one uses the board for weeb shit it felt pointless to keep it and risk more problems. I was however convinced to just purge the books instead of the board. So I figure we'll give those guys till the end of the month to gather there stuff and find somewhere else to host it.

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