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File 137884798069.png - (6.95KB , 452x102 , godtext.png )
4334 No. 4334 [Edit]
can you unsticky the banner thread here?
nobody uses it anymore so its just a waste of space.
if anyone wants to post a new banner the thread will go back to where it belongs at the top of the page, but nobody has posted there for over three months
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>> No. 4335 [Edit]
I believe it was original made a sticky so that the first thing when visiting this board that you would see is something pleasant, rather than people bickering and fighting as a former mod put it.
>> No. 4337 [Edit]
all i see is an unchanging, boring reminder of the ever decreasing activity rate and community spirit on tohno-chan.
>> No. 4340 [Edit]
I don't think there being less users is necessarily a bad thing.
>> No. 4343 [Edit]
a large fraction of the responsibility for the decreasing activity rate here can be given to the guy who spams /an/ with shitty threads for every new show. he just goes to MAL and gets the pic for every show in the new season and put the name of the show in the title field and makes a thread without even having seen the first ep. there is no commentary to react to and nobody wants to post in a shitty boring thread like that, but you can't make a real thread for the shows your watching because it will just get deleted so there results in very little posting on /an/ which used to be the most active board on this site other than /b/.
>> No. 4344 [Edit]
>there is no commentary to react to and nobody wants to post in a shitty boring thread like that,

these are threads we have to see over and over again for a quarter of a year. it beats unsightly shit like screen caps of little girls with faces covered in semen or images that aren't even related to the anime at all (looking at you eye my me strawberry eggs guy) or again spending a quarter of a year seeing some idiots stupid opinion I couldn't care less about headlined. then you have the asshats who don't even leave the tittle of the show anywhere.
What we need are offical images with easy to see titles and none biased opening posts. we're not here to suck off op's dick and talk about his opinion or commentary we're there to talk about the show itself. it wont matter how a person makes a thread if the anime is shit, no one will want to talk about it all the same.

in case you wanted to compare
none biased thread with offical image (MAL doesn't draw/own those images you know)

/b/ style thread with some guy's commentary, with less posts.

heres another huge thread with some guy's commentary eveyone is responding too

and another 'boring' thread

another boring 'mal' photo thread. just look how tiny it is
>> No. 4345 [Edit]
almost forgot this thread;

becuase fuck using images related to the anime or even anime at all for that matter! just post some 3dpd and you'll get a real winner of a thread right?
>> No. 4346 [Edit]
File 137931479765.jpg - (57.76KB , 464x442 , 168519_Furry_Desu_3_JPG.jpg )
is your thread?

nice thread starting job!
>> No. 4347 [Edit]

Threads like that have been made countless times in the past and it never seemed to stop people from posting so I fail to see your point.
If you want to throw something out there so that people will have something to respond to simply create a 'blank' thread and post your opinion in your second post.
Also if someone actually took his time to create threads for anime he doesn't even plan to watch he's done a good job - I'm pretty confident people are more likely to post in a thread that's already there than to start one by themselves.
And if the thread doesn't go anywhere? Dumping the fault on OP seems like a fun thing to do but in all honesty I'm pretty sure even you realize that said threads don't get replies not because of 'blank' OPs but because there's simply no interest in the show.
>> No. 4348 [Edit]
Here's another blank and boring thread with no OP comment that no one wants to post in.
>> No. 4350 [Edit]

The fact that you have to cherry pick to make you point pretty much proves that you suck.
Do us all a favor and don't shitpost so much next season. Instead, try to put some effort into making good threads instead of drowning /an/ in your egotistical desire to see MY THREAD five times on the front page every day.
>> No. 4351 [Edit]

Please don't use plural ('us') when you're talking about yourself, thanks in advance.
>> No. 4352 [Edit]
cherry pick? practically every anime specific thread on the first two pages of the board has more posts when the OP uses offical images leaves a non biased post and makes the tittle of the show clear to see. Thats not cherry picking, those are examples proving your argument is flawed. if what you claim was true there shouldn't be any dead 4chan's /a/ style threads. properly created threads should not be larger than any 4chan's /a/ style threads.

The fact of the matter is it depends on the show itself more than anything. if the anime is shit no one is going to want to talk about it. but it doesn't help when people can't find the thread for it. When people use unrelated images and don't bother to include the tittle of the anime anywhere in the OP post they're making it harder to find the thread. few people will search every page of the board looking for their thread, and if they do they might run right past it if it's not clearly indicated. When a person sees a thread with some random anime screen cap and the OPs commentary with nothing in the subject field they may just assume it's yet another miscellaneous thread. Besides, when a thread is going to be -THE- thread for an anime it should be properly made and as I stated before those threads are there for the anime, not to stroke OP's ego. making threads like this is just stupid and should be deleted in place of a proper thread. Seriously, how hard is it to use a image related to the anime the thread is for? enough with the I My Me Strawberry Eggs already.

You clearly didn't bother to check your facts before talking out your ass and making a fool of yourself, you're just projecting your personal feelings and ignoring the truth. stop being a little bitch and just admit you're wrong or drop it already.
and just in case it wasn't clear enough here are all the anime specific threads on the first two pages of /an/ in their current order:

page 0
properly created thread: 58 posts and 26 images omitted.
properly created thread: 121 posts and 33 images omitted.
(relatively)properly created thread: 30 posts and 12 images omitted.
random screen cap with op commentary: 16 posts and 7 images omitted.
random screen cap with op commentary: 38 posts and 28 images omitted.
properly created thread: 7 posts and 4 images omitted.
properly created thread: 13 posts and 4 images omitted.
properly created thread: 30 posts and 14 images omitted.

page 1
random screen cap with op commentary: 44 posts and 24 images omitted
random screen cap with op commentary: 2 posts and 2 images omitted.
properly created thread: 64 posts and 42 images omitted.
random screen cap with op commentary: 18 posts and 11 images omitted.
random screen cap with op commentary: 2 posts and 2 images omitted.
properly created thread: 157 posts and 117 images omitted.

/an/ page 0
properly created threads had 259 posts
random cap & op commentary threads had 54 posts

/an/ page 1
properly created threads had 221 posts
random cap & commentary threads had 66 posts
>> No. 4353 [Edit]
>every anime specific thread on the first two pages of the board has more posts

Thats cherry picking
Of course the popular ones are on the first few pages and the less popular ones aren't

>please don't drown /an/ in your egotistical desire to see MY THREAD five times on the front page
Just lurk year or two until you learn how to make valid, interesting posts or go back to some site where one spammer can't suffocate the rest of the users
>> No. 4354 [Edit]
I decided to check out Strawberry Eggs cause this thread made it seem kind of controversial and its fucking epic. Easily one of my all time favorites
>> No. 4355 [Edit]
So how about you provide something to try and back up your own idiotic argument? or do you plan on doing nothing more than talking out your ass like a stupid little bitch?

If you want stupid /a/ style threads, go to /a/. This isn't the place for that garbage and that's all there is too it.
>> No. 4356 [Edit]
File 137989621146.jpg - (115.33KB , 1280x720 , Chihayafuru%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2004.jpg )
>all there is too it

i'm pretty sure there are 3 Ls in "all"
>> No. 4357 [Edit]
oh, well when you put it that way I can see I was clearly wrong. You can't see it but I'm applauding your breathtaking argument. It was simply magnificent. please do continue to create more exciting shitposting threads. As you so eloquently put it we clearly need more of them desperately.
>> No. 4358 [Edit]

>Just lurk year or two until you learn how to make valid, interesting posts or go back to some site where one spammer can't suffocate the rest of the users

Oh wow, the irony.
>> No. 4359 [Edit]
you mean because this site doesn't have interesting posts anymore?
>> No. 4361 [Edit]

No, it's ironic coming from you since you're pretty much the biggest 'funposter' we have at the moment, it's extremely easy to tell you apart for a number of reasons.
>> No. 4365 [Edit]
>enough with the I My Me Strawberry Eggs

what the fuck?
I My Me Strawberry Eggs is anime
this is tohno-chan
if you don't like anime than maybe you're in the wrong place.
not only that, but I My Me Strawberry Eggs is particularly good anime, you probably never even watched it because you were too busy making metathreads complaining about people post about anime too much.

maybe you should find some other website to look at that don't have as much of a Japanese 2D theme
>> No. 4371 [Edit]
I've seen it, you're just a idiot.
>> No. 4420 [Edit]
Whelp there you go. I decided to stop making those threads for this season becuase of this thread and what happens? You just end up with a lot of shows that have no threads and get 0 posts becuase of it. oh yeah those boring 'spam' threads were really killing /an/ weren't they? good thing we have /a/ style threads now to bring more life to the board! after all I was dying to know if anime really is more mature than American cartoons or whatever the fuck that PSG thread is about (being as it's the most active thread so far this season).

Now then, I'm gonna go back to making those types of threads you call "spam" becuase clearly few others are making threads and the shows wont get talked about -at all- other wise. If you don't like it fuck off back to 4chan, or better yet just try and stop me.
>> No. 4421 [Edit]
That P&S thread really is shit. Don't worry about it, people just really enjoy arguing on the internet and acting like retards for their own amusement. A lot of people on this site are apathetic or just don't bother to say anything, but more people want /an/ to be a better place than you think.

Post edited on 27th Oct 2013, 1:42pm
>> No. 4422 [Edit]
whatever you say kuru
>> No. 4432 [Edit]
I'm obviously Bromura, dude.
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