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File 147917118831.png - (17.52KB , 640x528 , le-logo-standard.png )
6157 No. 6157 [Edit]
Hi there. New to the chan.
I'm concerned with the lack of SSL - Security is very important to me.

Would the administrator mind getting an SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt or similar?
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>> No. 6158 [Edit]
We don't have user accounts, other than for moderators. What would be the point?
>> No. 6159 [Edit]
Sorry for the late reply.

In general, the concerns that i have are:
A MITM attacker could easily see the images and content posted. An ISP could too.

Oh, and in a few months Chrome is going to be spitting out an "insecure" warning for all HTTP sites. I don't really care about that (as i use Pale Moon) but i could easily see the concern if you're an administrator.

All content over HTTP is clear, and some countries have ridiculous laws regarding content! The ISPs in those countries could be MITMing those connections.
>> No. 6160 [Edit]
Dude, this site runs on kusaba. It uses md5 as if it were a cryptographic hash, homebrew security everywhere and has more XSS exploits than moonrunes in the jap alphabet. MITM attacks are the least thing you should worry about if you're security/privacy minded.
>> No. 6208 [Edit]
I just went ahead with Let's Encrypt and also set us up with cloudflare. Hopefully this should help with our bot/spam issue.
>> No. 6212 [Edit]
File 148539451476.png - (332.93KB , 1424x928 , Untitled.png )
Somehow I don't think the board software likes SSL much. CSS isn't working and the site links are still HTTP.
>> No. 6213 [Edit]
well fug...
Mind if I ask what browser you're using? I haven't had that issue with chrome/firefox
>> No. 6214 [Edit]
I'm also not getting it on IE
>> No. 6241 [Edit]
Same issue, and on firefox.
>> No. 6242 [Edit]
File 148892954830.jpg - (113.22KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Rilu Rilu Fairilu - Yousei no Door .jpg )
Sorry to hear that, although I haven't heard of anyone else having problems like that using firefox. You aren't using script/ad blockers are you? I once had something like that happen to me after accidentally adblocking the background image. Do you get that problem with different themes?

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