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File 138298841244.jpg - (243.56KB , 1024x768 , best anime.jpg )
4424 No. 4424 [Edit]
In honor of the fact that this is by far the worst season of anime in recorded history, could you lock /an/ until January 1, 2014?

Thank you for your consideration.
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>> No. 4425 [Edit]
Hey at least this season has Non non.
>> No. 4427 [Edit]
File 138300519387.png - (335.52KB , 854x480 , http%3A%2F%2Fimagescale_tumblr_com%2Fimage%2F1280%.png )
Sometimes I want to lock down the entire site for a week...

But not because of this season.

Also slag off
>> No. 4431 [Edit]
This, non non is da shit, yo.
>> No. 4435 [Edit]
Not even the worst season this year.
>> No. 4436 [Edit]
How about no? I'm using it.
It is not just your board.
>> No. 4452 [Edit]
Funny since I think this is the best season of any year since 2006-2007 that had back to back good seasons.
You were probably in diapers then though, kid.
>> No. 4453 [Edit]

Ok, you're pushing it way too hard right now, comparing this season to the goldmine that was 2006-2008 is a blasphemy.

It's not a good season but I've seen worse. I've seen worse this year. It's kinda average really.
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