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No. 4704 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
how come i can't make AA using the banner command?
also protruding pecker
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>> No. 4786 [Edit]
somehow I knew when I was going over the -massive- reports list that I was going to piss someone off no matter what I deleted.
>> No. 4788 [Edit]
>the -massive- reports list
I've always made the assumption that brohnos are report-happy. Don't worry about it, if it's mod-san I won't mind if you delete my posts/images.
>> No. 4790 [Edit]
It was a hentai anime screencap of a shota dick, to be more specific. A better question is why did you wait 4 months to start trolling about it?
>> No. 4791 [Edit]
mod again here, thought the guy was talking about a post on /an/.

No. 4776 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
we should have board dedicated to 2d bros, which i call ani-m8s
>> No. 4802 [Edit]

File 138196003216.jpg - (130.43KB , 966x637 , yui.jpg )
4406 No. 4406 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you feel comfortable letting the Wayback machine and Google crawl TC?
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>> No. 4753 [Edit]
>and social estrangement

people who are concerned with 3d shit don't belong here
if you're really upset you can't hang out with the cool kids in your high school go to a different website plz
>> No. 4754 [Edit]

If you can even spell 'please' properly you should seriously consider ending your life right now.
>> No. 4755 [Edit]
google 'estrangement' and rethink your post, please.
>> No. 4756 [Edit]
k, removed the last three there. might take some time to show.

File 139419345958.jpg - (106.76KB , 850x601 , 1377551708191.jpg )
4710 No. 4710 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I;m sure most of you have noticed, activity on tc has started to plateau wihtout neccesarily the increase in quality that lower post rate tends to bring.

I am thinking we need to breathe some fresh air into this site. Bring in some new users and overhaul some of the rules and attitudes we have here. We should not be afraid of change.

Maybe we can do some low-key advertising for this site, specifically targeted towards the more serious otaku type people. For instance, Tohno used to link to tohno-chan by putting the link in his email while posting on the Ghostboard. So something along that line. Nothing too obnoxious though because that tends to incite annoyance and possible 'raids'.
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>> No. 4718 [Edit]
I rather stay (and fall) with 5 guys in a place I can agree this much with, than tolerating a repulsive crowd.

I have nothing against more fair people coming here, and you can advertise alright; but, unless most of the current users want it and Tohno approves (it's his site, after all), I do not see why loosening the rules that give this place its specificity and make it a sort of sanctuary for many of us; I mean: I do not see why make this a /jp/ or /a/ clone (they're already there, so why bother).
>> No. 4720 [Edit]
I completely agree with post above.

Post edited on 10th Mar 2014, 11:37am
>> No. 4728 [Edit]
why does the best masturbation material get posted in the meta board?
>> No. 4731 [Edit]
Because the only type of people who would want to post on a board like /ns/ are people with shitty tastes.

File 139440965673.jpg - (184.23KB , 800x1000 , mongooli%20kissa.jpg )
4716 No. 4716 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Hi, could you delete this thread off of /an/ please.
I started the thread a long time ago, but I dropped the show and so I don't want to look at the thread any more, but my password no longer matches so I can't delete it myself.
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>> No. 4724 [Edit]
I didn't believe it before but now I'm convinced the I my me strawberry guy is a troll.
>> No. 4725 [Edit]
>furthermore, there is already another thread for that particular shitty show and nobody seems to care much about either thread, so deleting at least one of them makes sense to me.

I didn't realize a thread existed, as your named it with the english abbr., when I made the other thread.
As your thread both has more replies AND the earlier creation date, it should have priority over the other thread in terms of which gets to stay on the board. Delete the one I made instead.

Also, just because you dropped it doesn't mean other people didn't, and those other people might enjoy adding to the thread. Even if it's just me talking to myself with an occasional sage reply from somebody else. It'll get moved off the board and into the archive once it falls off of the 21st page, page 20, just like Tohno intended. All in good time, my friend.
>> No. 4726 [Edit]

You know, I wanted to start this post with 'no offense meant' but after thinking about it for a second I don't even care if you get offended so here goes.
You are incredibly dense.
>> No. 4727 [Edit]
File 139474004768.gif - (961B , 18x18 , sticky.gif )
omg srsly wtf

File 138769996938.jpg - (412.44KB , 749x1000 , 35484630_p0.jpg )
4669 No. 4669 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I can't seem to post on /mai/ (I get redirected to frontpage). Not sure if I was banned for questioning some things or if that board is glitched in general as no one has posted there for a while...

Post edited on 22nd Dec 2013, 12:13am
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>> No. 4699 [Edit]

the rules page says nothing about that being a bannable offense, let alone against the rules.
>> No. 4700 [Edit]
Pretty sure trolling is on there.
>> No. 4703 [Edit]
Oops misread that. Idk if I'm allowed back on the thread, I'll try uploading some time and bring it up later.

Post edited on 23rd Jan 2014, 5:41pm
>> No. 4707 [Edit]
OP please let me use this thread to remind you that you really shouldn't be posting pics of yourself on an Anonymous imageboard, furthermore on /mai/ where 3D people pics of any kind are highly discouraged.

File 138645094793.png - (196.68KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2013-11-13-23h57m59s22.png )
4592 No. 4592 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you feel about the quality of anime discussion on Tohno-Chan?
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4647 [Edit]
People don't come to tohno chan to discuss media because it is slow. However this is one of the few places where they can discuss more general topics with like minded people, hence why /so/, /mai/ and /ot/ get more posts. Those boards are not getting more posts because popele are normals.
>> No. 4649 [Edit]

>People don't come to tohno chan to discuss media because it is slow.

/an/ and - to an extent - /vg/ are what made me browse the site in the first place, though. I literally came only for those. I don't have a waifu and I hate blogs. /ot/ is a necessary evil but I usually avoid it.
There are no other places where I could actually discuss anime. MAL is an absolute nausea incuding nightmare and - as unlikely as it sounds - 4chan is actually much worse.

I think that's a really broad generalization overall.
>> No. 4701 [Edit]
Perceptive and accurate statement.
>> No. 4702 [Edit]
I usually only look at the pictures.

File 138817832614.png - (5.40KB , 379x108 , 1.png )
4676 No. 4676 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How come the Japanese board not displayed in the site's homepage?

Also, the "Anonymous" written in said board is definitely a typo; it should be like in pic.
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4689 [Edit]

>learning Japanese/ typing in Japanese is "weeaboo shit"?

Depends on your definition.
>> No. 4690 [Edit]
While I understand that definition pertaining to dubs, know-it-all translator notes discussions or walking around the goddamn Prudential centre in downtown Boston in a goddamn costume what the fuck are you doing, I don't think honest language learning and practice fall into that category. I mean if you're going to define that as weeabooism and still be on this site you may as well take a trip down a boiling river on a raft made of ice.
>> No. 4691 [Edit]
whatever you say, ken-sama
>> No. 4693 [Edit]

If you picked it up to have better access to the glorious Nihonjin masterrace culture it's a sign of being a weeaboo. Claiming Japanese is a wonderful language that baka gaijin don't derserve to speak because they wouldn't understand it's beauty falls under the same category. There's nothing weeaboo about learning the language itself but when somebody on a site like /tc/ does it saying it's weeaboo is an educated guess.

Not like I have a problem with weeaboos in the first place.

File 13865592884.jpg - (837.29KB , 1281x720 , 39706922.jpg )
4600 No. 4600 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Am I the only one that is seriously tired of all the gender discussion here? (Specifically transgender shit and feminism/misogyny/whatever) Could we just not talk about it? There are other websites and chans that discuss this stuff. I dislike seeing it here. Looking at it only serves to piss me off because I know it's going to cause arguments and white-knighting, and the gender shit is usually derailing a thread instead of being a new one that I can hide easily. At least people aren't falling for the bait as readily as in the past but it's still annoying.

I wish there was a rule banning it but I also understand it's probably a selfish wish and won't happen. Whatever. I just wanted my frustration known.
31 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4665 [Edit]
Its pretty plausible if youve seen what ive seen on IRC.

>> No. 4666 [Edit]
As someone else stated in the other thread, most people on IRC don't even browse the site.
>> No. 4667 [Edit]
So do you like the 'cuteposting'? If the answer is no, then it should be deleted.
>> No. 4668 [Edit]
I'm not sure where you'd even get the idea that I do. I'm just saying that IRC is a terrible example to gauge the actual site by.

Where exactly is all this 'cuteposting' that isn't being deleted though?

File 138652493273.png - (484.95KB , 640x480 , Love_Hina_Again_Intro_6.png )
4595 No. 4595 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Why is there always some guy who is like "Oh look, its Shinden again' every time Shinden makes a thread? I see nothing wrong with his threads. Such a random pointless jab at another user like that is a lot more annoying than the threads he makes.
23 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4656 [Edit]

>I don't much like the idea of adding on mods who would nuke half the site.

Well, if you like this kind of traffic then that's your call to make. Your site, your rules. I really shouldn't outright state it but I don't give a fuck any more - as for me, I just hope this slippery slope will never end.

As for un_freed I'm absolutely, unquestionably, wthout a doubt, 100% positive that he was by far the worst operator in the history of the channel. He was 4chan mods personified - 'lol, enjoy your ban xD'. He didn't give a fuck about any rules or laws because he believed himself to be the law.
I don't know how it affected what happened on the site but I can imagine his influence was barely noticeable. 3/4ths of people on IRC openly admit they don't even browse the site.


If you would read just this thread alone you'd have no problem figuring out that it's not just me, although I might be too vocal about this.
>> No. 4657 [Edit]
I got the feeling there were just two people complaining about shinden, although its hard to tell when everyone is on anonymous.

Honestly just calm down, if the majority ofpeople on this site find him okay then he cannot be as bad as you make it out to be.
>> No. 4661 [Edit]
I suppose you're right about un_freed. I forgot he had something of a bully complex and overreacted about a lot of things.
>> No. 4685 [Edit]
I should have never let un_freed get under my skin. I became a bit crazed and ruined a lot of my close relationships.

File 138114125525.jpg - (213.87KB , 600x580 , 1380847699744.jpg )
4375 No. 4375 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I noticed post rate on tc has been declining for the past few months with no corresponding increasing in quality, although posts on the media related boards seem to comprise a larger proportion of the posts these days over /ot/ and /so/. Here are reasons why I think this might be the case, from what I think is most significant to least:

- People too scared to post lest everyone tear them a new asshole because they think they are Ford Drivers: I noticed this because people sometimes add disclaimers to their posts like 'I'm not a Ford Driver, but.."

- Running out of topics: especially on /mai/, the survey threads are starting to become more and more obscure and ridiculous

- Shitposting: people see posts they don't like not being deleted, so they become disillusioned with the site and leave.

- Snowball effect: less posts mean people visit less, which leads to less posts

- People growing used to tc and finding it boring

- People going to other chan sites
16 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4553 [Edit]
This. I'm all for it.
>> No. 4558 [Edit]
I normally wouldn't do it either, but I figure anything would help at this point.

Thanks, I'll get on this sometime in the next few days. Sorry for taking so long, I figure if I'm going to bump a lot of stuff, my posts should actually have substance to them.
>> No. 4658 [Edit]
I noticed post rate has been picking up recently. Keep up the good work
>> No. 4672 [Edit]

Yup, the post rate on /an/ seems to be on the rise lately, that's great news. We're now one step closer to becoming /ota/, ganbatte /tc/!

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