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File 151050128772.jpg - (88.58KB , 1023x760 , 1447472985850.jpg )
6623 No. 6623 [Edit]
Should the 'no 3D' rule really apply on /tat/?
Can't be '/pol/ with more /tat/' if we can't post photographs of Poles or Tatars.
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>> No. 6624 [Edit]
File 151050509562.jpg - (108.34KB , 900x476 , 149967193041.jpg )
Yes, it should. If you want 3DPD go on 4chan pol or facebook or something.
>> No. 6626 [Edit]
I see your point and can understand how it might be frustrating or challenging to talk about political issues without posting images related to those things. Example off the top of my head being those infamous photos that keep getting smuggled out of north korea. But like >>6624 said there are better places for that sort of thing. yes I know I know we had that board for idols, but that was because it was semi related to otaku culture and they had no where else to go. Jokes about putin being a closet weeb aside politics have nothing to do with with weeb culture/media and unlike that idol board there actually are other places for this.
tldr; yes.
>> No. 6627 [Edit]
Did you ask yourself why I might have asked this question to begin with? I know 4chan exists, and I'm not there, you can figure out the rest.

There are other places but I'm not that interested enough to visit one whole site just to post for one topic, and 4chan is way too crowded.
I just wanted to post tacticool shit. Speaking of, does this count as otaku?
>> No. 6628 [Edit]
I'd say yes, but it also counts as 3DPD. I don't get why it's hard to understand the rule. If it has a visible human in the picture, don't post it.
>Can't be '/pol/ with more /tat/'
I think that line should go precisely for that reason.
>> No. 6629 [Edit]
File 151058776917.jpg - (187.98KB , 612x792 , 1453775960999.jpg )
>Did you ask yourself why I might have asked this question to begin with?

No, I did not. Please explain why you have asked the question.

>you can figure out the rest.
Sorry, I am not psychic.
>> No. 6630 [Edit]
>I don't get why it's hard to understand the rule.
No, I understand the words, I just don't see why it should apply to /tat/. Like, just try and give me a reason (saying to just go somewhere else isn't an explanation for the rule).

Well, I already said it; 4chan is a hot mess.
>> No. 6631 [Edit]
File 151076001313.jpg - (228.68KB , 579x790 , 14882388253.jpg )
If you can't have a discussion without posting 3DPD images, aren't you part of the hot mess?
>> No. 6632 [Edit]
Who said I couldn't?
/tat/ doesn't show up in the feed so, really, it shouldn't be an issue.
>> No. 6633 [Edit]
Where does it say that rules don't apply on hidden boards?
>> No. 6634 [Edit]
Pretty much what >>6631 wrote. If you need memes to convey or support and argument, you should stay in another site's /pol/. You never ever need to start a discussion with a picture. If it's so necessary, you can link it in the text itself.
>> No. 6635 [Edit]
It's certainly true you'd be likely to get very different feedback depending where you go... and that feedback would likely be shit on 4chan. Still, I'm not fond of the idea of 3D being posted on TC all the same.

eh, It's true it doesn't, but eh.. some of us would still have to see the stuff. Maybe it's a bit selfish of me but I rather not have to look at political imagery while watching the TC recent posts...
>> No. 6636 [Edit]
>you can link it in the text itself.
Linking to 3DPD is against the rules.
>You never ever need to start a discussion with a picture
Ever heard of photo-journalism?

Well, it's your site and you're the boss.
>> No. 6637 [Edit]
if the /pol/ crowd had any decency they wouldn't be posting unwanted content on a site that isn't focused around their interests. trying to limit them to a separate board was a very polite response to their attempts at immigrating to tc and they should be thankful for that rather than whining about having the site's rules to be changed for them. they frequently violate the boundaries of their board and post /pol/ shit outside it, its not as if they're earning favors by good behavior.
any admin that wasn't extremely benevolent to the point of being a pushover would respond to this thread by posting something like "if you don't like the special board i made for then you maybe you should go somewhere else" or "i didn't realize that board wasn't up to snuff, i'll just go ahead and solve the problem by closing it"
>> No. 6639 [Edit]
I'd think there's a vast difference between posting a picture of someone with your post and an hyperlink with a news article or analysis that includes 3D people. You can always add something like "Warning: 3DPD - Open at your own risk" or so
>Ever heard of photo-journalism?
Which is practically never applicable to a discussion?
>any admin that wasn't extremely benevolent
No need to alienate user just for the sake of being stern. Being diplomatic without being crude it's ideal for anyone in any management position until the drastic measures need to be taken, which is not the case at this moment.
>> No. 6640 [Edit]
wait pol tried to immigrate to tc? when?
>> No. 6641 [Edit]
When people started having different opinions to the lefty cunt.
He thinks everybody that disagrees with him is from /pol/, just look through the site a little and you'll see.

>Rule: 04) Posting or linking to 3D (real) pornography, Guro, or pictures of 3D (real) people.
>Where does it say that rules don't apply on hidden boards?
>> No. 6642 [Edit]
Go to /tat/ and read the sentence below the sub-board's name.
Yes, but there is some leeway in the sentence. It says not to post or link to 3D pornography nor pictures of 3D (real) people. It doesn't say that you can't link to on-topic articles or entries that happen to contain a 3D picture. There are dozens of links across the board where this happens, and nobody has been banned by it.
>lefty cunt
There's is definitely a /pol/ crowd posting here and there, and while I agree the commie is a bit of a drama queen, that doesn't mean they're 100% wrong. You can notice this in /vg/, /tat/, /ot/, /so/ and obviously /ddl/. But anyway, >>6637 is right in the notion that it's entitled to want to warp rules just so someone can post their meme-of-the-week with baiting topic, because once more, there is practically never a need to include a picture to spark a serious discussion that is unrelated to a specific piece of media (e.g. a manga / anime series).

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