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File 147319249268.jpg - (136.83KB , 1032x774 , I%2Blike%2Byou%2Bfriends%2B_4362b011e2fff008ebd55c.jpg )
6112 No. 6112 [Edit]
Greetings tohno-chan staff just making a thread to tell you that i love your website and that you are doing a great job unlike a certain chan site that shall not be named you are doing great work to keep this community nice clean and you are keeping the normalfags out who come from god knows where i appreciate that very much keep up the good work i look forward to seeing more great things happen here in the future.
>> No. 6113 [Edit]
Thank you, we do try.
>> No. 6114 [Edit]
Most other chan sites are crap glad i found this one.
>> No. 6115 [Edit]
Mind if I ask how you came across us? I'm always a bit curious how people hear about this place.
>> No. 6116 [Edit]
There is a blog site called Allchans that basically archives almost every chan site ever created i like to look around on there sometimes i found this site on there. -
>> No. 6123 [Edit]
After all these years, this is still the best chan, by far. I only hope you make sure to keep out all the normalfags that ruined all the others while at the same time building up traffic. Oh and accommodate users who use what I use. You should know.

By the way, I love the features here. Bold and italic on demand as well as Noko and Sage actually working here as well as video embed but most importantly the file URL image upload. This is the best feature, by far.

I just wish you made niconico the default instead of jewtube to keep out normalfags.
>> No. 6537 [Edit]
Couldn't agree more.
>> No. 6545 [Edit]

Also a ban on ALL western animated media would be better rather than just a "recommendation" to not post it.
>> No. 6546 [Edit]
What about videogames that are made by western companies, other types of content that are fan works of anime or Japanese media like Touhou, music, etc.?
>> No. 6547 [Edit]

Western videogames should not be a problem in my opinion since they want to be as realistic as possible, but they re not well seen neither.
>> No. 6549 [Edit]
I'm happy I have TC in my life.
>> No. 6551 [Edit]

Me too
>> No. 6615 [Edit]
People say stuff like this but then never stick around long...
>> No. 6617 [Edit]
Like how only the worst sorts frequent prison.

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