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File 132263706820.jpg - (77.21KB , 733x285 , uhh.jpg )
1751 No. 1751 [Edit]
Uh... call me the stupidest ever, but didn't we forget about something, say, about a month ago?
>> No. 1752 [Edit]
When you're a neet, dates become irrelevant, and it's easy to forget what day it is, or if it's even day out in many cases.

Kind of sucks about, forgetting about that..
maybe we'll get it right next year?
>> No. 1753 [Edit]
Wow I can't believe I've been here for about two years.
>> No. 1754 [Edit]
I've been here for a little over one. Feels longer than that
>> No. 1756 [Edit]
That does suck that we forgot, though I'm the type to not give a shit about birthdays, especially my own.
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