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File 151155472022.gif - (181.84KB , 226x224 , 1488971800821.gif )
6668 No. 6668 [Edit]
why was my post about waifuism having nothing to do with taste deleted?
>> No. 6669 [Edit]
On which board was it, and how long ago was it deleted?
>> No. 6670 [Edit]
/mai/, in the "list off who is who's waifu." thread. i posted it at like 5 AM today and it was gone when i woke up.

Post edited on 24th Nov 2017, 12:43pm
>> No. 6671 [Edit]
Probably the /mai/ rule.
>> No. 6672 [Edit]
no posts have been deleted from /mai/ within the last week. maybe you forgot to hit the "reply" button?
>> No. 6682 [Edit]

cite the entire post the best way you can recall here.
>> No. 6683 [Edit]
That is possible, I was very sleepy.
the most recent post in the claim your waifu thread says "good taste."
and i got really angry and told him just about this "waifuism has nothing to do with taste, normie poser. true love for a character isn't something you develop a taste for like a genre of music or something. you either love or you don't."
>> No. 6684 [Edit]

You have to develop taste for anime though, normal people may recognize they are attractive compared to something like cartoons for example but will never fall in love with them like they do with real women, also insulting is forbidden on may in general.
>> No. 6688 [Edit]
so in order to have a waifu you have to not only like anime but have good taste in it? you are dumb

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