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File 137671371773.jpg - (48.92KB , 515x800 , FIG-MOE-2427_02.jpg )
4271 No. 4271 [Edit]
Is figurecumming allowed in /fig/?
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>> No. 4272 [Edit]
I dunno, I find it kinda gross but I don't know if most people around here would agree with me on that.
>> No. 4273 [Edit]
I'm indifferent to it, but I feel like it might fit better in /ns/.
>> No. 4274 [Edit]
This, lewd material goes on /ns/.
>> No. 4275 [Edit]
>> No. 4276 [Edit]
how are we just having this discussion now after TC has been around for years?
moot covered this issue in the sticky of his fig board one day one.

i have a vibrating nagato nendroid up my butt as i'm posting this post, btw.
>> No. 4277 [Edit]
uploading pictures of figurines covered in semen and uploading pictures of your private parts isn't the same.
>> No. 4279 [Edit]

>how are we just having this discussion now after TC has been around for years?
>moot covered this issue in the sticky of his fig board one day one.

The more you think about it the better you'll feel about the fact that we never even had to think about it.
>> No. 4280 [Edit]
Well? Aren't you going to make the thread OP?
>> No. 4281 [Edit]
So I guess it'd be okay, just keep it on /ns/
>> No. 4282 [Edit]
what about on kigs?
>> No. 4284 [Edit]
I guess that would be kinda the same deal? I dunno.
>> No. 4286 [Edit]
You mean the bodysuits?
>> No. 4287 [Edit]
oh shi-
I dunno why that didn't register when he said 'kigs' yeah no fuck that shit.
>> No. 4288 [Edit]
get over yourself, douchebag.
kigs are just large, hollow figs.
>> No. 4289 [Edit]
If you're talking about just the costumes themselves that's fine, otherwise it's cosplay.
>> No. 4290 [Edit]
kigs cover their contents entirely. thats one of the rules of kigs.
this being the case, it is impossible for one to know if any
given kig is inhabited (and of so, by what) without looking inside.
its like nekoschrödinger.
anyway, if you don't look inside you won't see any 3d.
>> No. 4291 [Edit]
File 137784397981.png - (336.17KB , 599x800 , 619bd0fec0bf338ede823d81443f3e93.png )
If there is no person inside of it, why would you call it a kig in the first place and not a doll?
I believe by definition kigurumi are costumes meant to be worn by people. if you were to say, fill a bodysuit with stuffing that would make it a doll(or plushy) would it not? or what if you put the costume on a mannequin? would that not also make it a doll?
Not to try and be insulting but your argument on behalf of kigs has me wondering if you would be so eager to allow sexualised fursuits to be posted on the site as well. They also cover the body completely in favor of what they perceive to be a more desirable form.

upon reflecting on the matter more I can say that I do appreciate the fact that they are trying to hide themselfs. I find the worst part of cosplay for me is seeing the people in said cosplay, so covering up their stupid ugly faces helps a good deal. but at the end of the day knowing on the other side of that kigurumi mask lurks a living breathing person still make me uncomfortable.
It's just a trick, an illusion to hide the ugly truth bellow... try as we might to pretend it's not there it will not go away. the world doesn't just disappear when you close your eyes. we know someone is in there, I may not know who or what it is but something is in there and it is that very unknown that unsettles me.

so... am I alone on this? I'd love to get more feed back from people with their thoughts on kigs.
>> No. 4292 [Edit]
I don't really think they belong on TC. For all intents and purposes, kigs are just latex suits with a mask that covers the entire head.

It's not "impossible to know" if anyone is inside the kig, because the rest of the outfit would just droop like clothes hanging on a rack if nobody was in it. The mask is the only part that argument holds any water for. Even if you usually don't see any skin exposed in kigurumi porn, it's pretty consistently obvious that there are 3D men and women in them.
>> No. 4293 [Edit]
>it's pretty consistently obvious that there are 3D men and women in them

thats not true, it could be robots or puppets.
i think you're just paranoid.
>> No. 4294 [Edit]
Could be aliens or vengeful poltergeists inside them too. You just never know.
>> No. 4295 [Edit]
I agree with you (I bet you never saw that coming) and while I do agree with what you are saying I have other reasons that make me hate kigs too. One reason, for example, is that kigs feel very dead for some reason. With figs they don't move in the first place, so it's more like a tiny statue in my eyes. It's also very 2D looking, and still manages to keep that cartoonish look. With kigs they are moving around but they have these masks that never change expressions and look fake as fuck that just stare at you, it feels so unalive and fake, even in pictures somehow. And when you put a 2D face onto a 3D it looks like some horrible hybrid, just so unnatural. There's the other obvious thing of the body still looking hideous which no amount of cosplay/costumes can cover up. All in all though fake would be a good word to describe them, it's impossible to capture the essence of 2D by slapping a mask onto a 3D, it feels disgusting dead and even sometimes creepy to me.

I don't see the point of kigs either, WHY do people feel the need to do this? 2D already exists, figs exist, love pillows exist, and so on, so what's the point of trying to dress up like 2D, unless you are just into 3D, or you are the chic and feel like looking like one of your favorite animu characters i.e the same reason people cosplay. Or maybe I just answered my own question. Kigs are just cosplay with Halloween costumes. And even if they have that body suit to cover their whole being it still has that strange horrible look of being some 2D-3D hybrid. It's like the mickey mouse costumes in Disney world, they were just creepy and unalive looking.

Post edited on 31st Aug 2013, 2:17am
>> No. 4296 [Edit]
I wouldn't mind kigs on /ns/ but they should be images should be spoilered.
>> No. 4297 [Edit]
That, and restricted to their own thread, of course.
>> No. 4298 [Edit]
I think that shit doesn't belong here at all, it's technically 3D, doesn't matter if you want to delude yourselves into believing that it's 2D.
>> No. 4300 [Edit]

Completely arbitrary judgement, figs are 3D, too.

I don't care either way, I hate kigs.
>> No. 4301 [Edit]
Figs aren't human females trying to replicate 2D, is the difference. They also usually manage to look just like the anime character, unlike when 3DPDs attempt to dress up like 2D.

Post edited on 1st Sep 2013, 7:06am
>> No. 4302 [Edit]

>Figs aren't human females trying to replicate 2D, is the difference.

Except they pretty much are. Figs are 3D models of 2D characters.
I would make fun of you for saying kigs have anything to do with females but I'll just stop here.

If you don't like kigs just say so, there's no need to make up silly arguments to support your claim.
>> No. 4303 [Edit]
What? Kigs are girls in anime costumes, figs aren't. There is not a real girl inside of a fig.
>> No. 4304 [Edit]
You've gotta be trolling. Nobody uses logic this bad earnestly.
>> No. 4305 [Edit]
that kig stuff is creepy as fuck and it seems there is always a chained general about it in 4/jp/ if you want a place to discuss it.
>> No. 4306 [Edit]
if you don't own a kig suit of your waifu then you pretty much must be poor or a some sort of other failure
>> No. 4312 [Edit]

>Kigs men pretending to be girls in anime costumes, figs aren't.



>You've gotta be trolling. Nobody uses logic this bad earnestly.

Great, the first thing you've got to say is 'wow, look at this troll' without even trying to point out what's wrong with my reasoning.
Of course I'm trolling, if there's someone out there who doesn't share your opinion he's the very defition of a troll.
Internet totally killed sensible discussions, you just have to call the other part a troll and be done with it.
>> No. 4313 [Edit]
Your "reasoning" (and I use that term very lightly) has already been shot full of holes.

Saying shit like:

>it is impossible for one to know if any given kig is inhabited
>it could be robots or puppets

And that figs are "pretty much humans trying to replicate 2D" goes beyond just poor reasoning; these ideas are heavily disconnected from reality. Until you find me a video of a robot squeezing into a latex suit and popping on a kig mask, and a living human being that is only 3-4 inches tall with anime features (ie: like a fig), I'm going to continue believing that you're a rather poor troll.
>> No. 4314 [Edit]
they make life-sized, robot-filled figs.
>> No. 4315 [Edit]
Why would anyone put a robot in a figurine? Figurines don't move. A robot with a figurine paintjob is just a robot.
>> No. 4316 [Edit]

>Saying shit like:
>it is impossible for one to know if any given kig is inhabited
>it could be robots or puppets

I never said anything like that, though. It's a stupid argument either way.
>> No. 4317 [Edit]
My bad for grouping you in with the other poster. I still don't think it's reasonable to group kigurumi and figs together, though- given that figs are nonliving objects and kigs are inhabited by humans.
>> No. 4319 [Edit]

It's not the same thing, alright, buy you can't just say kigs aren't welcome because they are 3D because the same goes for figs.

Seriously though, while it's usually way better to name a reasonable argument to support your claim I don't feel this is one of those cases. Just saying you don't like kigs is enough. There's no need to make up stupid reasons because it only makes you (not literally you) look stupid.
>> No. 4320 [Edit]
Fair enough, but I'm not the one who said that kigs aren't allowed just because they're 3D anyway.
>> No. 4321 [Edit]
You can't just say you hate something when trying to argue why it shouldn't be allowed, and saying it is 3D is a valid reason for not having something on t-c. Either way posting your reasoning for hating something always helps the other person see your point of view. This is just common sense.

"Why shouldn't kigs be allowed?"
"I hate them!"
>> No. 4324 [Edit]

>You can't just say you hate something when trying to argue why it shouldn't be allowed

Sure you can. That's why 3DPD discussions aren't allowed. Because we hate it. Same with drugs, people made up some hilarious and completely unrelated arguments to support their claims and in the end drug discussion was severly limited as a result.

>and saying it is 3D is a valid reason for not having something on t-c

So you pretty much admit that much yourself. The thing is it only makes things more confusing for me.
Saying 'I hate kigs!' is pretty straightforward.
Saying 'I hate kigs because they are 3D, but figs are okay, just so you know!' is much more confusing and - ironically - much less convincing.
>> No. 4325 [Edit]
Figs are OK because they aren't 3D they are figures and usually look exactly like their 2D counterpart.
>> No. 4326 [Edit]
Funny how you have nothing to say to the other arguments offered against kigurumi, and choose to dwell on the "well figs are 3D too" part.
>> No. 4329 [Edit]
I fucking love kigs
>> No. 4330 [Edit]

Everything besides that sounds logical to me. This is just arbitrary distinction. 'O-okay, maybe figs are 3D but kigs are more 3D, they suck!'
>> No. 4331 [Edit]
"3D" doesn't mean exactly "3 Dimensional", the way it is normally used is to describe "real" things, usually to refer to unpleasant things that have to do with reality. The terminology "3D" came from the fact that 2D almost always refers to anime, with anime being drawn out and 2dimensional. So naturally our 3 Dimensional shitty reality counter part would be 3 dimensional. But a fig is still 2D in most peoples eyes for being an anime character. So if you are saying all things in this world and all things with more than two dimensions are "3D", if are you going to call a figure of an anime girl that looks exactly like her "3D" wouldn't you also be able to call a drawing of her "3D" too? Are you going to call idol-m@ster 3D now for having a 3 dimensional appearance? Both are simply man made creations of something better and unreal, it is indeed an image in our world but the actual character isn't real. They are both more or less cartoons, one simply being, yes ironically, 3 dimensional, but not 3D as in the way we use it. Kigs on the other hand are costumes put onto real people usually women, which is what the term 3DPD is used to describe.

tl;dr: The term 3D isn't made to be taken literally and is more or less a loose chan term to refer to the ugliness of reality when compared to anime, i.e 2D.

Post edited on 9th Sep 2013, 8:34am
>> No. 4332 [Edit]
You can't compare what are essentially toys, to men in cosplay.
>> No. 4333 [Edit]
as long as they keep the costume on, there really isn't any difference between a kig and a daki.
>> No. 4336 [Edit]
You're not even trying anymore, are you?

Dakimakura do not contain humans. They're 2D images printed on fabric and placed around a body pillow- much more comparable to an anime poster than a cosplayer with an anime mask.

If it involves pictures or videos of 3D people, it doesn't belong here. It's as simple as that.
>> No. 4338 [Edit]
My kig has never been on anything other than a mannequin, but my dak has been covered in jizz and sweat on more than one occasion.
Which one is more 3DPD?
I cosplay as my waifu and sing her songs and reenact scenes from her life ALONE, just me and my waifu and her supporting cast. I don't attention whore in public with a bunch of fat nerds, I don't post pics of myself online or anything like that.
There is nothing wrong with kigs or cosplay, whats wrong is that the way you see people employing them and that has painted an inaccurate picture in your retarded little brain of how they're actually used.
I'd bet if you polled /mai/ you'd find out that a lot of the people there have cosplayed as their waifu ALONE, behind locked doors, etc.
>> No. 4339 [Edit]
Someone that is incapable of telling the difference between cosplay porn and worksafe images of a kig mask on a mannequin is calling someone else retarded? Haha, oh wow.

If you cosplay alone and don't want anyone to see, then why the hell would you even be complaining about kig porn being off limits on TC?
>> No. 4467 [Edit]
h i a okay with having idolthreads since they need another home other than /jp/ and everyone loves akb48
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