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File 128964516750.png - (93.77KB , 452x102 , prettychan.png )
104 No. 104 [Edit]
Here's a thread for posting any banners you've made and would like to see used on the site.

All banners already on the site can be seen here:
Expand all images
>> No. 131 [Edit]
File 128979161093.png - (89.20KB , 452x102 , yosuga ban 0000.png )
>> No. 169 [Edit]
File 129050404485.gif - (29.33KB , 452x102 , ShanaAlastor.gif )
Dunno if you can do anything with this.
>> No. 170 [Edit]
File 129050463361.jpg - (39.64KB , 452x102 , aoihana.jpg )
>> No. 171 [Edit]
Thanks, I can work with it.
feel free to post other stuff that might work as banners.
>> No. 172 [Edit]
File 129050539976.jpg - (86.52KB , 452x102 , RFbanner.jpg )
>> No. 174 [Edit]
File 12905073288.jpg - (71.84KB , 452x102 , RAINBOW.jpg )
One more because RAINBOW
>> No. 175 [Edit]
good, broh. we need more Aoi Hana in here.
>> No. 176 [Edit]
File 129066708817.gif - (138.05KB , 800x180 , kon2.gif )
>> No. 177 [Edit]
File 129066711039.gif - (110.09KB , 452x102 , k-on!!.gif )
>> No. 178 [Edit]
Maybe a better idea would be to chop off some of the black space to make the size requirements.
>> No. 179 [Edit]
The "blackspace" was made for the space requirements. You have to account for the height and width.
>> No. 190 [Edit]
File 129133190463.jpg - (57.12KB , 452x102 , Tohno chan banner 2.jpg )
>> No. 191 [Edit]
File 129133933756.jpg - (22.06KB , 452x102 , ban.jpg )
>> No. 192 [Edit]
File 129140427757.jpg - (44.63KB , 452x102 , ban_02.jpg )
>> No. 193 [Edit]
File 129140432931.jpg - (44.72KB , 452x102 , ban_01.jpg )
>> No. 194 [Edit]
Oi, fix her aspect ratio.
>> No. 197 [Edit]
File 129141276824.jpg - (29.83KB , 452x102 , tobo_ban.jpg )
>> No. 198 [Edit]
Oi, fix her aspect ratio.
>> No. 199 [Edit]
File 129142311715.jpg - (349.34KB , 1820x1024 , 1258318364256.jpg )
>> No. 247 [Edit]
Is there a way to actually make decent banners without Photoshop or any other expensive image editing program?
>> No. 248 [Edit]
I normally use (freeware):
>> No. 249 [Edit]
you could also try with photoshop portable (pirated) versions; they're also much smaller, in datasize (less than 100MB). what's your OS?
>> No. 250 [Edit]
Windows 7 Professional x64
>> No. 483 [Edit]
we need a banner based on GLORIOUS BRITANNIA
>> No. 488 [Edit]
File 129513866178.png - (63.90KB , 452x102 , thechan.png )
I was bored for a minute.
>> No. 503 [Edit]

Try GIMP. It's basically a Photoshop clone, but it's entirely free and open source. It's extremely functional and fun to use.
>> No. 504 [Edit]
>implying anyone pays for photoshop.
>> No. 516 [Edit]
Oh thanks, I didn't even know there was a Tenshi banner. I've never actually seen it appear.
>> No. 517 [Edit]
File 129654354512.jpg - (36.70KB , 452x102 , hape.jpg )
decided to make the shittiest banner possible no need to thank me
>> No. 518 [Edit]
This is great.
>> No. 519 [Edit]
File 129655619045.gif - (233.93KB , 452x102 , KHZD.gif )
>> No. 520 [Edit]
Best banner yet. I love it.
>> No. 521 [Edit]
File 129660734891.jpg - (13.13KB , 452x102 , banner.jpg )
>> No. 523 [Edit]
File 129679250240.gif - (2.60MB , 640x262 , khzdd.gif )
fixed animation loop
>> No. 558 [Edit]
File 129825242135.jpg - (96.15KB , 788x670 , anon and me.jpg )
Someone could probably make a good one using this image but I'm not great with editing
>> No. 560 [Edit]
File 129828738027.png - (42.24KB , 452x102 , different.png )
How's this?
>> No. 566 [Edit]
>> No. 575 [Edit]
It looks better with the girl slightly to the right.
>> No. 604 [Edit]
File 129958353050.png - (99.38KB , 510x231 , wwhaaaat.png )
not a banner but could be used as one
>> No. 611 [Edit]
File 130005632888.jpg - (39.61KB , 452x102 , chinas_phallus.jpg )
>> No. 613 [Edit]
File 130005746289.jpg - (46.41KB , 452x102 , remilia_chan.jpg )
In the same style. I don't think either are banner worthy though.
>> No. 790 [Edit]
File 130393721899.jpg - (84.72KB , 301x166 , Sabrina 63.jpg )
Here you go Tohno.
>> No. 791 [Edit]
You don't just give Tohno a banner of your waifu! You gotta earn it!
>> No. 792 [Edit]
Actually he asked me to do it in privet, and I've been meaning to get back to banner making anyway, been way to long since I last made some.
>> No. 795 [Edit]
File 130401906289.png - (45.28KB , 452x102 , banner.png )
>> No. 798 [Edit]
It'd be better in my opinion if it were a gif.
>> No. 799 [Edit]
I think so too, but that's beyond my area of expertise
>> No. 1028 [Edit]
File 130595773017.png - (90.68KB , 452x102 , T_C.png )
Animation is not outside of my extensive imageboard related skillset, however I am not familiar with that show, so don't know what they should be doing. Upload the frames you want animated or give me a link to a video of the scene that is from and maybe I can help complete the quest.
My own banner idea is somewhat controversial and maybe obscure to some of the viewers here, nevertheless, I feel it is a good banner and am will to give a long winded explanation if anyone would like.
>> No. 1037 [Edit]
That doesn't seem very, anime, manga, VN, or otaku life style related.
>> No. 1039 [Edit]
File 130600494493.gif - (1.77MB , 640x360 , 日常.gif )
Here's a gif. This is the thread on /an/ about the show:
>> No. 1040 [Edit]
Nothing to do with the subject at hand but did you know cross-linking is possible here too?
>> No. 1041 [Edit]
You have keenly detected that banner's hidden secret. My reasoning is that the denizens of this internet web site need to be able to reference something seemingly unrelated to Tohno Chan when we meet each other on different parts of the internet so that we can be identified to each other without publicizing TC in places where it shouldn't be mentioned. For this purpose, I feel Thomas Calvin from Magnum P.I. is the perfect ruse, not only because of his initials, but also because he has a really cool helicopter and Hawaii sits halfway between the western world and delicious Japan.
>> No. 1042 [Edit]
I appreciate the time you spent making that banner and writing your story.

Ultimately though, considering a lot of our personalities, a tc meetup would probably not go down too well. And also many of us dislike seeing 3D people.
>> No. 1043 [Edit]

Or it's just a funny coincidence he was pointing out.
>> No. 1044 [Edit]
File 130609799223.gif - (134.72KB , 452x102 , quiz.gif )
This is too cute!
>> No. 1045 [Edit]
Heh, that's not such a bad idea.
Although any real meet up is extremely unlikely, as many of our users rarely leave their homes and have little to no interest in leaving for even work.
So the odds of a random encounter with a member of TC is astronomical.
as for other sites however, not as unlikely, but I can't think of any other sites where we might possibly meet other people from TC.
At first I thought you might have been someone that didn't know anything at all about the site from that banner, but it's a clever idea, all be it not very umm.. practical.
I'll keep it in mind though if I should ever happen to find myself somewhere and wonder if another person there is from TC.
>> No. 1046 [Edit]
>At first I thought you might have been someone that didn't know anything at all about the site from that banner
I still think that.

Post edited on 22nd May 2011, 7:38pm
>> No. 1047 [Edit]
we've had many normals show up a few weeks back, and in case you haven't noticed, we don't like 3D much around here, we have no board for western tv/movies, and never will.
>> No. 1048 [Edit]
The thing is, some people here (including me) dislike seeing real people images, its just an offensive thing.
>> No. 1049 [Edit]
I think it's well more then "some".
I don't even like that 3D rozen maiden banner much.
I think 'offensive' is a very good word for it, it doesn't piss me off to see 3D, it's just very, bothersome, an eyesore if you will.
>> No. 1050 [Edit]
in tohno-chan, you are the normals
>> No. 1071 [Edit]
File 130666133680.jpg - (72.13KB , 452x102 , bloodbath.jpg )

Post edited on 29th May 2011, 2:42am
>> No. 1072 [Edit]
File 130666224234.jpg - (81.25KB , 452x102 , teary.jpg )
>> No. 1084 [Edit]
File 130673143984.gif - (1.54MB , 452x102 , KodomoNoTohno.gif )
>> No. 1085 [Edit]
File 13067316477.gif - (128.58KB , 452x102 , justarms.gif )
>> No. 1086 [Edit]
File 130673183147.gif - (704.87KB , 452x102 , haled.gif )
>> No. 1097 [Edit]
File 130682310081.jpg - (50.21KB , 452x102 , g4banner.jpg )
>> No. 1101 [Edit]
File 130682746113.png - (81.45KB , 452x102 , baritsu.png )
>> No. 1104 [Edit]
File 130682991149.gif - (123.98KB , 452x102 , chandedesukaaaa.gif )
>> No. 1118 [Edit]
File 130690821578.jpg - (35.10KB , 452x102 , nerowa.jpg )
>> No. 1119 [Edit]
File 130691305164.gif - (869.51KB , 452x102 , fallingtobos.gif )
>> No. 1167 [Edit]
I hate myself for posting something like this, but could anyone tell me the source of this banner?

Sadly it was too obscure for iqdb and the likes to figure out.. My first guess was オオカミうお(ookamiuo), but it doesn't look like it's right. The style seems familiar, though..
>> No. 1168 [Edit]
That's fanart of Precure Splash Star.
>> No. 1176 [Edit]
File 130738565140.jpg - (132.67KB , 750x500 , e-034puri_ss.jpg )
>> No. 1177 [Edit]
Thanks, but I have to ask: where the hell did you find it? I searched through boorus and pixiv using the tags provided by >>1168 and what else I could make out of it. Nothing, so my only guess is either deviantart or some independent artist blog.
>> No. 1179 [Edit]
File 130738819371.jpg - (135.53KB , 800x644 , 4b2383140f115e027f9815183f2caa92.jpg )
Yeah I got it off the artist's own site, he does some really nice yuri.

Artist/tag is hijikata_kotoyo
his site:
>> No. 1180 [Edit]
Nice, pixiv independent artists are rare these days.
>> No. 1181 [Edit]
I'm curious, are pics like that considered NSFW even though the only thing that's revealed is her vagina and that's censored?
>> No. 1182 [Edit]
You'd probably get fired if you were caught looking at it at work. So yeah, it's NSFW in that regard, but I don't think anyone on /tc/ is going to care.
>> No. 1183 [Edit]
That's too lewd!
>> No. 1186 [Edit]
Strawberry Panic! haven't watched it in years ;_;
>> No. 1187 [Edit]

You will never be fired for viewing lewd pictures at work ;_;
>> No. 1309 [Edit]
File 130945309489.jpg - (11.50KB , 452x102 , tohnochanbanner4.jpg )

made this in paint, if anyone have the proper shoop skills feel free to edit if you like.
>> No. 1314 [Edit]
No offense but thats not really a great banner..
>> No. 1315 [Edit]
Yeah I don't really get what it means
>> No. 1341 [Edit]
File 13107633524.jpg - (28.53KB , 452x102 , n0uosnsz.jpg )
I felt bad for the OP so I tried to salvage this.
>> No. 1342 [Edit]
File 131076336249.jpg - (28.38KB , 452x102 , n0uosnsz2.jpg )
>> No. 1347 [Edit]
File 131103463695.png - (148.14KB , 555x345 , more like this please.png )
"Ok, let's see what's on Tohn- Ooh Lalá! Bonsoir, monsieur le banner~"
>> No. 1353 [Edit]
File 131137799292.png - (70.38KB , 452x102 , Tohnochanawesome2.png )
I like this banner here.

Also I didn't know Minagi had red eyes. She should get more sleep!
>> No. 1354 [Edit]
red to purple, just as with her hair color going anywhere between brown to black, it varies from artiest to artiest.
Few try to draw her in a official art style.
>> No. 1382 [Edit]
File 131218384822.gif - (373.77KB , 452x102 , zoo.gif )
Is there a way to remove the "Tohno Chan" from this image? I'd love to use it as a signature for another website but I fear bringing unwanted attention to this site.
>> No. 1383 [Edit]
File 131218618490.gif - (357.58KB , 452x102 , tcremoved.gif )
fan of the show?
>> No. 1384 [Edit]

Very much so! Thank you!
>> No. 1452 [Edit]
File 131406593430.gif - (31.09KB , 452x102 , tohnichi.gif )
made this for you <3
>> No. 1453 [Edit]
That's cute
>> No. 1474 [Edit]
I have to admit, tc banners are the sexiest banners around. Would it be possible to have an archive of all banners pre-tc logo?
>> No. 1476 [Edit]
File 131518818855.gif - (527.75KB , 452x102 , べる.gif )
I just finished this. Is it acceptable?
>> No. 1477 [Edit]
What do you mean by "pre-tc logo"?

Do you mean the original unedited images used for the banners?

Post edited on 4th Sep 2011, 8:49pm
>> No. 1478 [Edit]

Aspect ratio is somewhat of an issue, but I guess it's ok.
>> No. 1479 [Edit]
Not the worst anon made banner, by far.
>> No. 1487 [Edit]

You can use Macromedia Fireworks to make banners much more quickly and easily than Photoshop.
>> No. 1491 [Edit]
quickly and easily results in banners like >>1309

Sure you wanna encourage that?
>> No. 1492 [Edit]
That banner just doesn't make sense; it doesn't matter what he used to create it.
>> No. 1512 [Edit]
lol it actually made it in
>> No. 1513 [Edit]
I guess you could say I didn't want people to feel left out.
even if it did kind of suck
>> No. 1526 [Edit]

I want this as well. I frequent other boards much like >>1382 and it'd be cool if I can use these for signatures or the like. Pre-TC logo just ensures the safety of this website.
>> No. 1527 [Edit]
Yeah but do you need all of them?
>> No. 1528 [Edit]
again, this

original image used, or banners size with edits before text added?
>> No. 1529 [Edit]
File 131614509790.jpg - (21.64KB , 480x640 , 1316133036881[1].jpg )
I don't know how, but this needs to be a banner.
>> No. 1530 [Edit]
File 131614668192.png - (69.10KB , 452x102 , cutenotpedochan.png )
Here's my try at least
>> No. 1531 [Edit]
If I were to do it I'd do the same thing.
>> No. 1532 [Edit]
would it look better if it panned up instead of being a static image?
>> No. 1533 [Edit]
File 131615035586.png - (65.68KB , 452x102 , ana_coppola.png )
how about...?
>> No. 1534 [Edit]
Not a bad idea at all.
>> No. 1544 [Edit]
File 131657471471.gif - (614.67KB , 452x102 , anachan.gif )
Okay, how about this one?
>> No. 1545 [Edit]
maybe it should scroll up a little slower, but other than that its great~
>> No. 1554 [Edit]

Photoshop is primarily a photo editing suite meant for editing photos. Whereas Macromedia Fireworks is primarily meant for creating web graphics. Thus Macromedia Fireworks really is better / quicker for making banners with.

Fireworks lets you experiment and prototype much better than Photoshop.
>> No. 1555 [Edit]
What is banner making if not editing photos?
What are "web graphics" if not just another name for images?
>> No. 1556 [Edit]
File 131685626759.gif - (1.02MB , 452x102 , anachan2.gif )
>> No. 1557 [Edit]
>> No. 1558 [Edit]
Actually, if you ask me, since the camera moves but the image isn't animated at all, it looks derpier than a static -spicy- image.
>> No. 1585 [Edit]

I want this, so much. Preferably the GIF ones only, but since all the banners are nice, I'd love to save all of them and use them in other places. I mean, advertising TC is fine too, but I like having a choice whether or not the TC logo should be there.
>> No. 1616 [Edit]
File 131822394484.png - (60.51KB , 452x102 , alice.png )
I just noticed that TC has a Rozen Maiden banner, but Alice isn't even on the banner, so I made a RM banner with Alice.
>> No. 1617 [Edit]
Nice job!
>> No. 1626 [Edit]
File 131830276736.png - (12.36KB , 452x102 , BESTBANNER INTHEWORLD.png )
If you don't put this in the banner list, I'll feel left out!
>> No. 1627 [Edit]
what the hell?
>> No. 1628 [Edit]
File 131863455813.png - (74.55KB , 452x102 , dn2.png )
>> No. 1629 [Edit]
File 131886805845.png - (64.70KB , 452x102 , tohno-te.png )
>> No. 1634 [Edit]
Alright that one is actually pretty damn funny.
>> No. 1635 [Edit]
File 131921929419.jpg - (55.22KB , 452x102 , Koishi Banner.jpg )
Oh my god I love that hat so much.
>> No. 1646 [Edit]
File 131991273521.jpg - (57.47KB , 620x398 , Yume-Revi T_T.jpg )
Don't know if this is new (hadn't seen it before; and I'd remember) but, in any case:


She SO deserves a special place here on /tc/. Good work.
>> No. 1733 [Edit]
File 132174637634.png - (61.95KB , 452x102 , mk.png )
I made this minami chiaki banner in honor of the good news in
>> No. 1745 [Edit]
File 132195349752.png - (66.51KB , 452x102 , kuro.png )
>> No. 1763 [Edit]
>> No. 1764 [Edit]
You made me laugh and hate you at the same time for that.
>> No. 1771 [Edit]
What was it?
>> No. 1774 [Edit]
>> No. 1783 [Edit]
File 132304505457.png - (74.05KB , 452x102 , yanchan.png )
Legit made me freak out good job
>> No. 1784 [Edit]
What do you guys think about the idea of adding them somewhere (like the bottom) of the front page?
>> No. 1785 [Edit]
I dunno, it already says the site name at the top of the front page. It would be kind of overkill
>> No. 1786 [Edit]
Yeah, I'd rather stick with the Minagi yukkuri.
>> No. 1791 [Edit]
File 132313305897.gif - (618.83KB , 500x281 , 1322890308761.gif )
I haven't the slightest idea how to make one of these, but this needs to be turned into one.
>> No. 1792 [Edit]
File 132315928855.png - (45.84KB , 452x102 , banner.png )
>> No. 1793 [Edit]
You're not very good with animated stuff are you?
>> No. 1794 [Edit]

I pretty sure it was a joke.
Who would want a banner with that slut either way.
>> No. 1795 [Edit]
Considering I requested it, I do.
>> No. 1797 [Edit]
For a shitty haremnai this show sure stirs up emotions.
>> No. 1910 [Edit]
File 132529909171.png - (74.06KB , 452x102 , BAD.png )
>> No. 1978 [Edit]
File 132796804780.png - (55.01KB , 452x102 , dokidokichan.png )
Lol, you so funny.
>> No. 2063 [Edit]
I think you should remove the banner , as it is NSFW.
>> No. 2064 [Edit]
That was pointed out when the guy first made it, but no one else seemed particularly bothered by it at the time.
>> No. 2067 [Edit]
Sorry for doing the greentext thing, but
>I think you should remove the banner , as it is NSFW.
>it is NSFW.
>> No. 2068 [Edit]
Or S(C)
>> No. 2069 [Edit]
Yeah if I think you're browsing tohno-chan, which has /mai/ and /so/ on it at work that little banner isn't going to matter much
>> No. 2070 [Edit]
I like it.
>> No. 2097 [Edit]
File 133125913375.png - (64.65KB , 452x102 , literary girl.png )
>> No. 2099 [Edit]
I want wind girl to have a banner here. Just a better one.

Wind girl is love.
>> No. 2100 [Edit]
Do people really care what season a anime aired in?
>> No. 2102 [Edit]

>> No. 2103 [Edit]
It doesn't really help the ability to find it...
>> No. 2104 [Edit]
I am against that idea. It just makes the banners look dirty and has no real use. If you wish to know where a series from a certain banner is from, there is a sauce thread alredy where you could ask, there is no need to visually pollute good banners for such a trivial reason.
>> No. 2105 [Edit]
Might as well add on the name of the anime used in the banner, when the banner was made, and the name of the person that made the banner.
>> No. 2106 [Edit]
File 133128826440.png - (91.16KB , 452x102 , splashchan.png )
I expanded on your nice idea.
>> No. 2107 [Edit]

Thiss actually looks good. I'd like it to be added to our banner pool.
>> No. 2110 [Edit]
You forgot to mention the font face and size for the information; hex codes for the colours would be handy too, maybe RGB, CMYK, lab and pantone values aswell.
Or maybe we could just put QR codes with links to the wikipedia/anidb article on the series in every banner. QR codes are neat.
>> No. 2114 [Edit]
Just to be a smartass, you should have this as a real banner.
>> No. 2120 [Edit]
You forgot the character's names.

It doesn't have to be done just to be a "smartass", but as a little memento of this event.

I really like the banner, though.
>> No. 2123 [Edit]
File 133145395581.jpg - (25.35KB , 452x102 , another.jpg )
>> No. 2124 [Edit]
another quality banner from our community.
>> No. 2175 [Edit]
File 133159487292.png - (62.88KB , 452x102 , n3.png )
I was feeling bannery last night after watching nisemonogatari so I made some banners
>> No. 2176 [Edit]
File 133159493831.png - (65.67KB , 452x102 , n2.png )
i think the lettering too small on this one
>> No. 2178 [Edit]
File 133159509785.png - (64.08KB , 452x102 , n1.png )
on this one i forgot to reverse the section i cut out and then i deleted the template before i noticed my mistake
>> No. 2179 [Edit]
File 133159520234.png - (88.77KB , 452x102 , holder.png )
this one might be slightly amusing to look at if you're the right class of person, but its really kind of sucks
>> No. 2180 [Edit]
File 133159543596.png - (90.75KB , 452x102 , prefectB.png )
this is from Another.
>> No. 2186 [Edit]
I like this one, though it'd be a lot nicer animated.
>> No. 2192 [Edit]
agreed. but it IS nice (Shinobu's Azusa-cake moment... wich should be an animated banner as well).

Post edited on 12th Mar 2012, 8:40pm
>> No. 2228 [Edit]
File 133168104274.png - (76.72KB , 452x102 , kaori.png )
I was still feeling bannery today. I've been kind of bingeing on this season's offerings reccently, so I guess thats probably why I've been feeling so bannery.
>> No. 2229 [Edit]
File 133168122379.png - (39.91KB , 452x102 , TOHNO.png )
Please don't take this on the wrong way, its just a joke.
>> No. 2231 [Edit]
How about you 'feel bannery' with a different show, that doesn't suck so much?
We don't need that many banners from the same series.
>> No. 2232 [Edit]
rude! although i would like varied banners myself
>> No. 2234 [Edit]
File 133168348032.jpg - (178.50KB , 797x596 , katawa dolls.jpg )
I just make banners from screencaps that I take from what I happen to be watching at the time. Recently I've been checking out Nisemonogatari and Another so thats what they're from.
If there is an anime or whatever that we don't have banner for yet that you think we're missing, you should post it here because then maybe someone will see it and make one…just thinking about that now, I realized that I'm pretty sure there isn't a Katawa Shojou banner.
Maybe someone can so something with this pic of Shinku and Suiseiseki.
>> No. 2235 [Edit]
File 133168397020.png - (75.32KB , 452x102 , this.png )
or this
>> No. 2236 [Edit]
File 13316843682.png - (79.18KB , 452x102 , han.png )
>I'm pretty sure there isn't a Katawa Shojou banner.
I'm pretty sure there is
>> No. 2237 [Edit]
Whoa, I missed that one.
I guess you really burned me with that post!
>> No. 2239 [Edit]
You already knew that and just wanted a reason to post that pun, huh?

It's ok, I can understand wanting to use a bad pun. They are pretty fun.
>> No. 2240 [Edit]
lol. I aprove.
>> No. 2241 [Edit]
File 13317643176.png - (50.62KB , 452x102 , kona.png )
This banner sponsored by extra fancy hawaiian kona coffee beans
>> No. 2248 [Edit]

what program did you use to make these?
>> No. 2249 [Edit]
>> No. 2250 [Edit]
File 133192247648.png - (49.75KB , 452x102 , miu.png )
similar idea
>> No. 2251 [Edit]
too lewd!
>> No. 2252 [Edit]
screw it, I'm just gonna come out and say it.
You guys fucking suck at making banners.
>> No. 2253 [Edit]
>> No. 2260 [Edit]
I have no excuse for mine and admit that I do indeed suck.
>> No. 2264 [Edit]
I think the main problem here is taking any random images and trying to force it into a banner.
many images and screen caps simply wont work well for banners, this is something you have to take into consideration, not just ignore.
like take >>2179 and >>2250 for example, if you can't fit the image onto the banner size, you probably shouldn't use it, and if you insist on using it, it's gonna require some actual editing of the image.
In the case of these two, the person didn't even bother to zoom into the image to get it into frame, one of the most basic steps in this process.
of course zooming in to much gives you a over all shit quality image like with >>1745

I know the banner dimensions aren't exactly easy to work with, but in the case of banners like >>1733 you're gonna want to try and extend the background out a bit so you can have the character or point of interest properly shown in the banner, and I don't mean extending it by just stretching part of the image like >>2179 did, that shit is just ugly.
I mean continuing what is already there like >>560 with the image above it, that isn't stretching the image or fucking with aspect ratio, that's editing the image so that it fits the banner.
but to much and you end up with a banner like >>795, you've got to find a balance.
>>1628 tried to hide it, and although it was well done and a clever way of doing so, it would have been a lot better if the base image had been continued behind the paper on the top left, becuase the paper doesn't cover the image all the way up, but this individual case might fall more into the area of opinion, since that large black area might have possibly been left there on purposes for all we know.

You guys are really just being lazy.
It might look like all there is to banner making, is tossing text on some random image, but there's more to it to that.

As for the matter of text, you have to at least TRY to make the text match or flow with the image or series.
like this banner >>1476 the image was re-sized well, the text color and animation is also good, but the font and it's placement are what's off, on what would other wise be a perfect banner.

Most of the first user submitted banners in this thread are grate!
...except for this one >>488, I have to idea what the hell is going on with the text here, it's very obviously quickly slapped on.
Even >>517 is a good banner because it all matches and flows together as one.
I don't think all the new ones are shit though, >>2241 doesn't seem half bad and although I think the yellow is a little too bright on the text in >>2178 it's still a decent banner.

and of course we can't forget this one. >>1309
seriously, ...what the fuck?!
To >>1341, you're not making OP feel better by salvaging trash, you're making him feel bad by guilting him into including that crap.

why does this bug me you might ask?
I've spent up to a week working on a single banner in the past for this site, so of course it's gonna annoy me when people submit junk like >>2228

If you know for a fact your banner sucks, and I do mean know it sucks, not just think it sucks, why even post it?

Post edited on 18th Mar 2012, 12:28am
>> No. 2265 [Edit]
File 133204952814.jpg - (41.09KB , 452x102 , THE BEST BANNER EVER BITCH.jpg )
Advice taken note of and applied
>> No. 2266 [Edit]
File 133205462232.png - (70.54KB , 452x102 , l2.png )
I just made this one for Astarotte no Omocha, which I just finished watching. How do you rank it? My own opinion is that the lettering is too small, but I wanted it to look like the lettering was a natural part of the background and that was the space available. i guess I could have shooped it harder, but I probably would have just ended up with something that looked worse…
>> No. 2267 [Edit]
yeah the text does seem rather small and hard to see, (otherwise good banner) if it was me, I might had placed the text over the gray area, Tohno on one line, chan on the one bellow it.
Then again, the current placement coincides with the character's gaze.

I don't know if this is trying to be ironic or not, but it seriously needs some anti aliasing.

Post edited on 18th Mar 2012, 4:47am
>> No. 2268 [Edit]
File 133205816927.jpg - (330.56KB , 1045x1045 , b64e5d972f6c18dc5bb2c1a04d348a20.jpg )
I only have MS paint
>> No. 2269 [Edit]
File 133206179332.png - (49.81KB , 452x102 , mugifightclub.png )
There's no shame in posting a image and asking other people to make the banner for you.
One of the reasons why I personally don't make banners more often is from just not having a whole lot of material to work with.
>> No. 2270 [Edit]
Yeah, that was what I was getting at, heheh.

Although, I used the Fight Club font (its called FightThis). If you download it from dafont you also get a little Palahniuk .txt.
>> No. 2272 [Edit]
I'm glad that you think that my banner is at least a bit passable, but to be honest, I thought that I would've gotten a bit more criticism and been told to remake it in a specific way before it had been accepted since I wasn't entirely sure on the font. I really should have tried to look for a better font and better placement.

I really wanted to place the text next to the blinking icon, but that section was too small.

If I ever make another banner for this site, I'll try to do a better job of it because I really like this site.
>> No. 2275 [Edit]
File 133210732050.png - (74.49KB , 452x102 , now it fits.png )
I found a way to make it fit
>> No. 2276 [Edit]
Are you not able to change it and reupload it?

I'd have spoken out about this before, but it seems like anyone that points out mistakes or problems, or complains about anything in general gets labeled as a dick or jackass for it.
After making that post I expected a lot of people to post ironic purposely bad banners like >>2275 and for people to ask what my problem is, telling me to take it easy and so on.

but the quality of banners submitted as of late is just so low I can't ignore it at this point anymore.
>> No. 2279 [Edit]
i'm 2275.
sorry about that, it was just a joke
>> No. 2283 [Edit]
File 133212775427.png - (83.51KB , 452x102 , mugisoap.png )
I used that font to make this.
>> No. 2284 [Edit]
File 133212794829.png - (49.51KB , 452x102 , mugifightclub.png )
and if you don't like it, there's this one in the original style.
>> No. 2286 [Edit]

I think that would be perfect if "I want you to hit me as hard as you can." was written under the "Tohno-chan".
>> No. 2287 [Edit]
File 133213388837.png - (61.20KB , 452x102 , Untitled.png )
i made a banner
>> No. 2288 [Edit]
Oh this will end well...
>> No. 2289 [Edit]
>> No. 2290 [Edit]
Just saw a Sabrina banner.

I am pleased, Tohno-chan, very pleased.
>> No. 2294 [Edit]
File 133228550266.png - (72.39KB , 452x102 , satou.png )
>> No. 2295 [Edit]

That tohno-chan is almost completely unnoticeable.
>> No. 2296 [Edit]
File 133229802696.png - (79.10KB , 452x102 , banner.png )
>> No. 2301 [Edit]
tohno-chan itself is almost completely unnoticeable.
>> No. 2345 [Edit]

I've seen it a couple of times already and seriously, it's pure gold. It should honestly be used as /tc/'s frontpage logo instead of a banner.
>> No. 2346 [Edit]
You're kidding right? The transparency around the edge is shit, and the font shouldn't be a single solid color. It's a lazy job.
>> No. 2347 [Edit]

Maybe the execution was subpar but the idea was great and that's why I'm so fond of it.
>> No. 2354 [Edit]
I thought we already had an amalgamation of Tohno-chan and the Ford emblem already made up? Maybe it was just an earlier idea I recall.
>> No. 2369 [Edit]
File 13379211169.jpg - (76.76KB , 452x102 , banner.jpg )
My favourite line from Tohno ever.
>> No. 2399 [Edit]
>> No. 2446 [Edit]
>> No. 2456 [Edit]
It could be a lot better. For example, if it didn't exist
>> No. 2458 [Edit]
I know that you don't want people to feel left out, Tohno, but please don't put >>2455 up as a banner.
>> No. 2459 [Edit]
Why not? It's not that bad considering I only used paint when I made it. It's more of a joke than anything too.
>> No. 2480 [Edit]
File 134018019522.png - (86.93KB , 452x102 , tohno-chan,%20be%20at%20peace.png )
What significance is there to the qutoe 'be at peace'?
>> No. 2481 [Edit]
File 134018022688.jpg - (13.70KB , 452x102 , MAIWAIFUFOREVERMAN.jpg )
Also I made this, pretty crappy but whatever I don't have photoshop
>> No. 2482 [Edit]
It was from our first slogan.
a place to get away from normals and be at peace, or something like that.

never fixed the banner becuase it seems like it would be too much of a pain to edit.
>> No. 2679 [Edit]
The typesetting on some of these banners is really impressive.
>> No. 2840 [Edit]
File 134834127583.jpg - (85.46KB , 452x102 , banner1.jpg )
What do you think tc?
>> No. 2841 [Edit]

I like it.
>> No. 2842 [Edit]
File 134866427848.gif - (430.28KB , 452x102 , a-day-in-tohno-chan.gif )
One more while I'm at it.
>> No. 2883 [Edit]
File 134949461713.jpg - (55.09KB , 452x102 , 4574563476 copy.jpg )
>> No. 2885 [Edit]
File 134967693064.png - (79.34KB , 452x102 , genshiken.png )
>> No. 3256 [Edit]
File 135518570324.png - (79.17KB , 533x120 , satou.png )
>> No. 3303 [Edit]
File 135570080839.png - (49.47KB , 452x102 , pantsu.png )
>> No. 3304 [Edit]
File 135570162658.png - (71.94KB , 452x102 , pwnd.png )
>> No. 3306 [Edit]
I don't really think we need multiple banners using the same image.
>> No. 3318 [Edit]
File 135581708078.png - (63.18KB , 452x102 , milk.png )
>> No. 3321 [Edit]
wow, you can really see all the effort put into this one.
>> No. 3322 [Edit]
At first I thought this was some kind of thumbnail error.
>> No. 3323 [Edit]
false ニート
>> No. 3330 [Edit]
Now I'm really curious as to what it was.
>> No. 3331 [Edit]
it was ニート except sideways and squished/stretched to fit the resolution
>> No. 3338 [Edit]
apathetic guy with a cigarette is apathetic
>> No. 3339 [Edit]
hi, i'm >>1745 i actually blurred that one a bit on purpose to make it seem more active.
i'm also >>1733
>> No. 3431 [Edit]
Don't worry about it.

I like this.
>> No. 3442 [Edit]
File 13580707696.png - (54.64KB , 452x102 , hosaka.png )
kind of meh
i was sort of confused about this one, it didn't come out as well as i'd hoped and i was wondering if the best way to take it easy was to just post the thing so could stop working on it or if that meant that i would have to deal with some sort of regret every time i saw it, which would negatively impact my future ability to take it easy. in the end i decided to risk it because one in the hand is better than two in the bush.
hope i made the right call
>> No. 3539 [Edit]
File 136043868366.png - (65.63KB , 452x102 , akiba.png )
>> No. 3545 [Edit]
File 13605789808.png - (52.36KB , 452x102 , phigz.png )
>> No. 3547 [Edit]
I still remember the first time I removed the skirt of a figure... No, wait: I don't (which was it?).
>> No. 3765 [Edit]
File 136575156521.png - (107.01KB , 452x102 , true otaku.png )
>> No. 3766 [Edit]
File 136575208644.png - (107.14KB , 452x102 , the only font i have.png )
>> No. 3906 [Edit]
File 136867784574.png - (74.42KB , 452x102 , aku no banner.png )
>> No. 3908 [Edit]
File 136867842339.png - (79.39KB , 452x102 , aku no banner.png )
messed around with the lettering a little more
tried to delet the 1st one, but it said my passwd was not matching
>> No. 3962 [Edit]
This looks like a screen cap from one of those faggy Shaft anime.
>> No. 3970 [Edit]

What's wrong with SHAFT?
>> No. 3992 [Edit]
Poor script selection in my opinion.
SHAFT® does quite well when they have a decent script to work with, but that seems to be a rare case. Most of the time they produce very nice looking, but entirely unwatchable anime however sometimes they accidentally get a hold of a good text to work from and it turns out great.
>> No. 4041 [Edit]
What is an example of a good Shaft show in your opinion?
>> No. 4043 [Edit]
They're hipsters in the form of a anime production studio.
>> No. 4059 [Edit]
Natsu no Arashi
>> No. 4129 [Edit]
File 137305436066.png - (17.39KB , 452x102 , pwn.png )

>> No. 4135 [Edit]
I dont get it.
>> No. 4143 [Edit]
Corea not so strong.

I'm guessing one of the mods is a strong AKB fan, and has japanese-otaku levels of disdain for how k-pop is quickly taking over the entire scene.
>> No. 4144 [Edit]
What in the world would give you that idea?
>> No. 4374 [Edit]
File 138099669836.png - (117.95KB , 451x102 , Madarame ban.png )
>> No. 4767 [Edit]
Didn't you know? TC is an establishment of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, 강성대국!
>> No. 4769 [Edit]

>> No. 4792 [Edit]

Suggestion: Use the circles underneath Corean characters to draw funny faces in.
>> No. 4814 [Edit]
i just saw this banner and shouldn't the lettering in the reflection in jun's glasses be reversed since it is a reflection?
>> No. 4866 [Edit]
File 140312617935.png - (33.46KB , 452x102 , shiorichan.png )
how's this?
>> No. 4867 [Edit]
How's a banner with the best character Kanon has to offer? automatic thumbs up!
>> No. 4869 [Edit]
>> No. 4870 [Edit]
File 140313654219.png - (41.87KB , 452x102 , yo.png )
made another
>> No. 4871 [Edit]
File 140313811827.png - (92.56KB , 452x102 , mori.png )
...and another.
>> No. 4899 [Edit]

This is really neat. Well, all of them are nice but this made me smile, feels appropriate kinda.
>> No. 4906 [Edit]
thank you, i am glad you liked it.
>> No. 5111 [Edit]
File 140728418058.gif - (25.32KB , 452x102 , Untitled.gif )
My artistic vision
>> No. 5118 [Edit]
File 140772254379.jpg - (23.61KB , 452x102 , tohno.jpg )
>> No. 5119 [Edit]
File 140772912798.jpg - (30.11KB , 452x102 , 023985098234602345.jpg )
>> No. 5124 [Edit]
File 140985745285.png - (4.52KB , 452x102 , banner000001.png )
In the style of Cave Story, if you're not familiar with the game.
>> No. 5126 [Edit]
You've got to put Curly in there. And maybe her panties, too. Probably put them on Quote's head.
>> No. 5429 [Edit]
File 142343147610.gif - (338.60KB , 452x102 , shinitai.gif )
I made this, but don't know how to make fancy flashing colors and such.
>> No. 5430 [Edit]
File 142343153252.gif - (339.48KB , 452x102 , shinitai4.gif )
so if anyone wants to give it a shot, heres one the correct size without text.
>> No. 5431 [Edit]
File 142344060452.gif - (338.18KB , 452x102 , shinitai8.gif )
welp, I tried making rainbow color changing text but it turned out like crap, on the other hand I think something like this here is better than >>5429. whatever, I failed
>> No. 5432 [Edit]
Not bad.
The colors of the text could be changed by messing with hue/saturation by the way.
>> No. 5447 [Edit]
File 142608274135.png - (62.63KB , 452x102 , tohno banner.png )
Sieg Heil
>> No. 5448 [Edit]
This is great
>> No. 5468 [Edit]
File 142795376774.png - (103.60KB , 452x102 , bannah1.png )
maritan numero uno english learning resource
>> No. 5502 [Edit]
File 143156837971.jpg - (93.13KB , 400x398 , ntf.jpg )
that sadfrog banner really needs to go, i doesn't fit with the rest of the banners.
this isn't r9k or wizardchan.
>> No. 5503 [Edit]
Don't blame me, I didn't make it.
>> No. 5504 [Edit]
File 14315713125.jpg - (58.68KB , 452x102 , Untitled-1.jpg )

>> No. 5505 [Edit]
Did you add >>5447
>> No. 5506 [Edit]
Sorry never got around to it, I'll have it added in just a minute.
>> No. 5507 [Edit]
>edgy nazishit, just like those epic /pol/tards on 4chan and every other imageboard

you're just like all the others, nothing but a disappointment
>> No. 5508 [Edit]
uhh, sure thing bro.
>> No. 5517 [Edit]
What happened?
>> No. 5518 [Edit]
He offended the sensibilities of the IRC mod circlejerk, they have shit taste in anime and hate anybody who doesn't
>> No. 5519 [Edit]

It's a bit of running joke, if it was just some random user and not somebody trying to annoy Tohno I really doubt he actually got banned.
>> No. 5529 [Edit]
File 143513200966.png - (75.18KB , 778x222 , shield.png )
>> No. 5530 [Edit]
Why you lurking dead hidden boards?
>> No. 5815 [Edit]
File 144819140210.png - (59.07KB , 452x102 , harem is best.png )
>> No. 5990 [Edit]
File 146417386048.jpg - (49.26KB , 452x102 , masturbation simulator.jpg )
new banner? zepeth
>> No. 6017 [Edit]
File 146700320913.png - (40.15KB , 452x102 , 1.png )
I made some. Use them if you want.
>> No. 6018 [Edit]
File 14670032348.png - (107.65KB , 452x102 , 2.png )
>> No. 6019 [Edit]
File 146700325889.png - (19.51KB , 452x102 , 3.png )
>> No. 6273 [Edit]
File 149077874485.jpg - (10.33KB , 452x102 , epic 30k GET banner.jpg )
>> No. 6489 [Edit]
File 149683291453.png - (77.44KB , 452x102 , es.png )
>> No. 6492 [Edit]
File 149693951769.png - (53.26KB , 452x102 , rahno-chan.png )
>> No. 6532 [Edit]
File 149872282677.png - (25.78KB , 452x102 , LainBannerTohnochan.png )
I got "Wired" and made a banner.
/420/ represent.

I had no idea digital animation was so convuluted. Getting Photoshop to cooperate was a journey in itself and I downloaded another useless piece of software in my quest.

I made a .gif but it's not one of the supported filetypes? Huh, there are gif banners though and gifs in this very thread.
>> No. 6533 [Edit]
Sorry about the format, I think it was a result of combating some spam we were getting and I forgot to undo it. Should be good to go now.
>> No. 6534 [Edit]
File 149872353778.gif - (1.74MB , 452x102 , optimized.gif )
Such a fast response in the middle of the night.
>> No. 6535 [Edit]
It's easy when you have no life.

Nice job btw!

Post edited on 29th Jun 2017, 1:11am
>> No. 6556 [Edit]
File 150597206047.gif - (522.55KB , 452x102 , prototyepe2.gif )
>> No. 6599 [Edit]
That's fucking fantastic. You win.
>> No. 6774 [Edit]
File 159301951382.png - (19.37KB , 452x102 , new flash banner.png )
>> No. 6777 [Edit]
Add the Chrome equivalent as well!
>> No. 6794 [Edit]
banner idea: blue haired tohno looking sad flying a small plane into the twin towers
>> No. 6795 [Edit]
Was the banner in ever added?
>> No. 6845 [Edit]
I've seen it in the banner rotation so I guess this can be resolved in the affirmative.

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