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File 133121381698.jpg - (342.31KB , 1740x1109 , b79e16e9eeb5f720ca3b08adcf705f12.jpg )
2090 No. 2090 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Post ITT if you can't stop oversuing kakusu. I kakusu ~49/50 posts, maybe more even. The thing is I don't remember using sage as much back on old /tc/ but now I feel like a self-important asshole when I post without using kakusu (sage still makes your posts appear on front page).
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>> No. 3064 [Edit]
yeah dude, pretty much.
>> No. 3068 [Edit]
I usually kakusu one-liners that don't matter much.
>> No. 5836 [Edit]
>> No. 6541 [Edit]
you didn't put it in the password field

File 132903343169.jpg - (38.05KB , 480x360 , 1258153846513.jpg )
2037 No. 2037 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
we should have something like the savoq links boards. it would be useful and a source of amusement for internet enthusiasts such as myself.
there used to be an /ot/ thread of this nature, but i cant find it anymore…
>> No. 2038 [Edit]
savoq links?
>> No. 2039 [Edit]

My opinion: There's no need for another board, a thread in /so/ would do.

File 132843463349.png - (499.88KB , 1412x2000 , 1326574767_35852084.png )
2015 No. 2015 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Just something random and insignificant. Pages on tohno-chan which have been archived on get hotlinked there, such that on their archives two banners appear on the page, one which is hosted on their site and one hosted on tohno-chan. thought i'd say this in case there was some technical stuff which makes this an issue.
>> No. 2016 [Edit]
looks like one of the two banners shown was just whatever banner was on the page when it got saved.
no clue why a second set would be showing up next to it.
must be a problem with how they save pages.
>> No. 2019 [Edit]
why is this worth making a thread about
>> No. 2024 [Edit]
Because I suck, hamish, because I suck.

File 132801414342.jpg - (270.78KB , 622x564 , 20dcac9899e0a03c6452a7dd1a0c02a7770b0eb5.jpg )
1982 No. 1982 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
brought this up in the irc some time back, but sort of forgot about it.. and stuff...
just tossing this out there.

what do you think about combining /foe/ and /vn/ into a sort of general Nipponese games board?
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>> No. 1993 [Edit]
I wouldn't really care if you did.
>> No. 1994 [Edit]
File 13281133931.jpg - (51.09KB , 700x1026 , low_Akazukin_v02ch10_-_150_png.jpg )
I would rather prefer a sticky on those boards for education,stuff so people know were to go if they are even remotely interested and later post experienced with confidence in the subject.
>> No. 1995 [Edit]
I rather stay like this, but it isn't really important. Do as you please.
>> No. 2447 [Edit]
I think it'd make sense.

File 132686492615.jpg - (17.66KB , 565x142 , protest.jpg )
1923 No. 1923 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I can only hope for the best...
I need to.
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>> No. 1939 [Edit]
I tried removing it, hope it helps.
>> No. 1940 [Edit]
Oh it started working again even when it was still up, so I guess it's just the site in general being wonky.

Thanks though!

Post edited on 18th Jan 2012, 2:43pm
>> No. 1991 [Edit]
Please teach the world about moderation.
>> No. 1992 [Edit]

How would they even get Jesse Jackson involved? This has nothing to do with manufactured racial tension.

File 132797319549.jpg - (62.40KB , 588x506 , e0035580_4b724a63f19eb.jpg )
1979 No. 1979 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Can you make it so that when you click to edit a post, the post appears in the text box? It just saves the small inconvenience of copying and pasting.
>> No. 1980 [Edit]
That would be nice, especially since copy/pasting doesn't give you any of the code in your post so you have to re-add italics, spoilers, etc.
>> No. 1981 [Edit]
yup... that would be just super.

would be real nice if I had the necessary skills to program for the site like I should, and fix some of these bugs.
>> No. 1987 [Edit]
>That would be nice, especially since copy/pasting doesn't give you any of the code in your post so you have to re-add italics, spoilers, etc.

I always forget about them.

File 132780391933.jpg - (135.68KB , 630x940 , YT0NH.jpg )
1955 No. 1955 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you guys feel about the idea of deleting any and all images of 3D people outright, no questions asked, and making it a rule?
As is, it's sort of done on a case by case basses, but some people report every instance of it.
are we to lenient with 3dpd?

Post edited on 28th Jan 2012, 6:26pm
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>> No. 1974 [Edit]
I totally agree with this, but it's hard to make that a concise global rule...
>> No. 1975 [Edit]

Both are right but that basically means you should just keep judging them case by case, really. Banning all 3D pics would really be stupid.
>> No. 1976 [Edit]
dammit, there goes my hope of getting a muscular gangster sub-board
>> No. 1977 [Edit]
Please continue a case-by-case policy.

File 132423448963.jpg - (858.78KB , 1024x768 , Chrysanthemum.jpg )
1870 No. 1870 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I think...are images not loading on /pic/ for anyone else?
>> No. 1871 [Edit]
It's fine for me. I had a problem a while ago where /vg/ pics wouldn't load, and it turned out to be my adblock. Maybe you could look at that
>> No. 1872 [Edit]
I had the same problem when I accidently adblocked one of the theme's backgrounds.

File 132398334764.png - (84.08KB , 756x459 , Snapshot 2009-02-17 09-08-13.png )
1810 No. 1810 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I will apologize in advance for posting 4chan related stuff here, but I wanted to point out that the way the site is managed somewhat discourages posting here, which is obviously a necessity do to the behavioral characteristics of a majority of the English speaking world's end users. Never the less, knowing that my post stands a significant chance of being deleted reduces my willingness to expend effort on creating content for the site. I would like to suggest the possibility that if you have a balancing force to counteract the deletions, you might eliminate some of the negative effects of the very necessary strict moderation. Something like passing out gold stars or pic related might do the trick. Sorry again for posting stuff from over there. I actually gave up on the site entirely not too long after it happened (have been clean over two years now!), so maybe its a terrible example.
45 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1869 [Edit]

Tohno has been saying that all the time, though.
>> No. 1873 [Edit]
He has?
>> No. 1876 [Edit]
That has always been the case.
You can't tell if someone is something if they don't show it.
Hell, some 35 year old lonely guy can pass off as a 14 year old girl on Gaia as long as he uses the right typing style and avoids certain topics.
Hell, TOHNO could be a normal and you'd never know with how he acts. Not saying he is though, it's clear he's not.
>> No. 1886 [Edit]
I just wanna say I freaking love the yuru theme. I didn't want to make a new thread just to say that so I'll say it here

File 130583774256.png - (827.99KB , 704x400 , shot0008.png )
1004 No. 1004 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I like this website.
Thank you for making it.
2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1007 [Edit]
File 130583820316.jpg - (52.74KB , 380x360 , 1282628169327.jpg )
>> No. 1008 [Edit]
File 130584054716.png - (376.91KB , 721x598 , 1302612910966.png )
Yeah, thank you Tohno.
>> No. 1561 [Edit]
I was just thinking about this. It is very cool that there is a place like this for like-minded people to come together and talk about the things they enjoy, share their experiences, etc.

I like this website.
Thank you for making it.
>> No. 1852 [Edit]
It can be easy to forget very important lessons. Like lessons in quality.

Thanks for making this site. I'm kind of sheltered and this place is pretty much the only place I enjoy.

File 13240635978.png - (345.24KB , 640x480 , 1314224989968.png )
1825 No. 1825 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Are there any plans regarding SOPA?

Do we just wait for shit to hit the fan, are things being blown out of proportion, or is this place going to move to TOR?
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1831 [Edit]
Also, even assuming this turd somehow passes both houses (again, extremely unlikely) Obama will probably veto it. Not because he cares about the bill itself, but because the tech companies that are against it are his primary campaign supporters and they would be very unhappy with him if he let it go. Not a good move with election season around the corner and getting re-elected is literally the only thing he cares about
>> No. 1832 [Edit]
Most people don't care about losing rights until it directly affects them in a clear way, and since most people only use the internet for face-book and dicking around, people just aren't going to care until it's too late.
>> No. 1836 [Edit]
Tohno-chan mansion
>> No. 1849 [Edit]
Thing is, the bill would put social networking and being a lip-synching whore on the chopping block, so it's sad to say this, but we kind of need to team up with anyone who isn't an idiot, a consumer whore, or a megacorparation about this or we all get royally boned. The whores may be prevented from lip synching, but we also would be liable for going to jail for torrenting something instead of buying the shitty funimation dub...

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