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File 149480788525.png - (23.26KB , 411x651 , tohno.png )
6325 No. 6325 [Edit]
Lets have a thread to show Tohno how much we appreciate making the site for us and maintaining it all these years.
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>> No. 6326 [Edit]
File 149480812183.jpg - (54.06KB , 500x500 , 1475314300723.jpg )
i love tohno-chan and i love tohno!
im thankful to tohno for having allowed me to meet new friends and thankful to be friend with him!
>> No. 6327 [Edit]
Thank you for all the work and effort you put into the site, Tohno. This is pretty much the only community that I visit to on the internet.
>> No. 6328 [Edit]
File 149480960181.jpg - (96.06KB , 576x806 , e989d058.jpg )
Hey Tohno. This is a great and unique website. There's really nothing like it on the Internet. Keep up the good work.
>> No. 6329 [Edit]
File 149481065024.jpg - (79.00KB , 875x633 , 1393346436874.jpg )
>> No. 6330 [Edit]
File 149481309862.gif - (2.11MB , 400x224 , wrie0b5qrgxy.gif )
We love you Tohno!
>> No. 6331 [Edit]
File 149482298660.png - (125.73KB , 600x600 , 1475065575273_1.png )
>> No. 6334 [Edit]
File 149484787743.jpg - (40.96KB , 336x476 , 1489197969558.jpg )
Thanks Tohno.

I've always thought you were a pretty cool dude and TC is a nice, comfy place.
>> No. 6335 [Edit]
File 14948963018.jpg - (396.90KB , 800x888 , 07ca9c.jpg )
Tohno is a pretty cool guy and the site is nice too.
>> No. 6336 [Edit]
File 149490681427.jpg - (11.16KB , 222x222 , 1378736870697.jpg )
Tohno! We miss you!!!
>> No. 6337 [Edit]
ITT: Tohno samefags.
>> No. 6338 [Edit]
File 14949376261.jpg - (101.69KB , 769x1000 , sample-974e734f2d4c15077667a0328311aaef.jpg )
I appreciate the work Tohno put into this site. There aren't many people that dislike him. If I could draw I would draw a cute pic of her here, but I can't so just take this and pretend that I did.
>> No. 6342 [Edit]
I don't know if Tohno is on the brink of seppuku or something like that to warrant this thread... but I'm pretty sure everyone who visits this site has at least liked it. I know several people who don't even post here because they're aware they're just weeb shitposters and fear anything they add will just lower the quality of the board.

It certainly takes a lot of patience, thick skin, and a true love for otaku interests to have kept this board for so long. Props to you.
>> No. 6343 [Edit]
>I don't know if Tohno is on the brink of seppuku or something
I would hope so. He's an over rated hack fraud who should kill themselves already. This site is garbage and so is it's admin.
>> No. 6344 [Edit]
If you don't like the site, then why come here to post?
>> No. 6345 [Edit]
To say so, duh!
>> No. 6346 [Edit]
i disagree
>> No. 6349 [Edit]
Too weak to be taken seriously even as entry-level bait. Surely you can do better than that?
>> No. 6550 [Edit]
File 150304174568.jpg - (39.60KB , 200x200 , airminagi_1496.jpg )
Good luck Tohno with your moving. Take care.
>> No. 6559 [Edit]
File 150668213846.png - (637.52KB , 1024x732 , 05fdcaf43ddebe4a2845a797ef128b4b.png )
Oh, wow, I didn't even know that this thread happened. Anyway, yeah, I appreciate you still keeping the site up.
>> No. 6582 [Edit]
File 150827039831.jpg - (314.62KB , 600x818 , f163e268d012704396594eb5066d04348068e197.jpg )
i love tohno-chan more than any other imageboard. tohno-chan is my favorite imageboard and i want tohno and all of the users to find happiness one day
>> No. 6585 [Edit]
File 150890692873.jpg - (309.74KB , 750x1000 , Tohno fumo.jpg )
I modified a Sakuya fumo to look like Tohno-chan.
Thank you for everything Tohno, we all very much appreciate what you do for us, now and always.
>> No. 6586 [Edit]
It's great...!! Wish I had the energy to make fumos, too...
>> No. 6587 [Edit]
Where is Tohno these days?? i never see him on here anymore.
>> No. 6590 [Edit]

So he's wagecucking??.
>> No. 6591 [Edit]
File 150922091520.jpg - (768.29KB , 2048x1152 , PLP779r.jpg )
I moved and had no internet connection for a time while waiting on the keys to our new house. Got the new place but been hella busy fixing it up and upgrading it. there were days I'd barely be able to get in half an ep of anime before being bugged to help with this or that or run to the store for materials or whatever. Been more than a month in here now and haven't really unpacked much of anything yet. I've got more time on my hands now though as the work inside the house is like 80% done, but more so because the workers have been showing up less and less due to being busy at other job sites.

No, what >>6589 means is that I was hanging out at restaurants to leach off wifi. I didn't have an internet connection but I still wanted to keep up with at least a few of the anime I was following this past season.
>> No. 6743 [Edit]
No other image board (that I've seen) has post editing for users, or "See last 50 posts". I use both of these very frequently. I'm retarded and I edit almost all of my posts upwards of four times before they're complete, I always post too hastily...
And my computer is a piece of shit from 2008 and crashes if I open any thread with 300 posts or more. 50 I can handle just fine.
These two features may seem small but make a huge difference to me and I love this site for it (among other things).
>> No. 6756 [Edit]
File 154623655968.jpg - (44.50KB , 233x347 , shinji 27+.jpg )
Thank you.

Like, really, thank you, Tohno (also thanks for the snow this year as well).

I've been around since the ib4f years, and you've given me enough continuity through all these years of fragmentation and falling apart.

So here's to you and to a better future for all of us.
>> No. 6765 [Edit]
I may be remembering incorrectly, but I believe the last 50 thing is a relic of much older imageboards when people still had shitboxes. I do appreciate its use here though, because it keeps the old, long threads readable.
>> No. 6766 [Edit]
Thanks for keeping the site alive. Sorry I left for so long.
>> No. 6771 [Edit]
Thanks for getting posting fixed without the white screen
>> No. 6812 [Edit]
File 162752674661.jpg - (133.63KB , 600x600 , Mayura_full_3206714.jpg )
Arigatou Tohno-san
>> No. 6822 [Edit]
The captions below the banner are my favorite part of the site. Thanks for maintaining them.
>> No. 6825 [Edit]
Thank you for keeping the site running Tohno

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