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File 128964516750.png - (93.77KB , 452x102 , prettychan.png )
104 No. 104 Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Here's a thread for posting any banners you've made and would like to see used on the site.

All banners already on the site can be seen here:
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>> No. 6533 [Edit]
Sorry about the format, I think it was a result of combating some spam we were getting and I forgot to undo it. Should be good to go now.
>> No. 6534 [Edit]
File 149872353778.gif - (1.74MB , 452x102 , optimized.gif )
Such a fast response in the middle of the night.
>> No. 6535 [Edit]
It's easy when you have no life.

Nice job btw!

Post edited on 29th Jun 2017, 1:11am

File 149480788525.png - (23.26KB , 411x651 , tohno.png )
6325 No. 6325 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Lets have a thread to show Tohno how much we appreciate making the site for us and maintaining it all these years.
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>> No. 6345 [Edit]
To say so, duh!
>> No. 6346 [Edit]
i disagree
>> No. 6349 [Edit]
Too weak to be taken seriously even as entry-level bait. Surely you can do better than that?
>> No. 6550 [Edit]
File 150304174568.jpg - (39.60KB , 200x200 , airminagi_1496.jpg )
Good luck Tohno with your moving. Take care.

File 147319249268.jpg - (136.83KB , 1032x774 , I%2Blike%2Byou%2Bfriends%2B_4362b011e2fff008ebd55c.jpg )
6112 No. 6112 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Greetings tohno-chan staff just making a thread to tell you that i love your website and that you are doing a great job unlike a certain chan site that shall not be named you are doing great work to keep this community nice clean and you are keeping the normalfags out who come from god knows where i appreciate that very much keep up the good work i look forward to seeing more great things happen here in the future.
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>> No. 6545 [Edit]

Also a ban on ALL western animated media would be better rather than just a "recommendation" to not post it.
>> No. 6546 [Edit]
What about videogames that are made by western companies, other types of content that are fan works of anime or Japanese media like Touhou, music, etc.?
>> No. 6547 [Edit]

Western videogames should not be a problem in my opinion since they want to be as realistic as possible, but they re not well seen neither.
>> No. 6549 [Edit]
I'm happy I have TC in my life.

File 129500069795.png - (43.50KB , 497x160 , wut.png )
476 No. 476 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
These slogans keep getting stranger and stranger. Not that I'm complaining or anything.
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>> No. 6175 [Edit]
Kawanishi-Noseguchi Kinunobebashi Takiyama Uguisunomori Tsuzumigataki Tada Hirano Ichinotorii Uneno Yamashita Sasabe Kofudai Tokiwadai Myoukenguchi.
>> No. 6354 [Edit]
Is any one in this chatroom planning to commit violence against property, corporations, and/or human beings?
>> No. 6526 [Edit]
(fuck cube was underrated)
>> No. 6548 [Edit]
I believe... I believe... every day is a good day when you post

File 149458169442.jpg - (367.10KB , 1402x1473 , C_BLRYxVwAAbYP7_jpg large.jpg )
6322 No. 6322 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Just wondering, how much does it cost to keep the site up for a year tohno?
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>> No. 6540 [Edit]
There's been a lot of that going around. Pretty tired of it honestly. Tired of all this shit...
>> No. 6542 [Edit]
It seems liek random pictures are disappearing, such as the last one in the colouring thread on /mai/
>> No. 6543 [Edit]
I haven't really noticed that. they all seem to be okay last I looked.
>> No. 6544 [Edit]
File 150006285338.png - (318.68KB , 853x482 , anime screencap2017-07-14-13h06m24s791.png )

File 14975760994.jpg - (91.68KB , 1280x720 , 139190181057.jpg )
6508 No. 6508 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Can we make the IRL board public and just hide its posts from the frontpage like you did with /tat/?

The community has changed so I'm not gonna bother hiding it, I wouldn't mind getting to know our users better. I wouldn't even mind an online relationship and I'm not bothered by Tohno's. If the admin and even a few users are okay with it, I don't see the harm in having a small public board for it that doesn't broadcast posts to the frontpage. Surely that should be enough to dissuade any bitter guys that are still complaining about IRC and the like?
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>> No. 6522 [Edit]
Stop complaining about issues which don't existent please ^.^
>> No. 6523 [Edit]
File 149784246298.jpg - (143.29KB , 1024x1316 , CkDceS5XIAAmxZu.jpg )
report feature didn't go anywhere =^ ^=
>> No. 6536 [Edit]
File 149889891068.jpg - (121.98KB , 1280x720 , Amanchu! - 01 - Large 14.jpg )
>Catie trip name

Boxxy is that you?? what are you doing on here??.
>> No. 6538 [Edit]
File 149890107370.jpg - (51.97KB , 498x388 , file.jpg )

File 128925790236.jpg - (165.63KB , 650x1100 , minagi2345678.jpg )
20 No. 20 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I'm just gonna go ahead and list off know missing features that need implemented, and know bugs/problems that need fixing.

missing features

-post editing
-spoiler images
-multi image upload.
-theme switcher for the front page
-404 page

bugs/problems that need fixing

-repairs to themes not yet fully converted to current site.
-maximum supported upload seems to only be 7mb for the time being.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 6507 [Edit]
File 149753264337.jpg - (130.34KB , 1023x591 , CfXRkwiWEAAQc_j.jpg )
>BBCode Tag Wrapping:
When I select a text and click on "Bold" or any of the other options, the tags should wrap around the selection; instead, they appear at the last space of the message box. Ultimately this makes writing the tags yourself faster, thus making the feature obsolete once you know the tags. Is it possible to be fixed?

In short: probably not, sorry.

Tohno has informed me of the code which inserts the bold tags into the post box. In short this part of the code is what adds the bold tags at the end of the box.
this.form.{%KU_MSGFIELD}.value.concat(' ')

The ".concat", short for concatenation, adds the text at the end of whatever else is in the post. Nowhere, as far as I can tell anyway, does the code check for what text is highlighted. The only other instance I can find "this.form.{%KU_MSGFIELD}.value" used is in the Noko and Sage buttons, but in that instance it replaces the entire contents of the e-mail field with either noko or sage. I think that is much farther from a desired outcome for bold tags than merely adding them to the end of the post.

Between Tohno and myself we've spent about 5 hours working on this, and it seems like it would be very involved to implement. We use an outdated version of the language we use for scripts, probably due to its compatibility with Kusaba which hasn't been updated since 2012. The version of this language we use doesn't have documentation ... there is some limited amount available via , but I wasn't able to find any references to other arguments for the code used to add bold tags besides concatenation. I tried some level of googling around, but wasn't able to find anything about it. I also tried looking through other files on the server to see if there was anything helpful, but to no avail.

I'll keep thinking about it, but it might not happen if we don't make some major changes to the board software, or find someone very familiar with the software we're running. Sorry.
>> No. 6514 [Edit]
Thank you both for your hard work.
>> No. 6530 [Edit]
What if you just make the bb code a separate post form.

Type what you want in bb code in there, and when you hit the bold or spoiler or whatever button, it adds the appropriate bb code to the front and end of the string, then copies that string to the end of the main post form.
>> No. 6531 [Edit]
File 149853572257.jpg - (62.12KB , 850x850 , 1443047745381.jpg )
That seems like more work for both the user and programmer. The way I see it the Bold, Italic, etc. buttons just serve as reminders of what the tags are. It keeps you from having to navigate to another page to figure out, if you forgot.

No. 6457 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
May 29 22:41:49 <Lesh>i had to catch sheep today
May 29 22:41:59 <Lesh>i am man
May 29 22:42:06 <Lesh>i got cactus throns in me
May 29 22:42:12 <Lesh>thorns*
May 29 22:45:54 <Antime>are you a kiwi?
May 29 22:46:45 *Mafin_ ([email protected]) has joined
May 29 22:49:59 *Mafin has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
May 29 22:50:49 <Lesh>no
May 29 22:50:50 <Lesh>texas
May 29 22:50:54 <Lesh>im as texas
May 29 22:51:21 <Lesh>from*
May 29 22:51:40 <Antime>cool, it was just a polite way to ask if u fug sheep I guess.
May 29 22:52:01 <Antime>Are people banned if they you have a sheep gf?
May 29 22:52:09 <Lesh>i dont fuck sheep
May 29 22:52:24 <Lesh>on rare occasion i have sex with women though
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
15 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6494 [Edit]
File 149712158764.jpg - (363.40KB , 1536x2048 , ClTqJ3AVAAA3XmU.jpg )
Many users have been calling on us to clarify the rules, and make them unambiguous. A rule like that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. The rules recently went under a few revisions. If you can write "no normie behavior" in a way that clearly states what things could warrant a ban under that rule, it will be considered for an addition as a rule.
>> No. 6496 [Edit]
Anything we don't like.

This might seem like a joke but i'm serious.
>> No. 6497 [Edit]
File 149720472973.png - (172.70KB , 600x434 , CVunImZU4AA9SNU.png )
>in a way that clearly states what things could warrant a ban under that rule

Still no idea what you're trying to ask for.
>> No. 6499 [Edit]
I am also surprised stuff like that is regularly tolerated there. I think we all have aspects to our lives that are more on the normal side, but it's common curtesy to not bring ithem up in unwelcome settings. It doesn't surprise me that some of the users here are not socially aware enough to know that they're making other people uncomfortable by doing so though.

Basically, Lesh, please stop being publicly faggotish. I don't think you should be banned, but you are clearly bothering people when you act this way.

File 14966443296.jpg - (21.77KB , 295x379 , 1491920364177.jpg )
6474 No. 6474 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Can't we use legacy captcha? The current one freaks out on me, now and then.
>> No. 6475 [Edit]
What don't you like about it? If you're encountering the fading bug (you select an image and it fades away, making it impossible to complete) you can always activate the hearing one.
>> No. 6476 [Edit]
I'd prefer to not use a captcha at all, but it can't be helped. Our original captcha which was text based worked like ass and didn't stop any of the spam we got. I don't think legacy captcha would be 'much' better. I do however understand that some people don't much like the current captcha. In my experience with it so far I've found it to be very quick and easy to use, where as some have complained about it being very bothersome and asking for a lot of confirmations. I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume it's ties to google bother people in terms of privacy and google being the big brother? Not much I can really do about that. I'll try removing them from some boards here and there. Only put em up more around the site due to recent troll problems. As for all around? As much as I'd like to I'm afraid i can't do that dave.
>> No. 6477 [Edit]
That, and I like to re-think my posts, which causes the captcha to time-out and reset.

I often have to do two questions before approved, yes.
>> No. 6478 [Edit]
Yeah that timing out thing is pretty annoying, I've had that happen to me plenty of times.

File 149348452958.jpg - (80.90KB , 640x480 , mgs2_216_d8b.jpg )
6298 No. 6298 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
The best way to make sure normies do not find a foothold on this website is, unfortunately, to make sure this website is not easy to use (id est: streamlined). It is not a problem now, but it could become one.

My supposition is that quote linking is one of these streamlining, of which normies cannot do without. Without quote linking the effort to respond is increased slightly, for one has to read more, yet this slight is just enough to deter them.

That said, due to its drastic nature, I do not expect it shall be removed any time soon.
I wanted to know your thoughts though, do I seem not sound of mind?
24 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6347 [Edit]
Tohno, the poll just ended. You set it to end at the start of the 17th, not the end.
>> No. 6348 [Edit]
If I were a betting man, I'd wager that their lack of subtlety was intentional and that they don't actually want the board deleted.

It doesn't really matter to me either way though, I voted to keep it hidden as a containment board of sorts. It was fine like that.

Post edited on 17th May 2017, 3:27am
>> No. 6350 [Edit]
File 149505138350.jpg - (201.09KB , 723x1062 , 72b8fe094f3e632ba9d078583a3a25a0.jpg )
I see a consensus was reached?

I appreciate the consideration. There's something to special about a drug board for diehard weebs and I hope it can continue it's intended purpose as a containment board for /so/, /ot/ maybe /mai/ and the rest.
>> No. 6351 [Edit]
Yeah I considered that possibility at first too. reverse psychology and all. >>6340 clears that up though.

Didn't really seem like it made a difference after that sudden vote surge. The options really screwed things up before that anyway.

While the poll got kinda screwed up by the end, it did make it clear people here are very divided on the issue, and it's not just a vocal minority thing. There's a ton of people here who hate the board but there's still plenty who want to keep it. Even before that last minute surge the numbers were a fair bit higher than I expected while being pretty close. It'll never be a main board as. I think the containment board idea would be the best possible compromise since we can't go off the poll as it is. People who hate it wont have to know it even exists (like some of our other hidden boards).

File 149411763912.jpg - (135.31KB , 1280x720 , 149370718834.jpg )
6316 No. 6316 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Due to multiple reports, I moved this thread to /fb/ since the original OP would not.

I used to post here intermittently a couple of years ago, I haven't been here in a while because the board moves too slow. I found you guys from a banner ad you were running on 4chan /jp/ at one point, would have been like 2014 I think.

I don't know if you're still trying to fish for new users or if you care, but basically right now 4chan /qa/ is being raided and shit on by multiple parties. From what I gather the hidden /qa/ board was "terraformed" by old /jp/ anons and old 4channers to use for posting 2D random/anime/hobby discussion; basically generalized otaku hobby related shit of the sort that seems up the alley of people here. For reasons that you probably don't care about so I won't go into, the board has recently been invaded by several other boards and is basically an open sewer right now. The /jp/ weebs are trying to fight back but it's basically over, they are never going to have their board back the way it was.

If you're still interested in attracting new users you might benefit from conducting outreach operations on 4chan /qa/. A lot of the weebs currently sperging out over the loss of their 2D random board I think would probably like this place. It's entirely up to you; I don't particularly have a dog in the fight either way. I haven't posted here in a very long time and I don't give a shit about /qa/ or /jp/, I just remembered this place, I remembered that it was slow and anons were usually complaining about how the place needed more users, and I thought you might appreciate the tip. Do with it what you will I guess.
>> No. 6321 [Edit]
I don't mind recruitng ex jp members here.
>> No. 6332 [Edit]
There's an option in our mod panel for moving threads, which includes moving posts in said thread.

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