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File 128964516750.png - (93.77KB , 452x102 , prettychan.png )
104 No. 104 Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Here's a thread for posting any banners you've made and would like to see used on the site.

All banners already on the site can be seen here:
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>> No. 6018 [Edit]
File 14670032348.png - (107.65KB , 452x102 , 2.png )
>> No. 6019 [Edit]
File 146700325889.png - (19.51KB , 452x102 , 3.png )
>> No. 6273 [Edit]
File 149077874485.jpg - (10.33KB , 452x102 , epic 30k GET banner.jpg )

File 149569206881.jpg - (72.82KB , 618x483 , 1422758323351.jpg )
6353 No. 6353 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I decided to make this thread here rather than further shitting up visible boards with it.

Rarely do I doubt Tohno's decisions, but I feel like I'd be doing him a disservice by not questioning the appointment of staff members that are known to be female. While it's true that over the last couple of years it seems as though TC has become less misogynist (to my annoyance, admittedly) thanks to presumably new members, I still have my doubts that the community at large is comfortable with female mods/admins, let alone un-virgin druggie ones. This wouldn't be much of an issue were they merely gendered on IRC, but a tripcode does make it kind of hard to ignore on TC.

A more pressing issue, though, and I won't mince words here- females are not known for their rational deliberation nor mental stability. Surely older users here remember ticks and how well that worked out. In my years of being a loser on the internet, I've seen many a community collapse just because a girl with power was feeling vengeful.

I know Tohno is no white knight (just the opposite)- and I'm reluctant to create this thread as I will only be feeding it attention- but what is /fb/ for if not bitching?
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>> No. 6375 [Edit]
Well you're not entirely wrong there.

There's a good chance we'll agree with each other the next time we post anyway. That's the beauty of Anonymous boards.
>> No. 6376 [Edit]
>That's the beauty of Anonymous boards.
There you go, I agree with that. Until the next time.
>> No. 6377 [Edit]
File 149572366392.png - (166.75KB , 400x800 , CTmvqlEWsAE1yVg.png )
>Bumble's massive list of hard drugs on /420/ isn't exactly a much better track record.

The last time I took a drug I wasn't prescribed (actually prescribed, not "herp derp weed prescription") was on April 20th when I smoked some weed (and by the way, a male user of IRC and former mod has belittled me for smoking small quantities of weed when I do smoke it). The next time before that was taking some tylenol in March. The last time I took a "hard" drug was... January 2016 I believe. I also smoked one (1) cigarette in October or November of 2016 as well.

At any rate, if you would like to be a mod OP, you should get on IRC and ask tohno. You seem to be level-headed.
>> No. 6378 [Edit]
Just don't let someone respond to you with the word India when you're not talking about India at all. Tohno will get convinced you're not level-headed based on 2nd hand sources. He has that magic power.

Make sure you talk about your job a lot, too. It's good for your image.

Oh, and don't use godzilla bot, it's a trap.

Take this advice and you will do well in IRC, OP.

File 129500069795.png - (43.50KB , 497x160 , wut.png )
476 No. 476 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
These slogans keep getting stranger and stranger. Not that I'm complaining or anything.
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>> No. 6165 [Edit]
Life is a $20 whore and I've got 5 bucks.
>> No. 6168 [Edit]
"Ruby-chan gives me the strenght to smile every day. Thank you Ruby-chan. I love you and I will forever support you."
>> No. 6175 [Edit]
Kawanishi-Noseguchi Kinunobebashi Takiyama Uguisunomori Tsuzumigataki Tada Hirano Ichinotorii Uneno Yamashita Sasabe Kofudai Tokiwadai Myoukenguchi.
>> No. 6354 [Edit]
Is any one in this chatroom planning to commit violence against property, corporations, and/or human beings?

File 149480788525.png - (23.26KB , 411x651 , tohno.png )
6325 No. 6325 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Lets have a thread to show Tohno how much we appreciate making the site for us and maintaining it all these years.
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>> No. 6345 [Edit]
To say so, duh!
>> No. 6346 [Edit]
i disagree
>> No. 6349 [Edit]
Too weak to be taken seriously even as entry-level bait. Surely you can do better than that?
>> No. 6352 [Edit]
i would be so lost without the /mai/ board to show me the way

thanks tohno, thanks for having me

File 149348452958.jpg - (80.90KB , 640x480 , mgs2_216_d8b.jpg )
6298 No. 6298 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
The best way to make sure normies do not find a foothold on this website is, unfortunately, to make sure this website is not easy to use (id est: streamlined). It is not a problem now, but it could become one.

My supposition is that quote linking is one of these streamlining, of which normies cannot do without. Without quote linking the effort to respond is increased slightly, for one has to read more, yet this slight is just enough to deter them.

That said, due to its drastic nature, I do not expect it shall be removed any time soon.
I wanted to know your thoughts though, do I seem not sound of mind?
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>> No. 6347 [Edit]
Tohno, the poll just ended. You set it to end at the start of the 17th, not the end.
>> No. 6348 [Edit]
If I were a betting man, I'd wager that their lack of subtlety was intentional and that they don't actually want the board deleted.

It doesn't really matter to me either way though, I voted to keep it hidden as a containment board of sorts. It was fine like that.

Post edited on 17th May 2017, 3:27am
>> No. 6350 [Edit]
File 149505138350.jpg - (201.09KB , 723x1062 , 72b8fe094f3e632ba9d078583a3a25a0.jpg )
I see a consensus was reached?

I appreciate the consideration. There's something to special about a drug board for diehard weebs and I hope it can continue it's intended purpose as a containment board for /so/, /ot/ maybe /mai/ and the rest.
>> No. 6351 [Edit]
Yeah I considered that possibility at first too. reverse psychology and all. >>6340 clears that up though.

Didn't really seem like it made a difference after that sudden vote surge. The options really screwed things up before that anyway.

While the poll got kinda screwed up by the end, it did make it clear people here are very divided on the issue, and it's not just a vocal minority thing. There's a ton of people here who hate the board but there's still plenty who want to keep it. Even before that last minute surge the numbers were a fair bit higher than I expected while being pretty close. It'll never be a main board as. I think the containment board idea would be the best possible compromise since we can't go off the poll as it is. People who hate it wont have to know it even exists (like some of our other hidden boards).

File 149411763912.jpg - (135.31KB , 1280x720 , 149370718834.jpg )
6316 No. 6316 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Due to multiple reports, I moved this thread to /fb/ since the original OP would not.

I used to post here intermittently a couple of years ago, I haven't been here in a while because the board moves too slow. I found you guys from a banner ad you were running on 4chan /jp/ at one point, would have been like 2014 I think.

I don't know if you're still trying to fish for new users or if you care, but basically right now 4chan /qa/ is being raided and shit on by multiple parties. From what I gather the hidden /qa/ board was "terraformed" by old /jp/ anons and old 4channers to use for posting 2D random/anime/hobby discussion; basically generalized otaku hobby related shit of the sort that seems up the alley of people here. For reasons that you probably don't care about so I won't go into, the board has recently been invaded by several other boards and is basically an open sewer right now. The /jp/ weebs are trying to fight back but it's basically over, they are never going to have their board back the way it was.

If you're still interested in attracting new users you might benefit from conducting outreach operations on 4chan /qa/. A lot of the weebs currently sperging out over the loss of their 2D random board I think would probably like this place. It's entirely up to you; I don't particularly have a dog in the fight either way. I haven't posted here in a very long time and I don't give a shit about /qa/ or /jp/, I just remembered this place, I remembered that it was slow and anons were usually complaining about how the place needed more users, and I thought you might appreciate the tip. Do with it what you will I guess.
>> No. 6321 [Edit]
I don't mind recruitng ex jp members here.
>> No. 6332 [Edit]
There's an option in our mod panel for moving threads, which includes moving posts in said thread.

File 149458169442.jpg - (367.10KB , 1402x1473 , C_BLRYxVwAAbYP7_jpg large.jpg )
6322 No. 6322 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Just wondering, how much does it cost to keep the site up for a year tohno?
>> No. 6324 [Edit]
Round about $140 usd give or take.

File 149193394046.jpg - (124.31KB , 704x480 , [Muffled eurobeat].jpg )
6282 No. 6282 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Should we be concerned about the massive nazo dumb on /ddl/
It seems suspicious
6 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6289 [Edit]
Okay, posts are hidden from the front page.
>> No. 6290 [Edit]
I've never used that board, but my assumption was that its purpose was to upload rare stuff that was in danger of disappearing online, like doujins or something. I don't mind the nazi-spam, but it definitely look annoying in the main site's activity log.

Imho, make that board /jp/-only content (manga, anime, shorts, swfs, etc.)
>> No. 6292 [Edit]
I've used it a few times to download ebooks (not on nazos) other users recommended.

Not the most legitimate use, but it wasn't just file storage.
>> No. 6297 [Edit]
TC google search gave me this. No clue what it is.

File 144872222619.jpg - (49.50KB , 253x600 , 1357016409012.jpg )
5818 No. 5818 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
1. When did you start visiting tohno-chan?

2. How did you find out about tohno-chan?
28 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6226 [Edit]
File 148690791726.gif - (446.46KB , 500x500 , 1396892069295.gif )
Hello, I got here from a list of image boards explored and collected by a certain user. This place is nice and caters to all of my interests. Thank you for running this place!

So, I guess, +1 user. *kaching~
>> No. 6279 [Edit]
I used to lurk on the ghost boards on /a/ whenever 4chan went down. I started coming to /tc/ semi-regularly after seeing it posted there, and then more regularly once I realized that 4chan was a sinking ship.

I remember a lot of the tripcode users from then. I had one myself but behaved like a bit of a nuisance and wasn't accepted into the circlejerk - which is fine, I was very young (it was close to 10 years ago; 2009/2010, I was a Freshman) and we're all stupid as kids.

I'm glad it's still around. I like the community a lot, even though we butt heads on certain issues.
>> No. 6280 [Edit]
About a year ago, I searched up the term "waifu" on google, went to page 2 and found this hidden gem of a site.
>> No. 6296 [Edit]
Since we discovered it the same way around the same time, I'm curious who you are. What tripfriend were you?

File 147672989220.png - (306.14KB , 593x540 , 1473476186575.png )
6135 No. 6135 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
So when are we getting a Loli Henti or random board??.
20 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6278 [Edit]
File 149137109631.jpg - (48.39KB , 1280x720 , pwnodera.jpg )
>> No. 6293 [Edit]
How about adding some of the secret boards to the home menu? That way people can browse them but won't show on the activity feed.
>> No. 6294 [Edit]
Sure, I've been meaning to add some on anyways but just haven't gotten around to it. Did you have any in mind?
>> No. 6295 [Edit]
For starters /kf/ and /sub/, but I assume those are the ones you were referring too. Besides that couple, I was thinking of /$/, /tat/, and /lol/... maybe even that obscure lighthouses one, just so it sparks curiosity.

File 146938058387.jpg - (140.27KB , 900x1120 , 01still1.jpg )
6067 No. 6067 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
A couple months ago, I was banned from /mai/ on 8chan because the guys there are failed normie fucks, and my posts were a little too strange for them to handle, but nonetheless on-topic and not against the rules.
After that happened, I made a return to this place. I wrote a five paragraph long post for the waifu introductory thread that I worked really hard on. It took me an hour and a half to write it and do some editing to the structure and content.
Not ten minutes later, I'm banned because my waifu is a furry. I hadn't read the rules; I used to be an active poster here years ago, and furries were allowed at the time. I didn't think that would've changed. (also for the record, my waifu back in those days was a furry too, and I never had any encounters with mods because my posts were always decent enough and on-topic.)

I didn't say anything at the time because it was the second time in one day that I was banned over nothing, and I was so upset that I just gave up. I was really excited to become an active member on /mai/ again with newfound enthusiasm, and was planning to post several times a day. And I got shit on twice.
I was reminded of what had happened that day just now, and I'm finally here to ask: What the fuck is with this new rule? Your site gets four posts a day, why would you blanket ban thousands of potential users on sight, regardless of their post quality or level of dedication to waifuism? Is your hatred of furries worth it?

I was never ostracized, no one seemed to care what my waifu looked like, or what anyone's waifu looked like. There was even a guy who was in love with an anthropomorphic lemon. And that's fine. No one can choose who they fall in love with. I was treated no different than anyone else here back before this stupid rule was created. And that's the way it should have stayed. Why should anybody's waifu be excluded?
There was many things people disagreed with about my approach to waifuism, and they vocalized their opinions regularly, but their criticisms never once said anything regarding furries. This new rule is a complete blindside to me. Someone explain.
17 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6094 [Edit]

Make it "No lewds"
>> No. 6095 [Edit]
That seems like it should be a given.
>> No. 6281 [Edit]
If my opinion matters I quite like the pace this site is currently going at. This site should remain small because the quality of the posts here are extremely high, the best out of any imageboard I've seen. Increasing traffic, especially from furries who don't have a grasp of this site's culture I feel, would be detrimental to this place's overall post quality.
>> No. 6291 [Edit]
don't worry, i was just overly enthusiastic when i wrote that.

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