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File 141467761780.jpg - (67.26KB , 853x640 , Tohno-chan's birthday party.jpg )
5320 No. 5320 [Edit]
Happy birthday Tohno-chan.
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>> No. 5322 [Edit]
What's so happy about it?
>> No. 5325 [Edit]
File 141489253173.gif - (1.20MB , 640x360 , Tohno on Tohno-chan's birthday.gif )
Happy birthday!
>> No. 5326 [Edit]
I did some investigating and found that I originally linked to the site on 4chan's /a/ on a November 2nd.

As many know, I created the site just for the fun of it on ib4f. it wasn't until a few days latter (a week at most) that waifu threads on /a/ were being heavily spammed. So I suggested TC as an alternative, and it took off from there.
The post linked to above is the very first public mention of the site. I left it in my email field and told people to email me, this was to avoid the spam carrying over.
>> No. 5327 [Edit]
I should add that I just now dug around in my old chat logs and found that I did in fact 'create' the site on 10/30. It just wasn't opened to the public until the 2nd of November.
>> No. 5328 [Edit]
So, can we agree that the official birthday is on Nov. 2nd? I don't want to feel like I forgot it.
>> No. 5329 [Edit]
well it depends on weather you feel we should go off the date I hit the submit button on ib4f, or the date when I first told people about the site.
>> No. 5335 [Edit]
This year, I forgot.
>> No. 5800 [Edit]

I think we all forgot this year.
>> No. 5801 [Edit]
I keep thinking it's sometime in November....
>> No. 5802 [Edit]
i wanna go back to ib4f days
>> No. 5803 [Edit]
What makes you say that?
>> No. 5804 [Edit]
hello please allow webm files in the jap board thank you
>> No. 5806 [Edit]
>> No. 5807 [Edit]
File 144701378012.webm - (1.45MB , 1446339054003.webm )
Could not create webm thumbnail.
Also I think you left a 1MB limit
>> No. 5808 [Edit]
Try again.
>> No. 5809 [Edit]
It still says Could not create webm thumbnail.
>> No. 5810 [Edit]
That's probably related to Shinden's brilliant idea of giving the board a japanese name.
It will take a while until I can give it a look though.
>> No. 5811 [Edit]
Rename it to nihongo so I can post my webm
>> No. 5812 [Edit]
Kusaba has no way of doing that and creating a tool that does it will probably take as much time as fixing the problem itself. 仕方が無い
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