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File 149348452958.jpg - (80.90KB , 640x480 , mgs2_216_d8b.jpg )
6298 No. 6298 [Edit]
The best way to make sure normies do not find a foothold on this website is, unfortunately, to make sure this website is not easy to use (id est: streamlined). It is not a problem now, but it could become one.

My supposition is that quote linking is one of these streamlining, of which normies cannot do without. Without quote linking the effort to respond is increased slightly, for one has to read more, yet this slight is just enough to deter them.

That said, due to its drastic nature, I do not expect it shall be removed any time soon.
I wanted to know your thoughts though, do I seem not sound of mind?
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>> No. 6299 [Edit]
I believe reddit is a great example that shows normies will still latch onto websites even if they're ugly and hard to use.
>> No. 6300 [Edit]
I haven't used Reddit, so I don't really know about that. I guess Twitter is an example, I still don't quite know how it works myself.

How about this?
Greentext is misused because the reason to use it, quoting, is done through quote linking instead. If it's in constant use to actually quote people, using it as meme arrows would just lead to confusion and therefor deter its misuse.
>> No. 6301 [Edit]
I can't even remember the last time green text was misused. There is an >implying every now and then, but I don't think that is much of an issue.

Best way to deter the normals is making sure topics normals are attracted too are not allowed (e.g. drugs, 3DPD sex and romance, social sites, and social interaction beyond certain point). I strongly disagree with this site having a drug board, but not everyone can get what the want exclusively.
>> No. 6302 [Edit]
Its impossible for normies to stay on this site anyway because they'll be mercilessly hounded off the site by its users. Also you're being sort of optimistic by thinking the site will gain an appreciable amount of users in the future.
>> No. 6303 [Edit]
Yeah Twitter is another good example. I've tried using it myself but can't really get the hang of it.
Anyways, I haven't really seen Greentext be misused all that often around here.
I think it's like >>6301 and >>6302 said. We're already deterring normies as is. We have nothing they would want here, and what's more they find this site weird, creepy, and depressing. They'll come and go after a few posts at worst, at best they'll take a look at the waifu board and say to themselves "NOPE!" and leave. There's not that much to worry about here.
>> No. 6305 [Edit]
I also strongly disagree with the drug board, and don't understand why it has a place here. Just my two cents.
>> No. 6306 [Edit]
There's a drug board? What the hell.
I could type an essay about why that is fucked, but this isn't the thread to do it in and I think it could be summarized as this:
drug users are braindead and their posts and interests (and lack thereof) reflect this
drug users are ruining their body and mind, and the mainstay board on this site is one of self-improvement
there are tons of other image boards that already have highly active drug boards, all of which are 0/10 just like the one here will be, and whenever those retards catch wind of a new drug board, they'll rush over and invite more of their friends.

and normally I don't fear these kind of things, not here at least, because I have total trust in the mod team and their quality control abilities.
and you can call me petty or whatever you want for feeling this way, but people like them is why i'm starting to dislike anonymity. if there are bob marley worshipping college kids running around here, some of them might actually say something seemingly normal at some point, and bait me into writing a fuck huge response, and i'll have wasted it on a retard and there'd be no way i'd know it. there are certain people i never want to have any interaction with whatsoever and they are one of them.
>> No. 6307 [Edit]
We've had a drug board for a pretty long time now, only recently added it to the front page listing is all. Before we had it linked in our rules page.
I may not be a drug user, but I think pretty much everything you would complain about can be applied to alcohol just as easily, which I doubt anyone would complain about here. Just replace "drug users" with "drinkers".
It has a place here because drug use seems to be heavily entwined in depression ands social isolation. Most of the really far gone NEETs and Hikkimori I meet are involved with some sort of narcotics. What I don't understand is why it's acceptable for people to drink their depression away but not smoke it away. I don't do either and they seem like the same thing to me. If someone said they get drunk every night because they can't be with their waifu, would you call them a normalfag? Why does getting high for the same reason make them any different? I can't help but feel this is case of social engineering in which drugs have become associated with junkies, rappers, and stoner comedy grade morons. I don't believe all drug users fit into the stereotypes the media would have you believe. That said, does it need a board of its own though? Maybe not, but the board is essentially a containment zone to keep people from bringing it up on other parts of the site.
>> No. 6308 [Edit]
Since you guys seem really bothered by the /420/ board I decided we'll put it up to a vote if we keep it or axe it. Voting will end at the end on the 17th
I'll go with whatever you guys decide.
>> No. 6309 [Edit]
I scrolled through page 0 and there was a single serious thread on that page. It proved my post right.

Post edited on 3rd May 2017, 2:48pm
>> No. 6310 [Edit]
there are a lot of users here that use drugs. in the past when /420/ was not listed on the front page, drug discussions would frequently pop up on /so/ and /ot/. i don't think these people will go away if we get rid of /420/, just post elsewhere. if we get rid of /420/ we'll have to instead direct drug discussions to that thread on /txt/, or just ban it altogether (which i think would drive away many users who make well-reasoned posts that are not drug related)

Post edited on 3rd May 2017, 4:52pm
>> No. 6311 [Edit]
>I haven't really seen Greentext be misused all that often around here.
The problem is that it can be abused. For now the userbase is small and can be managed. IF the userbase were to grow to a large number, you cannot really expect common decency to hold them back from abusing it.
That is the kind of problem that is currently effecting the numbers/quality issue; nobody would not want more users here if quality were to stay at acceptable levels.
>> No. 6312 [Edit]
We get like five posts a day lately at best. This place isn't gonna grow any time soon. I think you're just being paranoid.
>> No. 6317 [Edit]
File 149412716590.jpg - (47.43KB , 326x493 , 1441389008923.jpg )
There's gonna be a lot of people that don't do drugs shitting on /420/ just because of what it is. But I like Tohno-chan as an ecosystem for such a board to exist in, as an alternative to places like 420chan or /b/ boards across the net.

I'll just go ahead and say that I'd rather it wasn't, but it'll likely only be able to survive criticism by being a hidden board. So that's why I voted that.

Even though it was made years ago, the population and activity are low enough such that it's an immature board and hard to judge objectively.
>> No. 6318 [Edit]
why do these threads even exist. if the site gets 5 posts a day than it's easy for Tohno and the other mods to take care of it, just like they always have. Even if that number gets higher, that won't change anything.

Post edited on 6th May 2017, 11:33pm
>> No. 6319 [Edit]
They don't trust me or the mods to put it simply.
>> No. 6320 [Edit]
So it seems I might have made a bit of a mistake when creating that poll. Rather than leaving it as "keep or axe the board", I created two different options for "pro drug board" which ended up dividing the votes between keeping it as a main board and secret board. As such in an attempt to be fair I'll take take the "main board" votes and apply them to the "secret board" votes once voting has finished.
So with that in mind it leaves us with a tie at the moment.
>> No. 6339 [Edit]
Yeah... so someone proxy spammed the poll I guess. The votes for deleting the board forever doubled overnight. Real subtle annon.
>> No. 6340 [Edit]
File 149500056946.jpg - (15.51KB , 400x219 , konata.jpg )
That could be my fault. Yesterday I saw this disgrace of a thread, wrote a long-winded and angry reply shooting down several points of view... but then I thought "Meh, what's the point"... then I asked several people who I know do post every full moon or lurk often, including those who introduced me to this site, to back me up with the deletion vote (if they agreed) and it's possible one of them thought spamming votes would be a good idea.

It's also possible they spread the word around since basically all of them are (comparatively more) active in /jp/-oriented boards.

Either way, you shoot yourself in the foot when you didn't remake the thread and left it with only 2 options... instead of adding 2 additional senseless ones. I'd even argue you shoot yourself in the foot by even making that board, but I don't want you to feel bad about... or worse about it, if you already feel bad.
>> No. 6341 [Edit]
Probably irrelevant, but assuming they all indulged me by voting (and not just told me that they had), that should account for 8 votes at most.
>> No. 6347 [Edit]
Tohno, the poll just ended. You set it to end at the start of the 17th, not the end.
>> No. 6348 [Edit]
If I were a betting man, I'd wager that their lack of subtlety was intentional and that they don't actually want the board deleted.

It doesn't really matter to me either way though, I voted to keep it hidden as a containment board of sorts. It was fine like that.

Post edited on 17th May 2017, 3:27am
>> No. 6350 [Edit]
File 149505138350.jpg - (201.09KB , 723x1062 , 72b8fe094f3e632ba9d078583a3a25a0.jpg )
I see a consensus was reached?

I appreciate the consideration. There's something to special about a drug board for diehard weebs and I hope it can continue it's intended purpose as a containment board for /so/, /ot/ maybe /mai/ and the rest.
>> No. 6351 [Edit]
Yeah I considered that possibility at first too. reverse psychology and all. >>6340 clears that up though.

Didn't really seem like it made a difference after that sudden vote surge. The options really screwed things up before that anyway.

While the poll got kinda screwed up by the end, it did make it clear people here are very divided on the issue, and it's not just a vocal minority thing. There's a ton of people here who hate the board but there's still plenty who want to keep it. Even before that last minute surge the numbers were a fair bit higher than I expected while being pretty close. It'll never be a main board as. I think the containment board idea would be the best possible compromise since we can't go off the poll as it is. People who hate it wont have to know it even exists (like some of our other hidden boards).

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