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No. 6457 [Edit]
May 29 22:41:49 <Lesh>i had to catch sheep today
May 29 22:41:59 <Lesh>i am man
May 29 22:42:06 <Lesh>i got cactus throns in me
May 29 22:42:12 <Lesh>thorns*
May 29 22:45:54 <Antime>are you a kiwi?
May 29 22:46:45 *Mafin_ ([email protected]) has joined
May 29 22:49:59 *Mafin has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
May 29 22:50:49 <Lesh>no
May 29 22:50:50 <Lesh>texas
May 29 22:50:54 <Lesh>im as texas
May 29 22:51:21 <Lesh>from*
May 29 22:51:40 <Antime>cool, it was just a polite way to ask if u fug sheep I guess.
May 29 22:52:01 <Antime>Are people banned if they you have a sheep gf?
May 29 22:52:09 <Lesh>i dont fuck sheep
May 29 22:52:24 <Lesh>on rare occasion i have sex with women though
May 29 22:52:36 <Lesh>but mostly tenga
May 29 22:52:52 <Lesh>tonight, i drink
May 29 22:53:03 <Antime>goodnight
May 29 22:53:12 <Lesh>with cirno and suika
May 29 22:53:17 <Lesh>night~
May 29 22:53:23 *Lesh hugs Antime
May 29 22:53:54 *Antime ponders if fucking a women whos fucked a sheep is gay while in leshes arms
May 29 22:54:02 <Lesh>nope
May 29 22:54:09 <Lesh>ive made out with men
May 29 22:54:20 <Lesh>his beard was sopft
May 29 22:54:29 <Lesh>and othe other ones husband told me it was okay
May 29 22:54:35 <Lesh>the rest were kinda blurry
May 29 22:54:52 <Lesh>i dont care about gay anymore
May 29 22:55:30 *Antime wonders if sheep dick feels like wool
May 29 22:55:40 <Lesh>i dont know what fucking a sheep is like
May 29 22:55:44 <Lesh>only people
May 29 22:56:17 <Antime>n o r m i e
May 29 22:56:21 <Lesh>now srtop exlpoiting my drunkenness to make me talk about normie shit
May 29 22:56:41 <Antime>I talk about sheep dick and you bring up 3d :^)
May 29 22:56:58 <Antime>is it true?
May 29 22:57:02 <Lesh>shhhh
May 29 22:57:05 <Antime>is texas for steers and queers?
May 29 22:57:07 <Lesh>its a secret
May 29 22:57:12 <Lesh>albeit a badly kept one
May 29 22:58:23 <Lesh>oh
May 29 22:58:26 <Lesh>texas you mean
May 29 22:58:26 <Lesh>yes
May 29 22:58:43 <Lesh>my city has more same sex couples with children than any other in the us
May 29 22:59:03 <Lesh>lots of gay poeplea
May 29 22:59:08 <Lesh>and they're wonderful
May 29 22:59:16 <Antime>youve caught the gay
May 29 22:59:21 <Lesh>jsut a bit
May 29 22:59:28 <Antime>sex is for procreation holmes
May 29 22:59:28 <Lesh>i still much enjoy tyhe 3d woman
May 29 22:59:36 <Lesh>but im picky
May 29 22:59:45 <Lesh>now stop making me talk about normie shit
May 29 23:00:10 <Lesh>no more
May 29 23:00:17 <Lesh>shhhh
May 29 23:00:19 <Lesh>its okay
May 29 23:00:23 <Lesh>i forgive you
May 29 23:00:23 *Antime calms down
May 29 23:00:37 <Lesh>you're jsut taking advantage of a drunk lesh
May 29 23:00:43 <Lesh>lewd girl
May 29 23:00:51 <Lesh>ara ara~
May 29 23:00:59 *Antime REEEE's inside

"Tohno-chan - a place to get away from normals."
If that is true then why is this bona-fide 3DPD worshipping, sex-having normalfag allowed? This wasn't just a one-time thing that slipped out (even if it was he should have punished for it in some way). Just the previous day this "Lesh" person and some other users were talking about how "hot" some 3DPD teacher was. There have probably been multiple cases of this person talking this way that I have not seen.

Is this really the kind of person who belongs on a website that is supposed to be norm free and for 2D lovers? Forget the female staff/user issue. As long as people like this are allowed, you will never be able to keep the kind of person you want on this site.
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>> No. 6458 [Edit]
File 149635037357.jpg - (65.58KB , 634x354 , 1439934454694.jpg )
Said it before and I'll say it again, if you want action taken based on something in the IRC channel, PM every oper in the channel. We don't stare at IRC every minute of every day.
>> No. 6459 [Edit]
But now that it has been brought up to you here, will you do something about it?
>> No. 6460 [Edit]
File 149635379669.jpg - (797.74KB , 799x839 , 1440102510945.jpg )
The user has been informed of their rule violations, and further infractions will be met with disciplinary actions. If I see them that is; please report them to help out the IRC ops.
>> No. 6461 [Edit]
It's not like people haven't complained in the channel when stuff like this happens. It's usually met with disinterest.

Rule enforcing has room to improve.
>> No. 6462 [Edit]
File 149650316788.jpg - (213.44KB , 1024x1291 , Cgy-1OYU8AQ_CUq.jpg )
Are you volunteering? What's your IRC username?
>> No. 6499 [Edit]
I am also surprised stuff like that is regularly tolerated there. I think we all have aspects to our lives that are more on the normal side, but it's common curtesy to not bring ithem up in unwelcome settings. It doesn't surprise me that some of the users here are not socially aware enough to know that they're making other people uncomfortable by doing so though.

Basically, Lesh, please stop being publicly faggotish. I don't think you should be banned, but you are clearly bothering people when you act this way.
>> No. 6583 [Edit]
I really dislike the IRC in general. There's been a handful of people I like there and it's not all bad but I've run into stuff like the OPs post and people being really shitty assholes to each other. I get a lot of people here are depressed and bitter but I completely avoid the IRC now just because of these people.

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