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File 13084872583.jpg - (369.24KB , 1200x1600 , kanyestylinonmozart.jpg )
1249 No. 1249 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
After two new threads popped overnight in /ot/ (>>/ot/8451, >>/ot/8459) I think we should talk about this again. If you haven't read thread >>/ot/8162 already you should do so now.

Basically I wonder (i.e. I don't even officially propose it yet, I'll explain in a second) if creating a board for silly threads might be a good idea. I myself have many doubts about this (to be perfectly honest I think I would vote against it at this point) as a board of this sort could obviously attract the type of crowd we wouldn't want to see around here. But if you think about it and look at /ot/ 4 threads that are currently at top of the page are something that /sis/ (or whatever you'd like to call it) could be useful for. Obviously there are both cons and pros here so the question comes down to this: Do we want to encourage people to make threads like >>/ot/8451, >>/ot/8459 and such or is /ot/ more than enough for them? As >>/ot/8162 proved people are rather reluctant to post them in /ot/ and I understand them perfectly.

Basically I want to know what other Brohnos and - most importantly - Tohno himself thinks about this.
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>> No. 1262 [Edit]
The 'media' related boards have less activity because many people haven't tried watching/playing/whatevering the media thats being discussed, and if they did may perhaps not be in the mood to discuss it. However, off-topic things about life in general most people can relate to and its easy to discuss because there is not many barriers to entry (there is techniques to analyse or whatever..)
>> No. 1263 [Edit]
>because many people haven't tried watching/playing/whatevering the media thats being discussed

Reminds me of why we started the "Anime of the week" threads on the old TC.
I wish that didn't fail so miserably.
>> No. 1264 [Edit]
Then it's settled I guess. I mean literally everyone is against it so there's no point in further discussion.

>any of the elitist jerk ass's that come with /jp/ (but we're heading that way I think.)

We're plenty elitist as it is. If the idea behind a site is to create a place 'for NEETs, hikikomori, otaku, and other social outcasts' to discuss their hobbies then you can't avoid that. No matter how you look at it we are much more conservative in those aspects than /jp/ or even /bun/. Furthermore

>Gaia/weeaboo shit. (Conventions, english dubs, Funimation, Naruto, friends or girlfriends into anime, ^.^, etc.) [is prohibited]

How is it not elitist? Heck, back in the day Naruto had it's own whole point. Also, it doesn't sound very convincing if two sentences before that you yourself said

>Not to say that we should go down the brain dead path of /a/ either.

I'm not arguing that we should allow those topics to be discussed. I don't want to see Ford Drivers discussing how 'SASUKE IS SO KAWAII KYAA XD' then sharing contact info to hit the bar together. But I don't see how one could deny we're elitist. Again, in many aspects we're much more elitist than /jp/ and I don't see it as a bad thing at all. If I wanted to talk about my hobbies with retards and Ford Drivers I'd go back to 4chan.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1340 [Edit]
>Gaia/weeaboo shit. (Conventions, english dubs, Funimation, Naruto, friends or girlfriends into anime, ^.^, etc.) [is prohibited]

Huh? Never been to Gaia, what's the difference between weeaboo and otaku now? Isn't the former just a newer more "internet slang"-y term?

File ;_;.txt - (3B )
1124 No. 1124 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
>Supported file types are: CSS, GIF, JPEG, JPG, MP3, PNG, PSD, TXT
Wow, I was just about to report that any audio codec but mp3 wouldn't work properly, i.e. with embedded music player, and now I see the list is updated accordingly.

On a related note...
>Maximum file size allowed is 22222 KB.
So I guess I'll dedicate this thread to file upload testing. First up is attaching an mp3 file sized >7MB..

2 tries and no dice. I was unable to upload a 10MB big MP3 file. Have a .txt instead-
>> No. 1125 [Edit]
File types other them .mp3 might not work with the embedded player, but can still be played by opening them in a new tab, also, people might be interested in uploading/downloading file types such as .ogg regardless of a preview.

7mb is all boards, and not by choice but because that is the highest file size our host allows for single uploads.
>> No. 1127 [Edit]
I had a problem once that I tried to upload a high-res image that was less than 7MB, and the site said it was too big. I reduced the file size a bit, but it was still too big, and I kept repeating the process until the site finally accepted a ~4MB file. This has happened more than once, but that's the only specific instance I remember.

File 13055648808.jpg - (108.79KB , 846x547 , Untitled.jpg )
979 No. 979 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Ever thought about adding various images/videos/music to one post like krautchan?

I don't think it's that useful, but it would be a pretty cool thing to have.
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>> No. 992 [Edit]
I like this picture.
>> No. 993 [Edit]
I don't really care about multi image posting.

I must comment that it makes the format of the site look a little crappier though.
>> No. 994 [Edit]
its possible to add in i guess but I'm not sure if it's really worth the effort
>> No. 995 [Edit]
We used to have it, I don't really see a point though. it just messes up the layout.

File 13040572357.jpg - (19.91KB , 425x351 , no no.jpg )
805 No. 805 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
For some reason, adblock decided to block all images on /vg/. It's easily rectified, but why?
>> No. 806 [Edit]
Yeah my adblock did the same thing. No idea why.
>> No. 809 [Edit]
No clue, hasn't happened to me, and I've used the thing to block individual images on the site before.
>> No. 834 [Edit]
It's caused by the filter ".com/vg/" in Fanboy's List, no clue why that was added.

File 130301544750.png - (229.50KB , 600x850 , b7d05d96e03921be6f1c108df8d86765.png )
694 No. 694 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
From a thread on /ot/:
>It [the recent posts list on the front page] only shows the past 15 posts, and there's plenty more than that each day.

Can you make it so you can click on a link and it'll extend the list, or something? So that way the people that don't F5 constantly don't miss out on posts?
>> No. 697 [Edit]
Shit, that's really handy. Usually the only time I'm behind on posts is when I first wake up, but still
>> No. 702 [Edit]
Whoa, just saw the change. Pretty sweet.
>> No. 733 [Edit]
This is the first time ive been on Tohno Chan for a week, and I saw the new thingy. I must say, good job. Very good job mate.

File 13018405301.png - (32.74KB , 452x102 , DONATE.png )
649 No. 649 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
It doesn't go away when I click the X button! Oh god I am not good with computer ;_;
>> No. 659 [Edit]
File 130241014723.png - (27.25KB , 452x102 , sakurafish.png )

File 130203286348.jpg - (475.74KB , 731x1031 , __colors_of_a_dream___by_kaoru_chan.jpg )
651 No. 651 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is there a way to download the files attached to >>/mp3/2 and >>/mp3/5 ? Somehow it doesn't seem to work.
pic unrelated
>> No. 652 [Edit]
I'm guessing something got messed up with the files, here, try this.
>> No. 653 [Edit]
Thank you.

File 130104665579.jpg - (53.38KB , 432x324 , Mai-Waifu-list-5.jpg )
620 No. 620 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I said this in /mai/ a while back but.. Could we have a small wiki where we can write stuff about the 'waifu concept', one which neatly encompasses most views about it?
8 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 629 [Edit]
Im sorry I didnt say so in the OP, but I actually wanted to have the wiki hosted on this site. Using external hosting is unreliable and you get ads. To remove the ads you have to pay, but then again why not just host it alongside your own site and pay for that instead?
>> No. 630 [Edit]
Again Im truly sorry I didnt double check before I posted and before you created that wikia website.
>> No. 631 [Edit]
I think this is more than adequate. Tohno pays enough already, plus having it connected to the site is just asking for trouble if it gets popular
>> No. 636 [Edit]
I doubt it would make a bit of difference to how much he pays for hosting, but whatever.

File 129796825098.jpg - (39.07KB , 255x383 , 2011-02-17_144029.jpg )
553 No. 553 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is it just me or do all the thumbnails of png images of manga pages look really jagged? Not sure why I can see png images of fanart posted on the other boards just fine but png images of manga on /ma/ look like this for me.

Pic is of what I'm seeing.
>> No. 554 [Edit]
thumbnails for pngs and gifs are handled differently to preserve transparency... if you want a clear thumbnail you'll probably have to upload a jpg

File 12943739271.jpg - (44.58KB , 704x396 , 1261020347016.jpg )
454 No. 454 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Can you guys post some stats of the site?

There are few posts but I'm sure that much more people comes here.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 456 [Edit]
Yeah, one of the very few things that was nice about ib4f was the neat statistics we could pull up. It would be nice if we could get some again, but don't count on it.
>> No. 457 [Edit]
Ah, I remember the good old days of 5 users online and we awkwardly waited like shy schoolgirls and schoolboys for the other to initiate the conversation.
>> No. 463 [Edit]
3 of those users were Tohno.
>> No. 467 [Edit]
I was able to find some stats with our hosts, but that's mostly technical stuff, Didn't find anything there about unique ips visiting the site.

File 129343073458.png - (23.56KB , 856x648 , sup.png )
428 No. 428 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I have a suggestion: put the Shi-painter applet on /cr/ board so we can draw our own oekaki.
>> No. 429 [Edit]
our board software does come with a painter thing, but adding it on makes the normal file uploader go away.
I'll try messing around with the code a bit and see if I can't get them to both work at the same time.

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