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File 157516510744.png - (809.55KB , 862x1200 , FE Ingrid 002.png )
6761 No. 6761 [Edit]
I got banned and I don't know why or for what post. The Ban was only short but still, I can't think of what I could have done to get banned. Would it be possible to create a public ban log or some kind of message to be included in the ban so we know why we were banned and the post we were banned for?
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>> No. 6762 [Edit]
I think it was from using the term "cap tcha" in the post. That term shouldn't be in our filter list but people have gotten banned for using it all the same. That's my guess anyway.
>> No. 6763 [Edit]
Ahh, I did use that in a post actually or I tried too.
>> No. 6782 [Edit]
File 160545936895.gif - (387.90KB , 640x462 , ezgif-4-f6c10e2b4e1d.gif )
I'll leave this here as a record of a /ns/ google thing issue.
>> No. 6796 [Edit]
File 161539847234.png - (1.06MB , 1280x720 , kano4.png )
The issue is finally resolved.

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