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File 138588390887.jpg - (231.85KB , 850x600 , 1385447922252.jpg )
4585 No. 4585 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I don't understand the purpose of the Watch Thread option. Where is the actual thread watcher after you click it?
>> No. 4586 [Edit]
An outdated and kinda pointless fetcher. It's something left over from the original software that I just assumed no one used.
>> No. 4587 [Edit]
That's a really cute picture.

File 138541450031.png - (252.04KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2013-11-14-00h06m28s250.png )
4562 No. 4562 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
there are too many noobs and people with bad taste on /an/ to make posting there worth my while.
can this be fixed?
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>> No. 4564 [Edit]
Post more Strawberry Eggs. I'm sure it will magically fix the problem.
>> No. 4566 [Edit]
That may have been a bit harsh.
I know shit sucks there sometimes, but you just gotta learn to ignore those people and remember that 1-2 people who like god awful shit don't speak for everyone much as it may seem like it.
>> No. 4567 [Edit]
>I know shit sucks there sometimes, but you just gotta learn to ignore those people and remember that 1-2 people who like god awful shit don't speak for everyone much as it may seem like it.
That quote is going to open my unauthorized Tohno biography.
>> No. 4568 [Edit]

>you just gotta learn to ignore those people and remember that 1-2 people who like god awful shit don't speak for everyone

... You mean /an/ still has more than 2 posters?!

File 138164747930.jpg - (26.60KB , 195x333 , f00822ab760f62775a850e2737bea9392307672b.jpg )
4385 No. 4385 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
So does anyone actually give a shit about all the shitposting lately? I'm not seeing anyone complain about it over even bothering to report any of it anymore. instead when I try deleting it people bitch about it on this board. ( >>4369 ) It makes me wonder if there's really any point to deleting memes and such shit if that's what people here actually want.

All I'm asking is for -some- indication there are still people here who prefer quality over quantity and don't like seeing some boards turn into a slower version of 4chan's respective boards.
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>> No. 4514 [Edit]
File 138430520489.jpg - (56.32KB , 720x388 , josh nightcall.jpg )
I like the ford Driver meme. I myself drive a bronco and it has served me well.
>> No. 4530 [Edit]
who are you quoting?
>> No. 4540 [Edit]
why the fuck do people keep reporting my post?
What's wrong with asking who/what someone is responding to?
I'm just trying to find out who >>4529's statements are directed at.

>you dont have a waifu so I'm going to delete your posts
No one here said this, did this, or implied anything like this.

>So everyone who watches less than two anime series a season is all of a sudden a moe-shit lover, nice logic.
No one here said anything like this either.

I'll ask again, who are you responding to? who said anything like this? what the fuck are you talking about?
>> No. 4554 [Edit]
File 138483908060.png - (95.07KB , 350x265 , 631.png )
you suck get banned '

File 138477887731.jpg - (49.90KB , 400x400 , 1141769973587.jpg )
4549 No. 4549 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
wheres the psychiatric help board
>> No. 4551 [Edit]
I still can't believe Ayu is a 17 year old girl.
>> No. 4552 [Edit]

File 135154121280.jpg - (294.41KB , 700x990 , 1330617900820.jpg )
2988 No. 2988 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
I think that merging /cr/, /fig/, and /mp3/, into a Misc. Hobbies/Interests-type board is something to seriously consider. Having this many super-specific boards has always seemed silly to me and hasn't really proven to be particularly effective, as far as keeping persistent, interesting discussion alive goes.

The board is supposed to be a broad theme, then threads are more specific subsets of the board. It's not just a matter of organization, either. More people are likely to see threads that they wouldn't have otherwise seen when it's all collected into one general place, and, of course, that means they're more likely to respond to the threads.

I'd also bring back the doujinsoft board (since there's nowhere to discuss doujin games, really), and merge /foe/ and even /vn/ with it like the early days, to make it like /jp/. I'd leave /vg/ as it is. It would probably remain a slower board, but it would at least be a more interesting than it is now.

What do you guys think?
71 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4541 [Edit]

'Why did people leave?' is the hot topic on /fb/, or rather it has been for like half a year by now. There were heaps of possible answers and as is usually the case there's some truth in each of those probably (aside from that one guy who keeps rambling about how /tc/ is filled with fake hikkis and NEETs who only label themselves as such because it's supposedly 'cool' - he's just retarded).

As for why people aren't interested in /tc/ imageboard culture - or should I call it 4chan culture? - is what I imagine is the biggest barrier. People got used to 'quick fix' version of internet where they open some site, bring up some topic, see some responses and get their fix. All in a very short period of time. It's quasi ADD-esque in a sense. It's not just 4chan of course, twitter is more or less the same in that aspect. That's just how internet rolls nowadays.

Those of us who are a little older are used to fora which usually move at a much slower rate (or used to move, especially when it comes to a rather niche topic and that's what anime was a decade ago) and thus our attention span isn't wrecked yet. We value quality over quantity and don't mind waiting for a qulity response instead of getting quick insipid fix.
>> No. 4543 [Edit]
the basic fact about imageboards is that all of the content is on any board is created by the people who use the board.
tohno-chan is a board for discussing a limited subset of weeaboo shit and the people who use the site just aren't very much interested in discussing the appropriate weeaboo shit so the site doesn't get very many posts.
>> No. 4544 [Edit]

Doesn't explain the drop in post rate or the drop in quality.
>> No. 4545 [Edit]
it explains everything.
the site will get faster/slower, better/worse, etc if the site's end users want it to otherwise it will stay like it is.

File 138370930085.jpg - (57.63KB , 778x1023 , 1341284387369.jpg )
4454 No. 4454 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you think that if they made another season of Lotte no Omocha that you would make a new board for it?
10 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4498 [Edit]
its not him, either the sever here is very slow or cloud flare slows the connection down a lot. either was there is a not insignificant latency issue.
>> No. 4503 [Edit]
If you think this is slow you should have seen the site back on ib4f.
>> No. 4507 [Edit]
What are you guys talking about? except from threads filled with Youtube embeded vids there's nothing slow about /tc/ loading (using latest Mozilla with Adblock here). And even the longest threads in history have never, ever, reached the lengths of /a/ or /jp/.
>> No. 4510 [Edit]
yeah, thats a good comparison because this little 1 post an hour website has a hardware and connectivity budget that it comparable with 4chan's

File 138397353048.png - (9.19KB , 675x173 , what.png )
4469 No. 4469 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I deleted that post already but please do explain this to me.

Is this a joke?

Post edited on 8th Nov 2013, 9:40pm
>> No. 4473 [Edit]
yeah I made a bunch of posts when I was bored.
You missed some too, on here and on the backpages of /an/ and some other boards.
>> No. 4475 [Edit]
>> No. 4534 [Edit]
Nice prank.

File 138298841244.jpg - (243.56KB , 1024x768 , best anime.jpg )
4424 No. 4424 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
In honor of the fact that this is by far the worst season of anime in recorded history, could you lock /an/ until January 1, 2014?

Thank you for your consideration.
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4435 [Edit]
Not even the worst season this year.
>> No. 4436 [Edit]
How about no? I'm using it.
It is not just your board.
>> No. 4452 [Edit]
Funny since I think this is the best season of any year since 2006-2007 that had back to back good seasons.
You were probably in diapers then though, kid.
>> No. 4453 [Edit]

Ok, you're pushing it way too hard right now, comparing this season to the goldmine that was 2006-2008 is a blasphemy.

It's not a good season but I've seen worse. I've seen worse this year. It's kinda average really.

File 137671371773.jpg - (48.92KB , 515x800 , FIG-MOE-2427_02.jpg )
4271 No. 4271 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Is figurecumming allowed in /fig/?
48 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4336 [Edit]
You're not even trying anymore, are you?

Dakimakura do not contain humans. They're 2D images printed on fabric and placed around a body pillow- much more comparable to an anime poster than a cosplayer with an anime mask.

If it involves pictures or videos of 3D people, it doesn't belong here. It's as simple as that.
>> No. 4338 [Edit]
My kig has never been on anything other than a mannequin, but my dak has been covered in jizz and sweat on more than one occasion.
Which one is more 3DPD?
I cosplay as my waifu and sing her songs and reenact scenes from her life ALONE, just me and my waifu and her supporting cast. I don't attention whore in public with a bunch of fat nerds, I don't post pics of myself online or anything like that.
There is nothing wrong with kigs or cosplay, whats wrong is that the way you see people employing them and that has painted an inaccurate picture in your retarded little brain of how they're actually used.
I'd bet if you polled /mai/ you'd find out that a lot of the people there have cosplayed as their waifu ALONE, behind locked doors, etc.
>> No. 4339 [Edit]
Someone that is incapable of telling the difference between cosplay porn and worksafe images of a kig mask on a mannequin is calling someone else retarded? Haha, oh wow.

If you cosplay alone and don't want anyone to see, then why the hell would you even be complaining about kig porn being off limits on TC?
>> No. 4467 [Edit]
h i a okay with having idolthreads since they need another home other than /jp/ and everyone loves akb48

File 138321016774.jpg - (20.52KB , 402x145 , 10-31-2013.jpg )
4440 No. 4440 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Hey, Tohno, guess what?
I remembered this time.
Did you?...
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4443 [Edit]
I'm still really not sure about the date. is this based off when we switched servers, when the ib4f site was created, or when it was open to the public? either way I don't remember the site's birthday being on the same day as Halloween.
>> No. 4444 [Edit]
I base it on this: >>3170
>> No. 4445 [Edit]
Yes: four more years and to meet in 2040.
>> No. 4447 [Edit]
See: >>1751
we all fucked up... again (geez).

File 137884798069.png - (6.95KB , 452x102 , godtext.png )
4334 No. 4334 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
can you unsticky the banner thread here?
nobody uses it anymore so its just a waste of space.
if anyone wants to post a new banner the thread will go back to where it belongs at the top of the page, but nobody has posted there for over three months
22 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4420 [Edit]
Whelp there you go. I decided to stop making those threads for this season becuase of this thread and what happens? You just end up with a lot of shows that have no threads and get 0 posts becuase of it. oh yeah those boring 'spam' threads were really killing /an/ weren't they? good thing we have /a/ style threads now to bring more life to the board! after all I was dying to know if anime really is more mature than American cartoons or whatever the fuck that PSG thread is about (being as it's the most active thread so far this season).

Now then, I'm gonna go back to making those types of threads you call "spam" becuase clearly few others are making threads and the shows wont get talked about -at all- other wise. If you don't like it fuck off back to 4chan, or better yet just try and stop me.
>> No. 4421 [Edit]
That P&S thread really is shit. Don't worry about it, people just really enjoy arguing on the internet and acting like retards for their own amusement. A lot of people on this site are apathetic or just don't bother to say anything, but more people want /an/ to be a better place than you think.

Post edited on 27th Oct 2013, 1:42pm
>> No. 4422 [Edit]
whatever you say kuru
>> No. 4432 [Edit]
I'm obviously Bromura, dude.

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