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Some of us Thought it might be nice to have a thread to kind of list off who is who's waifu. The concept is simple really,...

No Subject

One day, you'll die. We'll all die. And those of us with not so popular waifus ... our waifus will die with us. Big s...

No Subject

ITT: Random /mai/-related posts... Share your daily waifu experience. I'll start: Since I've become so politically in...

No Subject

ITT: Songs that remind you of your waifu (PART II) This time PLEASE just images and comments plus mp3 files or links, no Youtub...

No Subject

When was the last time you saw your waifu in a dream? Does it happen often? It's truly amazing to be able to see her smile...

Waifuism and Despair

I've given up all hope. I've run out of anything to believe in. My love for her has transformed into a desire to tell...

youtube on waifuism

Are there any vloggers that discuss waifuism seriously? Why's it always text? I look around YouTube and see nothing but tu...

Would anybody be down to create a discord server for /mai/ ?

If we get enough people I can sent an invite refresh every week to keep getting new members. It would definitely be more intera...

Times change and so do feelings.

I've been hesitant to say this for a while now, but I'm sad to say I've found myself being drawn to a new waifu ...

Waifu Fantasies

What are some cute little fantasies that you have about your waifu? I want to get a ridiculously big hoodie with a zipper, and ...

Waifu Survey

Hello, I am conducting a survey on waifu love. Feel free to only answer the questions you'd like to, but please do partici...

No Subject

Has your waifu got different designs to her, or different outfits? With Kagura, there's some art of her, which pre-dates t...

No Subject

If there were a technological advancement that simulated being with your waifu, such as virtual reality or robotics, would you ...

No Subject

Post ITT when you find a new image of your waifu. For those with a waifu that's popular or gets tons of fanart daily/weekl...

No Subject

How long have you been with your waifu?

No Subject

How are you guys dealing with the fact that the concept of waifus is far beyond being mainstream by now? Or more, people know i...

No Subject

Have you ever encountered an experience where another character from another series immediately reminded you of your waifu? I m...

No Subject

Does your waifu have any family? Would you get along with your in-laws?

No Subject

How do you deal with degenerate porn of your waifu, specially gangrape doujinshi ones? Do you feel bad when you see them? Do yo...

No Subject

In this thread, we say something nice about the previous poster's waifu.

No Subject

What word do you feel best represents your waifu? For Minagi it would have to be tranquility.

No Subject

What kind of home does your waifu have? Would you like to live there, or would you rather move somewhere else with her?

No Subject

For those of you in love with antagonists, or those who have done outright villainous things (such as murder), how do you deal ...

No Subject

Why is my waifu, Miki Sayaka-chan, the most perfect magical waifu to have ever graced this existence?

No Subject

We need a thread for creative things you do specifically of/for your waifu; I feel this is more /mai/ than /cr/. Here's a ...

No Subject

What are some downsides about your waifu? And what are some things other would consider as a downside but you like about her? A...

No Subject

I've been thinking recently about "waifu sharing", or more specifically, the people who hate it when they find s...

Waifu's Birthday

So how exactly do you go about deciding on your waifu's birthday if it wasn't officially released or do you guys just...

No Subject

How do you feel about your waifu's source material?

No Subject

How many pictures of your waifu do you have? I'm nearing 2000. I separate the folder into official art, fanart, and pics w...

No Subject

What's your most favorite part of your waifu/husbando's body? Mine is Garrus' rump/hips. They're so kayoot....

No Subject

Are there any misunderstandings, misinterpretations, fallacies or rude thoughts people have about your waifu that make you angr...

No Subject

Today is Nagisa's 32nd birthday. Time is flowing like a river...


Today is my waifu's birthday. It's a special day that always gets to me a bit. I really can't stress how much sh...

Rules on having a waifu

What are your thoughts on it? Do you feel as if it keeps out unwanted normals or do you think it is something that can cause co...

What is "moe"?

What is "moe"? What is the "moe feeling" you talk about? Why have you turned an old meme from Azumanga into...


What do you think of Tumblr RP blogs of your waifu? Do you like to interact with them or pretend that it's actually your w...

No Subject

Celebrating my second anniversary today. Was actually on the 2nd but I had LSAT and final exams the past few days. Wine isn...

No Subject

Alright, so this is my first time admitting it, but my husbando is Speedwagon. I thought I was straight until I found myself ho...

No Subject

I know it's late, but what the hell. Did you find any new images of your waifu this Halloween?

What we got going on.

What are some things you think your waifu would like about you?

So I got a question. Does this still stand as our official symbol?

I remember that quite a while ago, /mai/ was discussing what the official symbol for Waifuism should be. Unfortunately, I could...

Waifus in the work force.

What kind of job/carrier do you think would suit your waifu? I've come across an artist on pixiv that has drawn my waifu a...

Divine husbandos/waifus and self-improvement

For those of you whose husbandos/waifus are higher forms of some sort, what kind of improvement do you think makes them happy? ...

No Subject

Has anyone here been in a situation where he met someone who he could love more than his waifu? If so, how did you cope with th...

No Subject

>>19871 This. Honestly she has gotten me through so much, brought me through a very big crisis recently. I spend about 35...

No Subject

Do you ever write about your waifu? If so, what do you write?

No Subject

Do you have any special ways of making your waifu's presence feel more "real", for lack of a better term? I rece...

an apology

I dont want to reveal who I am but I want to say something, I am sorry for trolling and basically lying to people here. while w...

No Subject

Do you guys own merchandise of your waifu? I myself dont. There isnt much of her to begin with, but i always get asked by peopl...

waifu survey thing.

Found a five year old .psd today containing a version of this I filled out. Disabling the layers reviled the unedited original ...

Shared Interests

What interests and hobbies do you have in common with your waifu? If you don't have any in common would you try to get int...

No Subject

What are some good drama/romance movies to watch with your waifu? This can be Western and actual actor stuff (if that's ok...

No Subject

Do any girls remind you of your waifu? Hishiro and Kanako are quite similar although I suppose Hishiro's cold exterior is ...

My beliefs on having a waifu

Probably going to get in shit for this but I wrote down things about how I look at having a waifu. To be clear, I have no inten...

Finish the sentence.

You know you got it bad for your waifu when...

Just friends?

What if your waifu/husbando just wanted to be friends? How would you feel, what would you say, what would you do? Pic unrelated...


Hello. Noob with no waifu here, testing the waters. I was wondering how on earth do you manage to stay focused on one single gi...

A Shift In Roles

By some weird twist of fate by adoption or other means your waifu is your daughter. How would you handle such a thing? Instead ...

No Subject

Does anyone ever got torn between 2 girls for completly different reasons? This might be a pretty sensitive subject, but I hope...

No Subject

Have you ever thought about marrying your waifu? Specifically, have you ever planned out what your and your waifu's weddin...

Waifu PJs scavenger hunt?

It's pretty simple you find an image with your waifu/husbando wearing something you normally wear when going to sleep. I&#...

commissioning waifu related items

What are you experiences with getting things related to your waifu custom made? Currently I'm in the process of finally ge...

No Subject

Is this board real? Is this a real thing? Using "waifus" as a form of escapism? I mean, I've heard of this sort ...

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

Recently passed Midnight GMT(+1). Happy Birthday Erica! (Best birthday wishes for her sister, Ursula, as well!) This will be th...

No Subject

Hello guys! I found a new waifu simulator! enjoy http://www.waifudream.blogspot.com.br/...

The term "waifu"

Does anyone else dislike it? Considering how many people either think it means "Hot anime girl I masturbate to" or th...

No Subject

I've been wondering a few things about waifu voices, and how you imagine them. If she has more than one canon voice actor,...

No Subject

Did any of you tell your parents/friends about your Waifu? How did they react to it? But in a little perspective tell us what k...

No Subject

What about your waifu did you fall in love with? With Hanako, it was her shy nature that initially attracted me to her, and it ...

General questions

A thread for all of those questions too small to warrant making an entire thread for. Your waifus are all lovely and you'r...

No Subject

Has anybody here ever been able to feel the touch or presence of their waifu around them, or maybe physically on their skin or ...

No Subject

Guess I'll put this up here because I don't know a better place. I have finally sat down and rewritten parts of waifu...

anything to be with her...

it's going to be our one year anniversary in December. i plan to take my life then. i won't live without her anymore....

New Year's waifu-related resolutions

Do you have anything you want to improve on for her this upcoming year?

No Subject

December's come around again, so now is a good a time as any to start this year's Christmas thread. How is the gift b...

No Subject

Nagisa is 31 now! Happy birthday! I've seen many interesting and appealing characters. They were prettier and more clever ...

A rose by any other name...

So I've been having a bit of a problem for a while now. It started a few years ago (give or take) when I noticed danbooru ...

Happy Birthday Minagi.

It's that time of year again. Thought I'd try drawing something for the day.

No Subject

/mai/, how do you deal with lust with regards to your waifu? There is not a lot of good porn of her out there, but I keep getti...

No Subject

Please don't be offended at this question as I understand it will be very personal, but how old were you when you first me...

No Subject

Today is our first anniversary! A lot of good and bad things over the past year and she's stuck with me through all of it....

How do you talk to her?

Lately I've been struggling to talk to her. I'm not sure if I should just talk to her until she responds or try and i...

No Subject

If you had to name one feature you like most about your waifu above all else, what would it be?Post edited on 24th Feb 2013, 7:...

No Subject

How did you *know* she was the right one? I've fallen in love with 3DPD before, and sometimes when I see or talk to a woma...

I have successfully tulpamanced mai waifu

For those that don't know what tulpas are: When an anon loves his waifu very much, he makes her real with the power of his...

No Subject

I love Kumin

No Subject

The rules for /mai/ had been amended to reflect recent issues. • /mai/ is a safe zone. Insulting, talking down, or arguing with...

Major changes

What do you do if your waifu pases for a MAJOR canon change? do you consider this a test? have you found something about your w...

No Subject

A few years back danbooru decided to change my waifu's name from Tohno to toono, along with every other character named To...

A roze by any other name.

A few years back danbooru decided to change my waifu's name from Tohno to toohno, along with every other character named T...

Privacy and You

Do you prefer to keep your waifu tendencies in private or share them with others? I used to feel like sharing with anyone and e...

No Subject

What physical things related to your waifu/husbando do you own? I just received my Leorio keychain in the mail so I can take hi...

Light verse thread

Herein: a little bit of space - to speak the beauty of her face, In couplet form; of smile demure, of hazel eye and tress azure...

On the verge of leaving, need help.

I seriously need some advice guys. It's the first anniversary I fell in love with her today. I was very stoked for this mo...

No Subject

ITT: racial barriers Let's talk about the experiences that those of us with non-human waifus have. Whether your waifu is a...

No Subject

How do you deal with missing information about your love? Things the canon never discussed, that is. Do you just live without k...

No Subject

If your love died in her source material, how do you deal with it? (I mean permanent death, no resurrections or close shaves or...


Do you guys have real-life waifu shrines? With posters, pictures, figures, whatever. I want to have one, but I can't until...

No Subject

How having waifu has changed your life? Now that I’ve been with Kurisu for a year, I feel my life has changed so much. Maybe ev...

No Subject

I was looking for new pictures of my waifu when I stumbled upon a doujinshi of her; a terrible one of her being gang raped... Y...

No Subject

So i've been with my waifu for over a year now, and I do love her. But recently, i've been struggling with the whole ...

No Subject

Hey. I'm in a bit of a pickle. Recently, feelings for my old waifu re-emerged stronger than before. I had been fighting th...

No Subject

Guy from 6 months ago who made a tulpa out of his waifu. I made a thread here in October saying I was going to go through this,...

No Subject

I was hesitant to post this topic because I don't really see it as something that will discuss our waifus but it has staye...

No Subject

Hey everyone, I thought it would be fun to collaboratively write an FAQ about waifusim with thoughts on what defines a "wa...

No Subject

Hey guys, while I personally don't have a waifu, I have some questions about how you envision your waifus: >Do you inse...

No Subject

How do you interact with your waifu on a day to day basis? I'm newer to this and unsure what ways I can spend time with my...

No Subject

Do most people here post about their waifus on other sites? If so, which ones?

Crush on the side?

Has anyone else experienced this? Having a brief crush on someone who isn't your waifu, while with your waifu. I got over ...

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