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File 139325699561.jpg - (66.25KB , 640x480 , Kagura Movie.jpg )
14570 No. 14570 [Edit]
Has your waifu got different designs to her, or different outfits?

With Kagura, there's some art of her, which pre-dates the Azumanga Daioh anime, where she has purple hair. It's a little out there, though a few of the other characters were drawn with unnatural hair colours as well, so it sort of fit. Personally I'm glad they went with natural hair colours in the end, as the characters are meant to be at least somewhat believable (I say somewhat because Chiyo-Father), so the natural colours help with that, I feel.

In some official art, and The Very Short Movie, her hair is less round and more spiky and stylised. It looks cool, but I prefer the slightly less crazy, rounder style.

In terms of outfits, I'm a big fan of her cheerleader outfit, even though there's next to no fan art of her wearing it...

What's your opinion on your waifu's different looks?
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>> No. 14571 [Edit]
File 139329036449.jpg - (137.24KB , 900x450 , 19628-alice-madness-returns-amr-dresses.jpg )
I love all her dresses from the vanilla game (pic related), especially Classic, Silk Maiden, and Royal dress. The DLC dresses are pretty meh, but I do kind of like the Hattress one, if only for the uniqueness of it.
>> No. 14572 [Edit]
File 139329195329.jpg - (383.80KB , 1259x2167 , 1389368945944.jpg )
So far, she has her school uniform, her astral dress, her casual dress (shown in the image, just in case if anyone doesn't know what exactly I meant by that), her wedding dress, and a maid outfit. There are some other outfits of her but either they're coming coming soon or that I deem them not as interesting or notable.

I guess I like them all equally. I mean the anime design, the VN design and the LN design are similar enough to me. I don't seem to mind the differences within them as much. She seems to look pretty good in all of them.
>> No. 14573 [Edit]
File 139329333455.jpg - (101.86KB , 601x681 , latebutluckydressalicem.jpg )
>Has your waifu got different designs to her, or different outfits?
She does. Most notably the plugsuits, famous and infamous. Some of them are even the source of wild speculation (>>13796).

>The DLC dresses are pretty meh
I like the rabbit one. Otherwise, I like China and London the most.
>> No. 14577 [Edit]
File 139330481579.jpg - (1.05MB , 1031x1200 , Ahri (331).jpg )
Ahri has 5 skins: Classic, Dynasty (Not shown on here), Midnight, Foxfire and Popstar.

I love all of them, they all fit her and she looks really sexy in her different skins. I consider them to be different outfits that she wears.

My personal favourites are Foxfire and Popstar. Redhead / Blonde Ahri is hnnng~
>> No. 14578 [Edit]
File 139330946072.jpg - (559.74KB , 1280x720 , imas101755.jpg )
I love every one of Iori's outfits, they all look good on her. Since Idolm@ster is a vast franchise, there's all sorts of outfits you could put on her. Not to mention she's a fashion fanatic, so she would have plenty of clothes in the closet to choose from. My personal favourite one is the Dressy Alice and I was quite ecstatic when it was made as DLC to IM@S2. I also like the China dress which fits her perfectly because she does love to speak some Chinese phrases.
>> No. 14581 [Edit]
File 139331973380.png - (0.99MB , 1000x824 , daa317e97c836e7dc8ab589571081589.png )
Marisa has a lot of variations in her design throughout the series that I don't even bother to count them. One example of this is the PC98 design, which had various changes too.

But as for the Windows style, they're all based on the same hat and the same witch-maid style dress and I think these few odds and ends that ZUN puts on them every new sequel ain't so bad.
>> No. 14586 [Edit]
File 139347011868.jpg - (145.88KB , 603x916 , kei.jpg )
Keisuke has slight variations on his only outfit, pretty much. He does have a high school uniform in an alternate universe that Nitro+Chiral promoted, but I don't consider it canon (although he's cute in it).

He is shown wearing an orange shirt and dark green pants as a child, and in some promo art he's shown wearing an orange jacket with a brown scarf, but other than that, he always wears his black long-sleeved shirt, white t-shirt, sneakers, and coveralls (blue or white). I prefer the blue coveralls slightly but Keisuke is Keisuke and he always looks attractive (to me at least).

Also, as with everybody else's opinion for the most part, I prefer his art greatly in the visual novel although the manga art (pictured) is nice too in its own way (although I haven't read much of it). Let's not talk about the anime.
>> No. 16513 [Edit]
File 140933034885.jpg - (381.98KB , 1280x2880 , 1401226519114.jpg )
There are almost too many outfits to count, even the art books have multiple pages dedicated to showing those off.

What's interesting is how the character designs progressed in the anime. It seems to have gradually changed to match the style of the manga a bit more. Even though the designer did a great job, I still prefer the style of the manga by a long shot.
>> No. 16516 [Edit]
File 140942788694.jpg - (337.96KB , 1068x1056 , m2.jpg )
She gets new outfits all the time and she's become a little bit more "mature" in the way she's been drawn over the years, but she always keeps those hair clips which i really like
>> No. 17432 [Edit]
File 142130089118.png - (812.31KB , 794x593 , pool.png )
Well her first official outfit is a school uniform one with a long-sleeve shirt with puffed out shoulders and a green skirt. Her second is a more eccentric one that is pic related.
I like them both equally. It's also really awesome when fanart has other outfits (it is quite common actually).
>> No. 17442 [Edit]
File 142141238459.jpg - (194.22KB , 1215x717 , image.jpg )
A new skin for her came out yesterday. Essentially Ahri in battle armour. It doesn't really fit her, though, she isn't really the type of girl to suit up in armour, even if it's light. It's attractive for sure, just doesn't really look like her at all.
>> No. 17760 [Edit]
File 142656338055.gif - (2.62MB , 360x203 , nuicoptor.gif )
Just one outfit outside her main dress in the show, her pilot's uniform. Both the dress and uniform look great on her.

Well, and her disguise, but that's not really the same since it was more of a shell around her, changing the facial structure and everything.
>> No. 17827 [Edit]
File 142756096993.png - (398.82KB , 430x1150 , kaguraume.png )
I just remembered, I've been fortunate enough to see several different manga artists draw mai waifu, in the AzuDai tribute manga.

Ume Aoki's interpretation of her was definitely the most adorable.
>> No. 17840 [Edit]
File 142784840195.jpg - (436.86KB , 1118x815 , imas_face.jpg )
Chihaya's had different models if that counts as design changes. As Iori anon said there's many costumes in imas, and I think she looks great in all of them.
>> No. 17868 [Edit]
File 142834786625.jpg - (83.08KB , 405x600 , 90.jpg )
He has his first design, and then his redesign, and yet another outfit consisting on a purple shirt, armbands, and white pants. Personally, I love all of these outfits.
The redesign in the picture is the purple one, while the original design is the blue/yellow one.
>> No. 17877 [Edit]
File 142837269340.jpg - (308.97KB , 1200x1474 , yande_re 176869 sample love_live! murota_yuuhei se.jpg )
Love Live's older official art is quite different than it's current art. I'm not as fond of it as the current art. I fell in love with Nozomi last year, when the current art style was adopted, so seeing her in the old style is a bit strange. I don't hate it, but when I see Nozomi in the old style I don't see her as I see her now.
>> No. 17882 [Edit]
File 142838744581.jpg - (1.01MB , 1200x1600 , 0950fbfd6aebf55dbec66d811998fe96.jpg )
I love all the different looks that people come up with for my waifu. She's very stylish.
>> No. 18133 [Edit]
File 143201932079.jpg - (45.74KB , 1280x720 , howdoiflythisthing.jpg )
She has a few early designs that are very different from the final her. In terms of things actually in the show, the only design change was her arms (original arms -> briefly no arms -> rainbow arms) and eyepatch.

As far as outfits, her pilot's uniform is the only one outside of her dress.
>> No. 18360 [Edit]
File 14339985821.jpg - (471.71KB , 1800x720 , 20130808025956f54.jpg )
Well, she does have several outfits. The most common being her school uniform, the clerical garb, and the combat garb (what she wears when fighting with the Seventh Holy Scripture). There's a few other outfits in the VN as well.

In terms of designs, well over the span of the VN to melty blood to carnival phantasm her designs changed a little, but generally she remained the same. However, with the remake and redesign she looks completely different. I really don't know how to feel about this since it doesn't look familiar to the girl I fell for in the VN. Maybe i'll be able to get over the change in design as long as they maintain her personality in the remake (Which it may take so long to come out that i'll be dead, so this may be a moot point.)
>> No. 20230 [Edit]
File 148583413843.png - (315.37KB , 780x810 , УТ-фэндомы-Чара-УТ-персонаж.png )
>Has your waifu got different designs to her, or different outfits?
Nope. Her entire "official" design is limited to a single 19x29px sprite.
Still, that hasn't stopped fanartists from giving her different designs, so I don't really mind it.
>> No. 20231 [Edit]
File 148615390011.jpg - (762.21KB , 1151x700 , official arts.jpg )
I like ZUN's design the best. alphes has certainly influenced Yuugi's popular image, and I'd say in a positive way, but his(?) work lacks the subtlety of ZUN's. Probably because alphes forgets the short hair growing at the back of Yuugi's head near her neck and replaces it with that one sexy strand hanging from her right temple to her shoulder. The idea is that since Yuugi is wild, her hair should be wild, and both capture that much. However, there's a difference in how Yuugi's hair is unkempt. alphes' Yuugi has "let her hair down" like an unmarried (free to be courted) woman. That's sexy, and Yuugi almost letting her kimono fall off while blushing a little makes it even more so.

ZUN's original is more like "doesn't dress". You see, hair, especially in 2d context, is supposed to work like clothing. The outer layer starts at the top of one's head and all hair that doesn't directly originate from there enters our vision from under that main hair-mass. A bit like a proper school uniform, with the shirt covering the beginning of the skirt, and the skirt covering the beginning of the stockings. Interrupting this flow is breaching a girl's defenses - a note to everyone who loves zettai ryouiki.

Where Yuugi's tuft of hair grows is invisible thanks to ZUN-art, but the design clearly violates the layers. Even more, it can be imagined visible just like her panties under that potentially transparent skirt. If alphes' Yuugi has let the viewer in, ZUN's Yuugi has never considered that division of proper and shameful existence. By letting her hair down and combing it back to order, alphes' Yuugi can switch between lewd and proper. ZUN'z Yuugi is in a mixed state of innocence and lewdness with no obvious entering or exiting. This goes well with the "gym outfit" idea: shameless physicality. Going even further, alphes' Yuugi is an unattainable ideal female (power, sex appeal, gentleness, you name it). ZUN's Yuugi is superhuman but not pure (like Reimu, youkai, and the Lunarians are), and as such is rightly punished. The chains, too, make sense.

It may not be correct, but I think the concept of Pandemonium, or the splitting of devas and asuras into good and evil, is central to ZUN's oni. Especially so that Yuugi is from before Pandemonium, or the ordering of the world. I think this goes well with how Yuugi's power is outside the systematization of Confucius. This is why it makes sense to have her wear old-timey shoes.
>> No. 20242 [Edit]
File 148701981065.png - (227.38KB , 1000x1500 , img_illust_lukav4x_2.png )
The V4X version does look a bit different.
I prefer the original dress over the new one.
>> No. 20519 [Edit]
File 149644466642.jpg - (538.32KB , 841x1200 , ひだまりスケッチ0805_01.jpg )
Hey, that's a picture I made a few years ago.


In any case, that's mostly the anime changing the designs to keep up with Ume-sensei's evolving art style. For example, season 2 designs look quite close to how Ume-sensei's style looked like back in 2008. I think S4 looks odd, but some people like it because it has brown lines like Madoka. I don't think it really matches the style of the manga though.
>> No. 20529 [Edit]
File 149725178516.jpg - (84.79KB , 1022x427 , 20170610.jpg )
>Different outfits
Sure! I insist.
Be at her favourite fine-dining restaurant while listening to:
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