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No. 19135 [Edit]
Is this board real? Is this a real thing? Using "waifus" as a form of escapism? I mean, I've heard of this sort of thing before, but this is just over the top. You all seriously need a reality check. The fact that someone is contemplating suicide just because his fictional waifu isn't real is the highlight of this entire board. Now I know I'll get banned from this site for posting this thread, but hear me out.

Have any of you actually CONSIDERED getting a girlfriend in real life? What's stopping you by any chance? Could it be that you're all doing this because you've had no luck with any kind of girl at all? Because really, no matter how much you fantasize about being with your waifu, she'll never, EVER, be real. I've even seen people on this board ACTUALLY deluding themselves into believing that they'll meet their waifus in the afterlife. This site is the bottom of the barrel.

Don't you all have families or something? Maybe at least one friend? How about bonding more with them instead, then you wouldn't feel so lonely. I understand loneliness because I've dealt with it and still dealing with it today, but this is ridiculous.

Escapism is never the answer. It's a very crippling thing and only makes things worse. With escapism, you start catching on with reality, realizing more and more that you'll never make your fantasies come true. This can be stopped though. All of you guys have to find a companion someday, but being on your computer all day long won't allow you to step out in the real world and socialize with others, because you love yourselves too much. It takes willpower to do these things, you know, so use it. Your .jpg relationships will only keep you sane for so long.

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>> No. 19136 [Edit]
Yes it's real, yes we know we're pathetic, and 'real' people are disgusting. We're heard it all before dude.
>> No. 19137 [Edit]
World's a cruel place. Much crueler to some people.
>> No. 19138 [Edit]
At least we haven't been getting spammed with this despite the advertising stuff.

The CP spam on the other hand is a real pain in the ass, however.
>> No. 19139 [Edit]
I didn't fall in love with my waifu because I couldn't get a girlfriend or because I hated people. It's not a coping mechanism. It was something that just happened. Not everyone is like that one guy who wanted to kill himself because of his waifu. I get the feeling he was already a lost cause, if he didn't use his waifu as an excuse to kill himself he would've found something else.

Yeah, the CP spam is getting out of hand.
>> No. 19140 [Edit]
whait a minute, i guess Op is telling us to rape a girl or something, because last time I checked a girl must like you to let you to be with her.

Besides you are impliying we MUST like to be around people, I hate my family and I hate people, I am just talkign for myself, but, If i could get away with it, I would kill people indiscriminately, I fucking hate them all.
>> No. 19143 [Edit]
If you truly hated people you wouldn't be posting on an image board.

Many people on this site will freely admit they are lonely anyway. OP isn't really wrong. Apparently you're allowed to admit it, but taking any steps to address the problem is taboo.
>> No. 19145 [Edit]
Not him and I can only speak for myself but I don't feel lonely at all. I have a very little need for social interaction (I guess every human bean needs to have at least a little bit of social interaction) and I satisfy that with the internet.
I prefer communicating through imageboards over real life communication because there aren't any responsibilities, you don't have to meet them face by face, you don't need to know shit about their personal life, you aren't supposed to comfort them or do any other shit that is generally expected from you in a friendship and, above all, you can choose when you want to communicate. If you don't feel like any social interaction, you can simply not visit the website. Nobody gives a shit because nobody even realizes you're gone, as opposed to real life where it's over with most friendships if you don't look for contact for over 3 years or something.
This is what I love about anonymous imageboards.

Now I believe him. If he hates humans which really isn't that unbelievable/hard, then anonymous communication is the best way to satisfy his social need. It's the form that is the "least human". You can pretty much disregard the fact that you're talking with real humans.
>> No. 19147 [Edit]
I hope I don't get banned for this, but, I did have a girlfriend. I fell out of love pretty quickly, it just wasn't doing it for me. Humans just aren't for me, romantically. They have faults, they judge you, they get bored of you. It sucks and I really don't wish that on anyone. In fact the only time in my life I've ever felt suicidal was during that point in my life, when I was "in love". It was truly hell.

I find escapism very rewarding, if used wisely. Understanding reality is what it is, rather than lying to yourself, and seeing escapist fantasies as any other therapeutic outlet, is actually pretty nice. Rather than suffering through reality, I can daydream all day, or draw, or do whatever that lets me enjoy my fantasies, and it makes reality a lot more bearable, as I'm actually not forced to live in it 24/7. I have another world I can go to. They're entirely separate and have no effect on each other, I understand and respect that. But just unwinding and going to my own little paracosm makes the whole day a lot more nice. And being able to appreciate someone or something, because you actually appreciate it, and not just because it has a body you want, is a lot more enriching to me.
>> No. 19150 [Edit]
I just fell in love with someone 2d. I don't particularly go out of my way to socialize but I've had a serious relationship before. I just didn't feel the same way as I do with my waifu. Some people might use it as escapism but its not everyone.
>> No. 19153 [Edit]
This is the case for me as well, I wasn't feeling lonely before I fell in love with my waifu or feeling resentment towards real women. And it was years before I had last tried to get a real girlfriend. OP is pulling shit from his ass and doesn't understand waifuism at all.
>> No. 19166 [Edit]
Really this post speaks more of OP's ignorance than anything. I've been in my relationship with her for 3 years and it has been the most wonderful thing about my life thus far, and I'm rather happy with a lot of things in my life! I could probably have gotten the attention of some "3D"/"real world" woman, but I honestly think it's better this way (and I don't hate "3D" women like some do. I'm perfectly fine with them). It's a complicated issue, to be sure, trying to explain it to someone who isn't "in the know"... but I've lost all interest in doing that ages ago. Not that I can't, just the effort isn't worth it. It's your loss that you don't understand it, OP. Really.

>Some people might use it as escapism but its not everyone.
>> No. 19183 [Edit]
It's not 3d so who cares?
>> No. 19340 [Edit]
While reading this board, I realized that I might be a waifu. How am I supposed to find my escape?
>> No. 19344 [Edit]
File 145140207079.jpg - (20.59KB , 320x320 , 0.jpg )

So beautiful indeed.
Blindingly so.
Only for gardeners.
Their true beauty.

From seed.
To bloom.
Takes time.
Beware of the fire.

A secret.
Finding gardeners.
Is not so easy.
Endangered species.

Look around.
Infertile soil.
Due to a forest fire.
Dandelions try to survive.
>> No. 19346 [Edit]
Did you respond to the wrong thread?
>> No. 19348 [Edit]
Wrong thread it is.
A random puzzle piece.
Would never fit in such a panel.
This i already knew.

Now answer me.
But do not reply.
What punishment is enough.
For those who have made.
The ones who loved them cry.
Death is peaceful paradise.
Perhaps the punishment is life.
>> No. 19361 [Edit]
File 145201536749.jpg - (271.05KB , 1024x768 , sakura-wars_1.jpg )
>> No. 19368 [Edit]
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