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File 145089132489.jpg - (103.57KB , 500x564 , image.jpg )
19307 No. 19307 [Edit]
Probably going to get in shit for this but I wrote down things about how I look at having a waifu. To be clear, I have no intention of getting anyone mad.
When i have a waifu I like to imagine her as if she was a spirit instead of an imaginary person. I talk to her as if she were a supernatural being, such as a spirit or like God (but never comparing her to God, as He is the highest of the highest). I realize she is not real. I find a pillow to be nice but not necessary, instead I print out a picture of her. I don't find it necessary to own everything related to her especially if not made by the original company, instead I buy what the official thing of her (example: manga, film, or Visual Novel) and something like a keychain or t from the parent company, showing my support for the company while having some official merch of her. I always ship her with her crushes/boyfriends/others, be it a show, or eroge only if it's canon and I respect her likes and dislikes. I dislike the word waifu as it sounds like wife, I think of her as a girlfriend because it seems cuter, but I use the word waifu anyway as it is the "official" word. I don't buy her things, as I realize she is fake, and treat her as a spirit. Writing notes to her is a good way of expressing your love for her (as with anyone you love), it's heart warming, and relaxing. "Leaving" them for an IRL relationship is okay, once again they are not real, "going back" to them for support or when there is no one else to talk to is okay. Falling in love with your waifu (and in my case almost anyone you like) is instantaneous, feeling you have "found the right one". Waifu is a misunderstood word by the "mainstream" (Tumblr) anime community who think it's a joke. I also dislike this "waifu movement".
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>> No. 19308 [Edit]
Please post your diary entries to the "Share your daily waifu experience" thread. I read all that thinking there'd be an opinion somewhere.
>> No. 19311 [Edit]
The reason I triped is to reply to people so they know I am OP
>> No. 19651 [Edit]
what series is that picture from? google reverse image search isnt working for me
>> No. 19661 [Edit]
File 145696751586.jpg - (99.38KB , 800x600 , 1498268768123345.jpg )
Girls get horny too, you know?
>> No. 19913 [Edit]
Hope you can read moon!
>> No. 19915 [Edit]
I disagree with your point of view — you seem to believe love is easily thrown around and easily taken back, and willing to replace it with 3d relationships. Your definition of love sounds more like infatuation or passion, love doesn't instantly happen; infatuation does, then often turns into love.
We may have different definitions of love, but I believe you don't truly know it. Not because I personally disagree with your definition, I myself don't know it well at all-- you define love as an interchangeable emotion for anything you fancy, and it lacks all of the other things that comes with it; loyalty, belonging, acceptance, etc etc.

Loyalty, due to how easy it is, from your own words, to substitute it by a 3d relationship, then coming back to waifuism whenever that doesn't go your way.

Belonging, because of how easy it is to throw it away and only use it when you find yourself in critical need of it after getting abandoned.

Acceptance, for you penalize her for being "fake"-- being unable to accept her flaws will get you nowhere with her.
Love is no plaything. If you can easily go back and forth from a 3d to a 2d, it surely means your definition of love and affection is to be questioned.

If this is how you are happy, then so be it — I just believe it goes against everything we stand for as a community.
>> No. 19916 [Edit]
File 146654785258.gif - (828.14KB , 500x281 , serveimage.gif )
I agree and disagree with you. On your definition of love, we agree. "Love at first sight" is a popularized misconception of infatuation as love. The whole consent of "love at first sight" subverts what love is and contradicts its definition.

That being said, I think your condemnation of OP is a little hasty. Just because "waifuism" functions certain way for some, particularly in this community, doesn't mean that has to be its only function. I think OP's use of his waifu as a support structure isn't a bad way to use the concept of a waifu, though it breaks from the tohno-chan view of what a waifu should be (something more like a true marriage).
>> No. 19919 [Edit]

Oh, I'm not saying it's an entirely inherently bad way to practice waifuism. The ultimate goal here is reaching happiness— OP isn't hurting anyone with his belief, and while I disagree with his love which he likely mistakes for infatuation and lusting, one practicing "love" in such a fashion may have a different definition of love than ours, and perhaps experience it in a way we have yet to understand. His way of waifuism makes the concept of a waifu much more expendable and replaceable than it usually is, and makes me question if OP and everyone here are on the same page-- is waifuism to them a plaything, an amourette, or do they legitimately care for the concept but are incapable of realizing how they are betraying it?
>> No. 19922 [Edit]
File 146692363663.png - (1.01MB , 943x720 , Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9_37_53 PM.png )

>or do they legitimately care for the concept but are incapable of realizing how they are betraying it?

you see my boy, to OP his waifu is really a personification of his own self-love which he can draw on in times of need. this is self reliance and in a way, a form of inner strength. the waifu can function as an icon for aspects of your own identity; you are anthropomorphizing aspects of your identity, which become both separate from the self and a reflection of the self. truly, the waifu is a conjuration of our own self imbued by us with the resemblance of our anime girl of choice.

the waifu wields great power to either constrain us from moving forward, or give us the strength to rise when we fall, and move forward again.
>> No. 19924 [Edit]

I'm fully aware of what waifuism represents for OP— defining what a waifu is to OP is irrelevant to the matter we're discussing; is it correct to call it waifuism in OP's case? In a sense, and in harmony with your definition of OP's view on waifuism, if he/she is to take waifuism seriously, are they not truly betraying themselves? Is "waifuism" in that case not used as a simple emotional crutch for when times are low? You seem to define waifuism as self-love more than love directed towards a concept.
I'll go along your reasoning and attempt to convey what I think of this entire situation— if waifuism is an instrument to strengthen oneself, it implies the inherent inferiority to 3D, due to the following;

In the case of self-empowerment, the desired outcome is evidently to become strong enough. Such strength is subsequently used to either be with another human being, or to lead an existence devoid of the former. These are the only possible outcomes of such a situation, as staying with the 2D concept is inherently fallacious according to such a reasoning; being used as psychological instrument entirely shuts down the possibility of being with a 2d concept as one would be with a 3d one.
The first outcome implies waifuism is a tool, an instrument we used to reach 3D. It additionally denies some of the positive features 2d presents that 3d can never hope to achieve; the absence of reliance on other human beings to fulfill psychological and emotional needs being one.
The second outcome is self-destructive and irrational, for it promotes the complete isolation, both social and emotional of one. It may lead to no positive outcome, for complete isolation implies lack of stimulation, which eventually negatively affects the human brain (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2752489/ )
As such, 2d love may only lead, by this logic, towards 3d love.

The reliance on 2d love as an emotional crutch goes against the definition of waifuism. You claim waifuism is truly self-love and empowerment-- what does that make of the people who genuinely love other 2d concepts? What of the already strong-- can they not choose 2d love over 3d love in the first place? Is it not very one-sided to believe waifuism may only be self-love and self-empowerment, masked by an anime/video game/literature character/concept?

Waifuism has many definitions and many interpretations— after all, love is not limited to one meaning or one intrinsic truth. I vehemently disagree, however, with calling OP's feelings waifuism. They are the love of the self in disguise, and that is not what this community, in its entirety, stands for. I do not believe one can classify this as waifuism, much like one may not call a one-night stand with a 3D the love of one's life. I believe the mistake here is the failure to draw the line between loving oneself and loving another— I respect your opinion of waifuism nonetheless, as it is possible I do not understand it in the first place.
>> No. 19925 [Edit]

>defining what a waifu is to OP is irrelevant to the matter we're discussing

quite the opposite, though i see why you'd assume so. right now what we are disguising is the constitution or definition of the waifu, and its subjective purpose. this discussion has stemmed from our differing perspective on the scope of the waifu's function.

>if he/she is to take waifuism seriously, are they not truly betraying themselves?

i figured you would bring this up, given the structure of my argument. i should have clarified this, excuse me. if OP viewed the waifu as you do, as a person you relate with, as a marriage, then the way he uses it is absolutely a betrayal. however, if the waifu is functioning for him as a support structure, for instance (and this is just a single example) as a means of safeguarding him from the fallout that follows failures IRL, then he is not betraying the waifu concept.

>You claim waifuism is truly self-love and empowerment-- what does that make of the people who genuinely love other 2d concepts?

I did not claim all waifuism was self-love and empowerment, only that this is one way of using the waifu concept, and that it seems more in line with the way OP uses it. my objective here was to give clarity to OP’s use of the waifu, which seemed foreign to you.

waifuism, like all human constructs, is subjective, and as such, means something different to every person. you and OP clearly view your waifu’s very differently.

>The reliance on 2d love as an emotional crutch goes against the definition of waifuism.

it would if I were proposing anyone use the waifu as an emotional crutch, which i am not. i am arguing that it can be a safety net, and as such can bring you comfort and strength. Obviously any over reliance on a this kind of safety measure would indeed make it a crutch.


i am arguing that the waifu has many functions, and never meant my clarification of OP’s use of the waifu and the resulting definition to imply that was the ONLY definition. much of your response is based on this misunderstanding.
>> No. 19926 [Edit]

Well, that's the thing-- waifuism can have multiple definitions. If we wanted to have a discussion that had for subject "What IS waifuism?" we'd expand on multiple possibilities, circumstances and outcomes. We're discussing OP's definition of waifuism and its validity, which is why I limited my reasoning to an analysis of what logical outcomes there are to OP's case.

It does indeed seem our discussion is based off a misunderstanding-- I mistakenly assumed you limited waifuism to one definition, you have my apologies for that. I thought you were claiming "it IS a crutch we use" instead of "it CAN be something we rely on". I should additionally have made it clear I was aware of OP's definition of waifuism-- my initial post's objective was to convey my disagreement. I apologize for wasting your time due to the flaws in my conveying of my belief.
>> No. 19927 [Edit]
Sure 'waifuism' and 'waifu' can have multiple definitions, in one of the more common ones (OP mentioned this) 'waifu' is just seen as a meme/joke. But I would argue that (at least in this context/this site) there is a generally accepted/preferred/more valid understanding of the term, the majority is talking about their waifu as their ideal love and using the word and concept similarly and I'm pretty sure that a lot people here would heavily disagree with especially the following part of OP's view
>"Leaving" them for an IRL relationship is okay, once again they are not real, "going back" to them for support or when there is no one else to talk to is okay.

Besides that one there are quite a few other sentences which hint at OP's different understanding (of which he is aware of) he even dislikes the word waifu because it seems unfitting for her.
I'm not saying there is something wrong with OP's concept because there really isn't. I'd just say he's speaking of a different concept. It's as valid as the waifu concept but since most people here seem to mean something different and OP himself prefers another word, I don't see a reason why he should feel forced to use that word or appeal to that concept.

Don't misunderstand my intention as wanting to exclude OP from the discussion here, /mai/ or Tohno-chan in general (the opposite actually, I'm interested and would welcome more posts of him), I just think that she's not his waifu.

What do you mean with the waifu movement by the way?

Post edited on 26th Jun 2016, 3:16pm
>> No. 19928 [Edit]
no problem bro, fun talk.

just out of curiosity, do you have a waifu?
>> No. 19929 [Edit]

Of course, been with her for three years now, although things are much more complicated than I'd like them to be. What about you?
>> No. 19931 [Edit]
not at the moment. it's something i'm contemplating.
>> No. 19933 [Edit]

I think you have the wrong approach-- I like to think there's a difference between thought and emotion. You can choose to either inhibit or boost some thoughts, which is why people can repress so many things, but you can't really control your emotions by simple thought as it takes much more than that. Perhaps you're hesitating when faced to a specific 2d concept that tickles your fancy? Perhaps you're not sure if those feelings are to be accepted yet? Or perhaps you're simply considering the wish for a waifu? In any case, I wish you the best of luck in finding happiness, be it under the banner of waifuism or another.
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