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File 143676575572.jpg - (491.48KB , 1005x1737 , 4b35b8f676fffa677328ea60478f0ef7.jpg )
18533 No. 18533 [Edit]
How many pictures of your waifu do you have? I'm nearing 2000. I separate the folder into official art, fanart, and pics with others.
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>> No. 18534 [Edit]
One laminated picture in the wallet. All I need.
>> No. 18537 [Edit]
Only 45 sadly, but a good number of pictures are gifts I got so the number doesn't make me sad at all!
>> No. 18539 [Edit]
Just counted them up. 25. Not much due to there not being much official art, her not being very popular so there not being much fanart, and me being picky on which fanarts I like.
>> No. 18540 [Edit]
I have about 80 pictures of her on my laptop. But I have moore than around 300 on my phone, so I see her no matter were I go. Unless my phone runs out of battery
>> No. 18541 [Edit]
Last time I checked it was something like 8k. A lot of those are either screenshots, manga crops, or duplicates, though.
>> No. 18542 [Edit]
Nearly 2,000 collected for over two years which is impressive considering I'm picky and he's kind of a nobody.
>> No. 18548 [Edit]
i have about 100. Currently going through the series and screenshoting a lot.
>> No. 18563 [Edit]
File 143702854940.png - (303.65KB , 629x839 , 7a37bad464fdc3048e209689a7592500.png )
Right now I'm at 14,559.

I'm so lucky to have a popular waifu.
>> No. 18564 [Edit]
I have ~350 pictures, but no screencaps or else, and there's some duplicates.
>> No. 18565 [Edit]
1871 pictues
>> No. 18580 [Edit]
I was the one to commission Devil to make this on dA. Glad you like it.
>> No. 18587 [Edit]
365 so far, probably would have a lot more but if I notice one thing's off in fanart I can't save it.
>> No. 18673 [Edit]
876, but that's just a folder of her by herself, if I took the time to count each one she is included in with her friends, probably 1300 or so.
>> No. 19761 [Edit]
File 146031385937.png - (521.47KB , 600x605 , 694924-ryuko_matoi__by___super.png )
3,000 so far but I recently found a large source which could put me over 5,000 by my estimate.
>> No. 19763 [Edit]
File 146032128940.png - (2.80MB , 1200x1400 , 55664035_p0.png )
2,1k and slowly decreasing. Contains every worthwhile pic of her that's been published in pixiv by the time I post this + maybe some hundreds yet to be purged + some extras from other sites.
>> No. 19765 [Edit]
File 146039093268.jpg - (0.99MB , 1275x1350 , Eu_Scythe_Curl.jpg )
I only have a little bit over 500. A lot of them are light novel illustrations, screencaps, or official art because there's not that much good fan art of her.
>> No. 19787 [Edit]
File 146061687399.jpg - (244.63KB , 895x629 , 100000000443.jpg )
962. She gets a decent amount of art, but I'm pretty picky I guess.
>> No. 19817 [Edit]
File 146112974420.png - (215.57KB , 2244x2972 , 56007056_p0.png )
1.1k the last time I checked.
>> No. 20142 [Edit]
File 14827006017.jpg - (698.14KB , 1040x1200 , 1460778872144.jpg )
More than I've ever been bothered to actually count. I really should get around to sorting them all, though.

I'm relatively sure it's at least 4000.
>> No. 20148 [Edit]
File 148286424566.jpg - (344.09KB , 750x750 , def2ddbddbbff547af8c89bec360fd07.jpg )
375 (Not including crossovers and images with other Vocaloids)
That's a very small number but I don't need any more. I never felt like having a big collection gives me anything and I already have problems finding images in that folder.

I already have more Miku images and that folder is growing much faster. Still not very big, only 440 atm.
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