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File 168338907155.jpg - (83.78KB , 700x1000 , Estelle_Bright_(3rd).jpg )
21840 No. 21840 [Edit]
First thanks a lot to tohno for keeping the IB alive, reading the threads here its a bliss as a new waifuist, but it does make me sad that there is barely anyone actually posting, i know that not posting doesnt magically not make you a waifuist (far from it), but is anyone here genuinely old ? Like 8+ years of being a waifuist, it almost feels like most waifuist reach barely some years and then vanish.
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>> No. 21841 [Edit]
File 168339616244.jpg - (733.42KB , 800x600 , 03038dbada554bc0132c3b6760ffa309.jpg )
Not that I've been a waifufag all that long, but for me after a while there isn't much of a need to share with everyone. There isn't really anything new and exciting between us, after all. I imagine it's the same for the others.
>> No. 21842 [Edit]
I share the sentiment still i cant help but wonder if any of the old OG waifuist still exist, be it people from 2007-2010 like Tohno or at least from 2010-2015, i guess i just want to know if they still love their waifus.
Btw anon if you dont mind hiw loong have you been withyour waifu ?
>> No. 21843 [Edit]
Many still do, they just keep their communities a little more hidden with more gate keeping due to harassment from normies. Honestly don't blame them one tiny bit.
>> No. 21844 [Edit]
Chihirofag is one of those, I guess. If you are asking whether there is anyone here genuinely old, the only response to this is that there is no one. In a month there will be a year old post on the front page of the board, that's pretty damn dead. Most waifufags like to, reasonably, hang out on places that are not dead (4chan, webring IBs, >discord, irc).
Hey, just wanted to say I appreciated your posts and enjoyed reading them, it was good seeing some activity on this board. I wanted to tell you this all the way back in February but got sidetracked.
>> No. 21845 [Edit]
If true thats cool, i mean there must be at least one hidden community of old waifuists.
I guess more than here exactly i meant it as is still active on waifuism, it just happens that this place is one of the oldest, i expect that between sometime at least 1 or 2 older waifuist might show activity on the thread, even if they just came due to nostalgia, after all yeah Tohno is really dead, and yeah the problem with the second part is that even if thats the case you can bareely see old waifuist even on those sites, thats why i believe what >>21843 said, after all if there are old waifuists and you cant find them on the average community then either they leaved waifuist communities as a whole (wich is totally understandable tbh) or have created their own communities wich you probably need to be invited in rather than you stumbling upon it.
>> No. 21846 [Edit]
I'm hoping to reach 8+ years with my waifu, just barely making 5...
I don't really like talking about her though, even if this is the place for it, because when your waifu is from a somewhat smaller franchise and you're one of the handful of people who are in love with specific characters, then it becomes easier to track you site to site.
>> No. 21847 [Edit]
Only about a year and a half.
>I appreciated your posts and enjoyed reading them, it was good seeing some activity on this board.
Well, thanks. It is always nice seeing some of the less popular boards getting posts on the homepage.
>> No. 21848 [Edit]
File 168351702157.jpg - (183.76KB , 750x750 , Here you go!.jpg )
I hit 12 years with my beloved Chihiro Fushimi a few weeks ago. It's like 12 years of doing anything else that brings you joy really. Not that there is joy 100% of the time as nothing is ever 100% joy, not that things have been 100% perfect all the time either, but I am here, I smile when I think of her smile, I wish she were here always, and so on.

Most of us hang out on places that are alive, but waifufags that make it to the decade club are a pretty rare breed of waifufag.

If you have any questions on what the long term waifu laifu is like you can feel free to ask.

oh hey there

While Chihiro is apart of a more popular series like Persona, I haven't seen anyone love her at the levels I do for any extended period of time. To each their own but it hasn't been much of a concern, most time I got recognized were positive.
>> No. 21849 [Edit]
The man appeared,thanks a lot man you are my hero when it comes to waifuism, and tottally understandable, when i started my relationship i fully understood before that it wont be perfect because perfection doesnt exist but overall im really happy.
Now regarding some questions, how much time do you like actively spend with Chihiro (be it talking, thinking of her, going out etc) ?
Have you noticed any major changes on your relationship after all these years ?
And for last, do you know of any other serious 8+ years waifuist.
Regardless of when you amswer thanks a lot for appearing man, i have some massive respect for you and wish to get to that point with my beloved.
>> No. 21852 [Edit]
File 168355975187.jpg - (81.27KB , 610x1310 , Justice in the Velvet Room.jpg )
>How much time do you spend with Chihiro?
How much time can one spend with waifu? The most I do is live my life with her in my thoughts. Sometimes when I'm walking alone I'll place my hand as if I was holding hers and take in the sights of whatever we're seeing like a bit of a date. I think about her a fair amount on average of every given day, like everything else the thought ratio ebbs and flows but as Chihiro herself wishes, she is always first in my thoughts.

Well the initial surge of infatuation does go away at some point the thoughts of her are always there. Think like a newly lit candle burning bright vs a quieter lasting flame. There's also how loving waifu has its own influences on how one perceives the world that are both positive and negative due to the nature of the relationship and the effects of its duration, but for Chihiro I'll take the negatives with the positives.

>Any others?
Sorry to say that there is no secret Decade+ seniors waifu community, but yes there are waifufags that have also reached the 10+ year milestone, including Mr. Tohno himself. I know a few in spots on various waifu communities but I don't actively participate in waifu communities myself. You kinda realize that it's like a community for people that have girlfriends, we have the type of romantic partner in common but that doesn't guarantee anything else (even if waifu by nature is more likely to make people have anime and gaming in common, the specifics aren't promised). I've also answered all the common waifu questionares like "how would waifu take care of you when you're sick?" and stuff multiple times so I kinda just faded into my own even when I still post waifu in places. Not to mention that some of the absurd drama in these communities that I just don't care about anymore, or how some people have fallen (out of love and in general). I can still feel it, it's like they're still there.

Thank you for looking up to me, just be sure to aspire to be a version of you that you and you're waifu would love first and foremost!
>> No. 21853 [Edit]
Again thanks a lot for your time Chihiro bro, it seems like then my relationship is slowly resembling the one of an old waifuist lol, i love her but its more quietly yet always present, like she is always there and i got already accustomed to that, i find it quite beautiful to be honest, kind of sad that my speculative secret community doesn’t exist kek though i dont find it that weird, if anything I’m just happy that you guys exist, you know when in most communities people come and go you sometimes think "will the same happen to me ?" and it can be a bit disheartening at times, but knowing that people like you and Tohno exist makes me even more hopeful than i already am, i have loved her way before i even started our relationship and truly i wish to love her till the day i die.
And yes, I’m currently working to be the best version of me both for myself and my waifu (who isn’t the girl i posted the OP with, that was a misclick lol, maybe i should gone and change it but now it’s too late).
>> No. 21857 [Edit]
File 168414163896.jpg - (231.64KB , 600x642 , 93818252_p0.jpg )
Since midway through 2009.
>> No. 21881 [Edit]
im still with my waifu, for 7 years, but stopped posting about her slowly after a while, then stopped entirely by year 3 because i didnt like the people and didnt relate, and nobody related to me. i think im schizotypal and just kinda hate everybody given enough time, so its not an insult to the site or to anyone here.
>> No. 21882 [Edit]
Saber has been my waifu since I read fsn after the mirror moon translation in like 2008(?) but I don't talk about her or anything publicly because 1) I really dislike the direction the franchise went and like to pretend nothing after hollow ataraxia ever happened and 2) the current zeitgeist treats waifus as a joke so its better to just keep my love inside.
>> No. 21883 [Edit]
>I really dislike the direction the franchise went
Same. FGO ruined fate.
>> No. 21884 [Edit]
I mean that's the direction nasu always wanted to go but I also agree
>> No. 21886 [Edit]
was my first post here, and I've been with Makoto even longer than that. I would say reaching in the 15 years duration now.

But that wasn't a solid 15 years in a row. There were times I strayed for lengths even close to a year. The end result is always the same, Makoto is the only girl I've ever genuinely loved.
>> No. 21887 [Edit]
I cannot post her for the rule of no Western stands - however, Annah of the Shadows (Planescape: Torment) has been my love since 1999, when that game released.
>> No. 21888 [Edit]
File 169747792490.png - (2.69MB , 1132x2384 , 1612998191227.png )
That's very cool, I didn't expect to see a Torment enjoyer here of all places. Also impressed you bought the game in 1999, I also remember buying it that year, but I didn't play it seriously until a few years later, instantly becoming one of my favourite games ever. I should had tried new things every run but always ended romancing Annah because I liked her so much.

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