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File 157919338380.png - (251.97KB , 500x800 , __original_drawn_by_baiju_white__fd76893bd4df161ef.png )
21369 No. 21369 [Edit]
How similar do you think waifuism is to religion? The practices, the rituals, the restrictions and beliefs. Every one has their own version of these things. If there was a Book of Waifu, what do you think it would be like? Would there be an afterlife?
Waifu Commandments(tongue in cheek):
1. You must only have one waifu
2. You must not engage in relations with 3DPD
3. You must not use the title of "waifu" in vain
4. You must think about your waifu at least once per day
5. You must respect the waifus of others
6. You must not compete if you have the same waifu
7. You must love your waifu above any flesh-people
8. You must remain loyal to your waifu
9. You must not deny your love for your waifu if questioned
10. You must not envy the love of others
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>> No. 21371 [Edit]
File 157919752483.jpg - (800.09KB , 1046x3756 , 1314282623177.jpg )
I remember this topic was extensively talked in the good old days.
>> No. 21372 [Edit]
File 157920196861.jpg - (252.43KB , 850x850 , __original_drawn_by_yajirushi_chanoma__sample-9aab.jpg )
This was very interesting. Waifu apologetics. Thank you for sharing. I can see a few flaws in it though. First is it assumes waifus actually work as a suitable replacement for religion and fornication. You'd have to do some studies to figure that one out. It also assumes that other things you can only do with a 3D, like a back and forth conversation, aren't essential and can be compensated for with imagination.

This isn't mentioned at all, but the possibility of other things fulfilling people's innate desire for acceptance isn't taken into account. I wonder what this guy will think if technology advances to the point where people can hook their minds up together.
>> No. 21374 [Edit]
It's religious insofar as it's spiritual. I think it's most similar to old animism and ancestor worship, where's there's no centralized leadership but there are shared general ideas, and it's a more personal relation that people had with the spiritual. The commandments you set out I think are more like general etiquette.
>It also assumes that other things you can only do with a 3D, like a back and forth conversation, aren't essential and can be compensated for with imagination
I don't think I need anybody other than her. But then again here I am posting amongst fellow 3Ds, so maybe that's wrong.
>> No. 21376 [Edit]
It's similar in terms of spiritually and devotion to incorporeal entities, but dissident in just about everything else. Definitions of 'religion' are varied. For the sake of simplicity and practicality however, most people would agree that they're a sort of institutionalized set of practices and beliefs concerning not just the individual but also the meaning of life and the universe.

Waifuism is a one sided relationship with a non-tangible entity, as in, not possessing a concrete existence, and does not care for the origin of life, the afterlife and the like. An individual could very well have a waifu and devote itself to a major religion. Furthermore, each individual embodies the concept of waifu in their own manner. The same character is instantiated as a different waifu by each individual. Some incredibly devoted and religious about it. Others take it in a more sporty manner, as in having a waifu more as their internal companion and not necessarily a worshiping deity or a serious relationship analogue to the two sided relationships with 3DPD.

The only thing that can be done right now is to define some very open to interpretation norms, like the ones OP-san posted, based on current customs and the general consensus.
>> No. 21381 [Edit]
I was going to make a pretty long post about how repetitive, dull, and ultimately pointless that argument was, but then I realized I'd be wasting my time since your first response to it would just be to tell me to 'kill (myself),waifufag' even though I don't even have a waifu.
>> No. 21382 [Edit]
I wrote "the commandments" and I don't have a waifu either. Mario just wants to feel better about his failing nation.
>> No. 21383 [Edit]
File 157929471889.jpg - (112.78KB , 577x500 , kon.jpg )
Why are you browsing /mai/ then?
Do you think you're funny by ironically discussing waifuism?
Does mocking these folks give you a sense of joy? or do you feel so important and surly that you're compelled to tell them to kill themselves?
whatever happened to people, seriously..
>> No. 21384 [Edit]
What are you talking about? There's no rule that says you need a waifu to post on /mai/. Re-read the thread more carefully.

Post edited on 17th Jan 2020, 1:07pm
>> No. 21396 [Edit]
This is pretty much perfect.
>> No. 21400 [Edit]
>6. You must not compete if you have the same waifu
dont think I'll be able to do this..
>8. You must remain loyal to your waifu
this seems like a repeat of several other previous commandments combined, or maybe its talking about cheating in other aspects?
>> No. 21402 [Edit]
File 158057697817.png - (32.34KB , 640x550 , Husbando etiquette.png )
Here's some old wisdom.
>> No. 21403 [Edit]
Well I never said I’d be an ass about it and yell at somebody for having the same waifs as me. If you blow up at somebody and get mad at them over something that small, there’s a different problem there altogether than having the same waifu

That all being said, I’m never going to accept and acknowledge somebody else’s love of my waifu. My waifu is MINE and I’m not going to congratulate somebody for being interested in her, my love is for her and her love is for me. I can’t see anybody else as anything but a fake. I realize that its inevitable that I’ll run into somebody with the same waifu (heck I’ve ran into a couple people here), but I’m never going to say anything or try to police somebody. It’s much easier to take steps to avoid encountering those people. In the end people can have whatever waifu they want, but I’m never going to acknowledge their love if they have the same waifu as me. Even typing that out makes me feel gross... besides, congratulating people on a shared waifu makes it feel like we’re all just playing some big game and it’s not real
>> No. 21404 [Edit]
The character your waifu is based on is not your waifu. YOUR waifu exists only in your own head. Nobody can actually have the same waifu, but their waifus can be based on the same character.

Post edited on 1st Feb 2020, 2:55pm
>> No. 21405 [Edit]
No, I’m just going to point blank disagree with this. My waifu is the character I see in manga and anime, she exists outside of me. I didn’t create her, she’s not somebody I imagine in my head. She is a person with her own actions and her own thoughts and not a concept I create; I love her the person and not the idea of her in my own head. Other people love her too, and they are perfectly free to do that, but although I will not berate them for loving her I will never commend somebody for loving the same girl I love.
>> No. 21406 [Edit]
>she’s not somebody I imagine in my head
Did you read >>21371 ? Everybody only loves the version of somebody that lives in their head. Characters however aren't actual people with physical and mental presence, so there's no independent reciprocation. Any person's claim to that character is equally "valid" because the character doesn't exist to decide. "Validity" isn't measured by subjective "love strength". Private admiration of anybody, like celebrities or something, can't be counted as "relationships"

You didn't meet your waifu in the flesh and ask them on a first date. They never got a "choice in the matter". You decided they're your waifu and there was never the possibility of rejection.

This isn't an issue if you accept that your waifu is an extension of yourself and not a seperate entitity. It's just being rational.

Post edited on 1st Feb 2020, 3:39pm
>> No. 21407 [Edit]
>Everybody only loves the version of somebody that lives in their head.
I’m telling you that’s wrong, I love the person not the idea of the person. Loving the idea of the person is how you get false expectations and lead into getting hurt, it happens all the time when people chase 3D. While your arguments follow, your premise is wrong. Maybe for you, your waifu is an extension of yourself, but mine is not
>> No. 21408 [Edit]
So do you see yourself as having a relationship with your "waifu", or so you see yourself as being a very strong admirer, like a fan of them? Is the only you've ever of "your waifu" in official works?
>> No. 21409 [Edit]
A waifu is a figment of your imagination so it is of course going to be your personal interpretation of that character rather than the character itself(who very likely would want nothing to do with you in the first place). Any interaction you have with it is false, hat character never interacted with YOU in it's source material.
>> No. 21410 [Edit]
I wish I could be in a relationship with my waifu, but things as they are are hard right now due to where we both are in life. I try to consume as much source material as I can so I can better understand how she thinks, how she acts, her likes and dislikes and her personality. I want to know her, as opposed to assigning certain attributes to her that I personally find attractive
I think you just think of a waifu in a very very different way from me.

No matter the case, I still can’t accept anybody’s love for mai waifu
>> No. 21425 [Edit]
I like these commandments but i think some of them could be better worded, or maybe changed all together to be less specific, like number 4. Setting a hard number within a time frame doesn't seem like a good rule, and is too.. hmm.. specific i guess would be the best word to describe it, it should be something that is more broad and applicable in many situations. From there you could derive follow on rules and such, if the range at the top isnt wide enough then it makes it difficult to develop from that
>> No. 21426 [Edit]
It's a play on the biblical commandments, that's why there's ten. The fourth commandment's about the sabbath day, which has a time frame. Should it be "think about your waifu at least once per week"? Who doesn't think about their "partner" everyday?
>> No. 21427 [Edit]
I got the part about the 10 commandments, and some of them will be different of course but others don’t quite line up. The 4th commandment says “keep holy the sabaath day”, not “go to church once a week on Sunday”. From there many denominations have their own interpretation of how to keep the sabaath day. Some say you must go every Sunday, some say you can go on saturdays, some say it’s good to go on Sunday’s but you’re only required to go once a year during certain religious seasons. It’s not the commandment that’s setting the hard time, it’s the follow on rules made by denominations
>> No. 21428 [Edit]
The wording is different, but when the commandments were written, every Jew did it on saturday. It was understood to be saturday. There's no waifu sabbath, but I think some regular thinking about your waifu is just to be expected.
>> No. 21429 [Edit]
>every Jew did it on saturday. It was understood to be saturday
great example of how the followers of this commandment are able to adapt and have room to adjust for their own life/circumstances, while still able to operate under this one overarching law. the way it was written is lenient and allows for different interpretation
>I think some regular thinking about your waifu is just to be expected
no no I agree, I just think that it could be worded better. another argument could be that it makes it easier for the rule to devolve into a "check-in-the-box" kind of thing, which would be a shame
>> No. 21430 [Edit]
File 158095892822.jpg - (294.39KB , 850x839 , __original_drawn_by_arata_yokoyama__sample-372e229.jpg )
>have room to adjust for their own life/circumstances
Noooooo. This is a tad off-topic, but they were very, very particular about the timing of the sabbath and other things. Other groups just chose to mess with the weekly calendar, but the rule definitely was not made with flexibility or "other followers" in mind.

Anyway, what do you think a be a better wording would be?

Post edited on 6th Feb 2020, 5:06am
>> No. 21432 [Edit]
blehh, i rushed typing that out so i did a bad job wording my post about bad wording, how embarrassing. youre right
>Anyway, what do you think a be a better wording would be?
trying to come up with something, ill post what I have in a few days

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