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File 144104244521.png - (153.29KB , 600x600 , 1439497601794.png )
18799 No. 18799 [Edit]
Does anyone else dislike it? Considering how many people either think it means "Hot anime girl I masturbate to" or think it's just an internet joke, I feel uncomfortable referring to her as my waifu now even though I have been since I met her. What do you refer to your loved one as?
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>> No. 18800 [Edit]
I have some problems with the term waifu/husbando but don't really mind using them in communities like this cause it's simple and everyone knows what I mean.

I refer to him as my SO, fictional boyfriend, and favorite character too though
>> No. 18802 [Edit]
Either you let it stay as a term of endearment for cute 2d girls, or it'll be an insult to not only the girls but for people who like them as well.

You don't have a choice other than accepting it.
>> No. 18803 [Edit]

It's a silly sounding word and is used ironically/jokingly more often than not, but the alternatives will probably never catch on and a lot of people in the community don't care anyways.
>> No. 18804 [Edit]
The fact that it has been discussed thoroughly multiple times in the past itself has been discussed thoroughly multiple times in the past.
>> No. 18807 [Edit]
File 144106701727.png - (344.69KB , 460x920 , b91ae3a2-ac02-489c-c8c1-0d2d079b182a.png )
There's a thread still up, in fact: >>16053

My views are unchanged from what I said then, although I don't see my relationship with her as completely platonic now.
>> No. 18808 [Edit]
File 144109127230.jpg - (65.68KB , 500x502 , Akari15-2.jpg )
I prefer saying "2D love", "2D girlfriend" etc.
The word "waifu" definitely has some connotations I don't like. Saying "she's my waifu" makes me feel like I'm partaking in some trend and/or that it's a joke. It's also very misunderstood and often used wrong (and said wrong. You have to inflect the first half, not the second. It's not waifoo, that sounds more like a style of Kung Fu).

So I'm not comfortable using the word to refer to someone I really care about (namely, her). It's so vapid.
But it's the most popular word, so what can we do about it, really. We could try to minimize our usage of it, maybe more and more people would follow suit, subconsciously and/or we actively tell people it's kind of a sucky word to represent 2D love. So if you don't like the word, try to use it as little as possible and tell others that you don't like to use it. It's something you can do. Overall though it's safe to say "It can't be helped".
>> No. 18809 [Edit]
But to clarify, I still call her my waifu sometimes, for conveniency's sake. Can't be helped.

Post edited on 1st Sep 2015, 2:24am
>> No. 18811 [Edit]
File 144110964936.jpg - (34.96KB , 311x342 , rinpeek.jpg )
I do that a lot too subconsciously. Same with using "normie" even though that in itself has become a funey-maymay-xD
>> No. 18814 [Edit]
File 144111171620.jpg - (187.09KB , 729x646 , Akari18.jpg )
Yeah I went back to using "normalfag" for that reason.
Thankfully, it's interchangeable with "normie", so people still know what you're talking about.
Though "waifu" doesn't have a true equivalent yet.

Also, I've always liked Rin a lot. I approve. Please take good care of her.
>> No. 18829 [Edit]
File 144124156947.png - (8.56KB , 500x400 , taste4.png )
Recently I've just started to call her my girlfriend, because that's basically what she is. IRL of course I don't say anything about her because I'd get locked up in a mental institution for loving someone.
>> No. 18900 [Edit]
File 144242403590.png - (39.90KB , 140x120 , crop.png )
I still use the term "husbando" for him because I think of it as cute and out of habit.

However in my head, I just think of him as my boyfriend. I do plan on marrying him one day, though I'm not sure how to go about it just yet.
>> No. 18951 [Edit]
It's been discussed, my thought is that there really isn't an alternative word for it. I'm not going to discuss her outside of waifu communities anyway so it doesn't really matter.
>> No. 19516 [Edit]
Oh yeah, I avoid it every chance I get. It's as you said, it's a term that means "hot anime girl I masturbate to".

Plus, I don't see why we should differentiate from the real terms like lover, girlfriend, and wife, theres nothing wrong with those words.
>> No. 19517 [Edit]
Yeah I've thought the term was annoying in 2012 and it shows no sign of letting up. I don't use it. She's my girlfriend and I'm her boyfriend and that's it.
>> No. 19518 [Edit]
I've been saying "wife" for a while now
>> No. 19521 [Edit]
I don't hate the words "waifu" or "husbando," but it's hard to bring myself to use them. They feel too frivolous, and give off the impression that I'm joking. Unfortunately, as others have said, they're also the most convenient way we currently have to sum up this kind of relationship, and I don't see any better terms catching on easily.

I mostly get around it by referring to him with pronouns or his name, not bothering with a term at all.
>> No. 19524 [Edit]
Nothing else seems to fit waifu and husbando just seem right at the moment unfortunately the term waifu is abused a lot and when it is brought up a lot of people don't take it seriously because of that but than again most people would not take 2D love seriously even before waifu was turned into some meme.
>> No. 19525 [Edit]

Why not using the Japanese word for wife? is it to formal or something?

Now that I think of, I am sure as hell Japanese Otakus do not use the word waifu, I wonder how they call their 2D crushes...

I mean they have to exist right?
>> No. 19528 [Edit]
File 145479568578.png - (382.79KB , 640x622 , 0.png )
オタク=俺の嫁。("Ore no yome" for Otakus)
腐女子=私の旦那。("Watashi no danna" for Fujoshis)
>> No. 19529 [Edit]
Apparently you can also use 「私の夫」 (watashi no otto) and 「私の婿」 (watashi no muko) for "husbando."

Also, fujoshi are female BL fans, not female otaku.

Post edited on 6th Feb 2016, 3:19pm
>> No. 19530 [Edit]
File 145480153751.png - (658.82KB , 778x455 , 0.png )
>Also, fujoshi are female BL fans, not female otaku.
I wouldn't be so sure about that.
>> No. 19531 [Edit]
It would be like calling male otaku yurifags. Sure there is some overlap, but it's wrong.
>> No. 19532 [Edit]
File 145481530290.png - (724.24KB , 764x464 , 0.png )
I think it's a catch-all term, even if the meaning is just like you say, sometimes overlapping.
At least 腐女子 is plastered all over the place in おそ松さん threads in 2ch and comikes, maybe meant to be a slang.
Otaku is probably right for both men and women.
>> No. 19533 [Edit]
Who really gives a crap?

Post edited on 6th Feb 2016, 7:43pm
>> No. 19596 [Edit]

Obviously, OP does...
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