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File 152009459793.png - (1.09MB , 960x544 , 51.png )
20854 No. 20854 [Edit]
What do you think about the fact that Waifus are a literal business model at this point?

I keep seeing games or entire franchsises going out of their way to include some form of "waifu pandering". Fire Emblem, the main SMT franchise or the new Xenoblade to name a few examples. There are also tons of games where the entire selling point are girls. Also in gacha games you can see the trend of making popular girls rare as fuck to bring people to pay tons of money to try to get them, so its clear that the people making these are aware that this is a lucrative market niche.

I think its kinda insulting to both, the franchises themselfes who shouldnt need this but do it for money and to the people who actually see waifus as a relationship, not some weird culture where people jump from one flavor of the month girl to the other.
>> No. 20855 [Edit]
Well, if you don't want it, don't buy it.
>> No. 20856 [Edit]
I'm more bothered by the fact that most of these franchises have their quality compromised if anything.

Really, the thing about the past versions games that makes it different from the current one is how natural the interactions between the characters are there. Unlike how it is now, the characters now don't even get a real canon pairing because "you can pick whoever you want lol, whatever", plus how it is possible to even make a harem causes the dynamic between characters to become awkward as hell. The new trend seems to be that they want to add social links so you can get more development with other characters, but they are also having a cake and eating it too by interjecting dating elements in it. I think Danganronpa is a good example of having the same social features without dating in it (even though they do have it in the side-games that's another matter entirely).
>> No. 20857 [Edit]
I honestly really liked the Story in the earlier Fire Emblem games, particularly Path of Radiance. If I wanted romance I'd play a VN not a strategy rpg. The new ones don't seem to have a story its been replaced by relationship building can be reduced to grinding while the characters are next to each other to advance dialogue in the main menu. It also forces characters to fall into tropes to cater to as many people as possible making every character a lowest common denominator. This is where I see any franchise that adopts this business model going.

Off topic but I can't find a Japanese iso of Path of Radiance anywhere and I refuse to replay it unless I can.
>> No. 20858 [Edit]
Have you tried asking for it on a japanese-speaking image board?
>> No. 20859 [Edit]
Waifus have been a business model since Evangelion, at least. The Japanese just use the word "moe".

Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves. Otaku have an inherently consumerist culture.

Post edited on 4th Mar 2018, 12:44pm
>> No. 20860 [Edit]
Dolphin is getting more popular so I'm sure a copy will be uploaded at some stage and i'l find a copy eventually. I'm not in a big rush.
>> No. 20865 [Edit]

Well I am glad that normies are finally accepting Otaku and Japanese culture, though this is a double edged sword.
>> No. 20866 [Edit]
I'm not, they're going to be warping and twisting the culture and turning it into shit the same way they did with video games.
>> No. 20868 [Edit]
I think they already did. Just look at recent "waifu" games. Games with 90% female characters in them, memes, pop culture references and usually the game itself is mediocre at best... many of these games are pretty formulaic. The problem with this: it sets a pretty low standard. And as >>20856 already said, it also hurts games that ARE good. It makes female characters pretty shallow because the devs went out of their way to get a piece of the waifu-cake as well.

I also think the "new" generation of "waifus" are everything a waifu shouldnt be: shallow, just a trope and solely made to become a waifu. Usually they have zero personality. There isnt much to fall in love with other than how they look.
>> No. 20871 [Edit]
I have to agree. Can't imagine how someone whose beloved is in the Fate franchise feels about Fate/GO. I'm not one of them but even I can see that it should be classed as an unrelated spinoff at best.

That said, I'm not sure if it's an issue if the future of mobile games being shallow insulting bait games though, I think it is hard to connect with characters like that. If someone wants to call whichever cute anime girl their "waifu" solely due to liking their character design, well... That's really just the same as what the seasonal waifu crowd does. It doesn't matter how large they grow as long as they don't pollute communities like these.
>> No. 20873 [Edit]
I had a friend who was a huge Fate fan and he thought the series was selling out long before fate/go.

I'm pretty sure everyone who was a fan of Fate before F/GO hates it and considers the current wave of fans to be cancerous secondaries who might not even know the VN exists.
>> No. 20881 [Edit]
Which is silly because Type-Moon would have 'sold-out' before Fate even existed, as Tsukihime selling well let them turn from a Doujin publisher to a Commercial publisher.
So Fate/Stay Night, in its originality, would be a product of Type-Moon 'selling-out'.

Of course, Japan doesn't have a large try-hard hipster crowd so 'selling-out' isn't a real concept there.
>> No. 20885 [Edit]
That's not what we're talking about and is pretty flawed as Fate, while set in the same universe as Tsukihime, is still separate enough to be its own original story and doesn't "Milk" existing Tsukihime franchise like fate sequels or GO do.
>> No. 20890 [Edit]
If Type-Moon didn't want to 'sell-out', they would have remained a Doujin (independent) publisher.
>> No. 20891 [Edit]
Now you're just being obtuse.

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