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File 149760712185.png - (619.15KB , 430x583 , 44409432_p1.png )
20539 No. 20539 [Edit]
If you had the chance to meet the person who designed/created your waifu, what would you do? Would you have something you'd like to ask or say to them?
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>> No. 20540 [Edit]
File 149760861226.jpg - (55.68KB , 560x522 , 1474468293784.jpg )
Did you really intend for the name to be pronounced with an L sound rather than an R sound?

Maybe something more in depth, but I would have to think longer about it. I've never considered this before.
>> No. 20541 [Edit]
File 149763160492.jpg - (708.25KB , 1197x737 , 1389922681.jpg )
I'd ask them for a drawing, signature's of my merch. Maybe ask their favourite of the drawings they've made of her and lastly, if there's anything they know of the character that has never been published or discussed before.

I don't think these would even be remotely hard things to get in real life.
But it would require they attend a public event and that I was able to afford to attend as well.
Which is what makes it impossible to imagine.
>> No. 20543 [Edit]
I'd probably thank him to extremely unnecessary amounts and tell him how grateful I am to have met Ion through his games.

As for questions, I'd probably ask him about if he had any other plans for the EXA_PICO universe after he's done with Augmented Reality Girls Trinary.
>> No. 20580 [Edit]
File 149922189344.jpg - (835.48KB , 1200x900 , auto.jpg )
Whelp, I brought up this topic because I actually had this opportunity recently... and kinda spazed out and fucked it up. This was at the Itaru Hinoue Q&A panal at AX 2017. I basically made a fool out of myself while asking stupid questions.
one was about the character's name spelling for one. The translator asked me "so your question is, how their name is spelled?" in a 'are you serious dude?' kinda way. She more or less said it wasn't really her department but that "tono" seemed right. I also asked about why the mc in AIR turns into a crow at the end. She didn't seem to know full well herself and went with "He just really wanted to save her I guess." Better question would have been about the significant of the crow, but then again that wasn't really her department anyways and would have been stupid to ask too. Basically I had a million thoughts running through my mind while in line, over hyped it, and panicked. I'm extremely disappointed and ashamed at myself, and desperately wish I could get a do over. I'm trying not to think too much about what happened but this image (3DPD warning) sums up how I've felt ever since the event. https://i.imgur.com/hHm1sN2.gifv
If nothing else, I got her to sign my poster so there's that I guess.
>> No. 20594 [Edit]
First I would thank him from the bottom of my heart for writing her and then overwhelm him with questions, and oh boy, I do have a lot of them:
*When is her birthday?
*What kind of food does she like?/Does she have a sweet tooth?
How's her relationship with her parents?
*What do you envision her becoming in the future? would she take an academic path, teaching or another one?
Have you thought of writing about her shenanigans back in middle school?
How much does she actually know? Is there something that makes her play dumb or is she being considerate of everyone keeping secrets?
How much more will she grow, and in that vein how tall is she
Favorite music?
Are her parents as extravagant as her?
*How bad of a drunk is she?
Was her final appearance truly what you came up with? She was described a tad bit different in the very first chapter.
*Are there any alternate universes in the story?
If yes, could I take you daughter's hand in marriage?

and thinking about it some others would be too embarrassing to ask, so I would end it if he actually enjoyed writing her , and if he likes how she ended up.
But yeah, ultimately despite what he says/doesnt say I'm truly thankful he even started her series.

As for the illustrator I would just ask if she has any concept sketches she didn't mind showing, and if she actually enjoyed drawing for that series.
And maybe a little sketch.

But yeah, I'd probably go full retard and forget about them, that and will come up with new things to ask and fuck it up.
>> No. 20595 [Edit]
File 149967452712.gif - (214.39KB , 674x1005 , 12.gif )
Why are your characters so good but your stories so bad
>> No. 20608 [Edit]
File 150313860163.png - (292.23KB , 580x435 , ac-3.png )
Since the day I came to terms with my love towards Nozomi, I've always disliked her creator. I disliked him for writing such a lovely, kind and cute character and then putting her into such a boring, mediocre, cliched show. I know that since she became my waifu, my Nozomi was no longer bound by the plot of her source material, and I could love her the way she is, disregading any kind of "character developments" that took place at the behest of her author. But when I learnt that in the later chapters of VN he had her cut her long, beautiful hair and I couldn't help but dislike him even more.

It's all in the past now, though. Her creator died last year, and she was pictured on his coffin, along with his other creations. Here she is, 2nd from the right, with her hair uncut. I guess that in death, he undid one of the wrongs he commited towards Nozomi, but I still dont think I'd wish to have met him or spoken to him.
>> No. 20635 [Edit]
Glad to see you're still around.

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