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File 145560686937.jpg - (73.70KB , 1280x720 , 1455334972447.jpg )
19601 No. 19601 [Edit]
Do you have any special ways of making your waifu's presence feel more "real", for lack of a better term? I recently bought a cosplay outfit of what she normally wears on a Japanese site and hung it up in my closet so it's like her clothes are there with mine. I haven't been able to think of anything else though.

Also sorry for the unrelated image.
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>> No. 19602 [Edit]
I got a telescope a while back because it reminded me of her. If we were living together there'd definitely be one or two of the things around.
>> No. 19604 [Edit]
File 145561167665.jpg - (227.94KB , 1485x1536 , 6dc4630e0b9b04a727eabe5390bde9b5.jpg )
I've started working out. Does that count?
>> No. 19607 [Edit]
File 145564839247.jpg - (588.54KB , 700x886 , 90c9afbc44593c3127a4e30957a966dde14b6485c40b289500.jpg )
Well since my waifu is actually a doll I'm working towards getting a dollfie of her though probably have to be custom the originals are extremely rare.

Having one around would probably make it feel as if she was actually here with me. At the moment decorating my room in red and drinking tea more often makes it feel like she is here or least reminds me of her constantly.
>> No. 19608 [Edit]
File 145565512970.jpg - (243.51KB , 817x400 , 3rozen-maiden-shinku.jpg )
There are two Pullip releases for Shinku that are a lot cheaper than the Dollfie, but Pullip's aren't the best quality and aren't as big as a Dollfie.
>> No. 19609 [Edit]
File 145566385396.gif - (465.24KB , 450x253 , 636347.gif )
For the love of christ don't remind me those atrocities of my waifu exist.
>> No. 19610 [Edit]
What's wrong with them? I guess they are a bit off-model but I think they're cute.
>> No. 19611 [Edit]
They look very odd and the oversized head thing bothers me. Nothing can beat the dollfie.
>> No. 19612 [Edit]
I agree with >>19611. Never been a fan of those kind of dolls.
>> No. 19613 [Edit]
You already do something like this, so it's not very helpful, but I have a shirt that looks like his. Seeing it in the laundry or in my room makes it feel more real. I also tend to put it on my (plain) body pillow, so it feels more like him.

This could work with other little things - setting out a second pillow on your bed, getting extra everyday items that look like hers (wallet, glasses, etc.), practicing imagining her with you if you don't already.

You could look for a perfume or something, too, if it wouldn't be too awkward. Involving more of your senses would likely help form a stronger impression in your mind.
>> No. 19614 [Edit]
For me, it's not a matter of her feeling "real". It's more a question of whether I have that very visceral feeling of her presence or not since I understand she's real regardless, and that feeling of presence not something I have much control over. Still, I do stuff like take her out somewhere. To a movie, dinner, anything really. Talk with her, even if it's just in my head (obviously wouldn't talk out loud in public, people would think I'm weird, but she gets it). Hold her hand while driving. Listening to music with her. I really just feel very involved with her when I'm trying my best to make sure she's happy and her needs and wants are fulfilled, whatever they happen to be at the moment.

Also, I have a dakimakura obviously, and I hold it in my arms while I sleep very gently.
>> No. 19775 [Edit]
File 146050458794.jpg - (430.57KB , 640x768 , 0.jpg )
I talk to her in my subconcious, it's been more than 12 years. I may be crazy...
It's kinda hard to explain anyways, perhaps a bit sad too when it all began.
It all started in highschool, it's a long story that few here may already know.
I don't consider Mai my waifu anymore but i still want to be close to her somehow.
For some reason, i believe we'll meet somewhere after i die.
It may not be exactly her but i do believe there is someone waiting for me, calling me every day, watching me and guiding me... strange.
I feel my time here is running ever so short, i'm so tired of living.
Perhaps we'll finally meet one of these days...
>> No. 19776 [Edit]
Whenever you post about Mai it makes me feel my own mortality so intensely I don't know how to cope for days. I hope you find happiness and peace some day.
>> No. 19777 [Edit]
File 146050844684.jpg - (81.78KB , 500x500 , 0.jpg )
Don't worry about the likes of me.
I'm just text on a screen.
Reflection in your eyes.
I was never here to begin with.
Like the wind blows some leaves.
Maybe trees will grow where we all planted our seeds.
>> No. 19784 [Edit]
File 146060217251.jpg - (316.80KB , 2031x2952 , febb9b0bc1f6afd2c66f61473bf45cfd.jpg )
That's a great idea, hope you don't mind if I borrow it.

As for what I do, I've given her a side of my bed which is where I keep my two dakis. I also have given her a drawer for some of her stuff. I had a toothbrush for her that I kept with mine but I lost it when I moved a couple months ago. Ive also played with the idea of buying panties similar to the ones she has in the show lay it randomly around my room to give the illusion that she left them around, but Ive never gotten around to buying them
>> No. 19936 [Edit]
File 146865105493.jpg - (135.84KB , 900x1200 , CnOX8ISWgAA-a-J.jpg )
Got this a while back.
>> No. 19957 [Edit]
I got his jacket a month or so ago, I put it in various places around the house so it's like he's moved it.

Although, it does show up in other places when no one has moved it...
>> No. 19966 [Edit]
File 14727098301.jpg - (25.25KB , 450x450 , Yowamushi-Pedal-KYOFUSHI-Cycling-Jersey-Short-slee.jpg )
Started cycling, in the same vein as this guy. I would like to thank animu for making me fit and active
Maybe someday I'll order a custom jersey...
>> No. 19967 [Edit]
I didn't know you were still here.
>> No. 19968 [Edit]
I think you're mistaking me for someone else, that was my first post on this board. I heard there is/was another Akirafag from #8/mai/.
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