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File 136562212939.jpg - (190.10KB , 850x971 , sample-521af416bb9fd5a5a531362bd8f15347.jpg )
12350 No. 12350 [Edit]
Have you ever encountered an experience where another character from another series immediately reminded you of your waifu?

I mean, when I was watching Hidamari Sketch, I can't help but to see Marisa in Miyako's character: They're both blonde, hyperactive, intelligent, lazy and somewhat weird. And even TVTropes acknowledges this.
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>> No. 12351 [Edit]
My waifu is, admittedly, a little archetypal, so when I see, quoting my friend, "any other bullshit Rei clone", I think of her.

She's not a "bullshit Rei clone"...
>> No. 12352 [Edit]
File 136563047874.png - (139.39KB , 700x700 , 27607581_p0.png )
Slightly. The main girl from Tonari no Kaibutsu and Ib from, well, Ib in appearance, and The Fair Lady Quelaan for other reasons.
>> No. 12353 [Edit]
File 136563125840.jpg - (164.42KB , 600x600 , 23599444.jpg )
Although my waifu is a bit archetypal herself, I hardly ever see her in any other character. She's not 100% original but I have yet to see a character bearing uncanny resemblance to her.
>> No. 12354 [Edit]
File 136563893185.png - (191.57KB , 875x825 , Misao__.png )
Every girl with brown short hair reminds me of her.

Even more if they are genki.
>> No. 12355 [Edit]
File 136564074641.jpg - (72.42KB , 830x467 , image.jpg )
Aoyama Nanami.
>> No. 12356 [Edit]
File 136565383112.png - (570.78KB , 675x743 , 3258043.png )
I'm not exactly sure if it was because of the bitchy personality but Chinatsu from Yuru Yuri kind of reminded me of Touko.
>> No. 12359 [Edit]
Kind of? On the surface, the personality looks like an archetype, but there are little details that make my loved one special. While I see similarities in other characters, none remind me exactly of my dearest.
>> No. 12362 [Edit]
File 136568081843.jpg - (142.11KB , 1272x623 , Comparative.jpg )
It happens to me with Esdese from Akame ga Kill. Not only she looks like a Suigintou with a nazi uniform but their personality is also really similar.
In fact, that's the whole reason I picked up Akame ga Kill.
>> No. 12363 [Edit]
File 136568876939.jpg - (99.21KB , 710x1000 , Kurisu or Asuka.jpg )
Indeed she cannot be Rei clone. Hair color is wrong!

I think Asuka probably has been major influence on Kurisu's character. In some fanart Kurisu looks very much like Asuka. Both of them are very confident about their skills in their speciality but romantic emotions surprise both of them. Also if I recall correct, both had some family issues. They share some personality traits but there are still many differences (like temperament). While I have been aware of Asuka very long time and I like her too, still somehow I've never been able like her in similar way (maybe it is my instinct of self-preservation?).

Also Rin from F/SN reminds me of her. While Kurisu is genius in science, Rin is genius in magic. They both have their tsundere parts, but still they stay classy and serious most of the time.

So I would say looks-wise Asuka and personality-wise Rin.
>> No. 12364 [Edit]
My waifu is Miyako and while I see similarities Marisa seems to have more of an edge to her than Miyako. She seems more, I don't know how to put it, the kind of person who is always looking for a challenge and wants to be the best. Miyako, while she is energetic, has a much more calm and friendly vibe to her. Then again there a bunch of versions of Marisa considering the fanwork.
>> No. 12365 [Edit]

Yeah. I can say that Marisa is a less "refined" version of Miyako. Or Miyako is a less "rough" version of Marisa.

Either way, canon has it that Marisa is a restless brawler.
>> No. 12367 [Edit]
Excuse me for a moment, but I got curious about that image...

...Can I get a source for it? All my usual search engines don't show results.

Post edited on 11th Apr 2013, 1:41pm
>> No. 12369 [Edit]
There you go. Seem I had rotated it for some reason (for better angle maybe).
>> No. 12378 [Edit]
File 136588691357.jpg - (81.49KB , 409x800 , Ursula 0.jpg )
Erica's twin, Ursula, looks almost exactly like another character from a series that's been smoked away with the rest of my memory. Anyone know?
>> No. 12391 [Edit]
File 136623873418.jpg - (91.94KB , 540x600 , idu-michito_ichigo-mashimaro_sakuragi-matsuri.jpg )

I'm probably not at all right but I couldn't help but notice the resemblance when I saw this picture earlier.
>> No. 12424 [Edit]

Spot on! Sakuragi Matsuri, of course! Thanks.
>> No. 12432 [Edit]
File 136649926491.jpg - (116.73KB , 600x600 , That feel when you're waifu sits on your head.jpg )
When I watched episode 8 of Idolm@ster, Azusa really reminded me of Peach. The way she wandered around town spreading joy and helping people completely by accident is something that Peach would do.

In Dog Days, Milhi reminded me a lot of Peach too. She's a ladylike princess with a lot of moxie.

In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 1: Phantom Blood, Erina Pendleton reminded me a lot of Peach. Blonde hair, blue eyes, ladylike demeanor, bold, and brave. The dynamic between her, JoJo, and Dio also reminded me a bit of Peach, Mario, and Bowser respectively.
>> No. 12466 [Edit]
File 136687425765.jpg - (24.97KB , 394x302 , Tsukiko_Paranoia_Agent.jpg )
Pink shirt, purple skirt, kinda socially awkward, totally Osaka.

Also Arumi from "Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi" is from Osaka and I believe her voice actress is from the American South, so as to portray a distinct dialect.

(At least I think Arumi is Osakan, as her subtitles are "slanged" like "somethin' and "ain't".)
>> No. 12469 [Edit]
First time I saw >>/an/10145 's pic on the front page I thought it was her on it. Apart from no wings on her head and the dress colour it's not far off from some artists' interpretations of her.
Simmilarities end mostly there and in the fact both never get their name mentioned, though.
>> No. 12470 [Edit]
File 13668947163.jpg - (56.81KB , 1263x476 , 131478747755.jpg )
It took me a while before I remembered it. But yes, I remember there was a character which resembled her quite a lot: http://tohno-chan.com/mai/arch/res/905.html
>> No. 12471 [Edit]
Who is your waifu?
>> No. 12503 [Edit]
File 136714043764.jpg - (733.46KB , 1279x720 , melt.jpg )
Appearance-wise, Melt from Aiyoku no Eustia looks like almost an exact copy of Arturia.
Personality wise I haven't really encountered any other characters quite like her, the closest in my mind would be Meiya from Muv-Luv. They're both nobles that put the needs of their subjects / the people before their own, though Arturia takes that to the extreme.
>> No. 12506 [Edit]
File 136717279254.jpg - (47.37KB , 600x530 , Hiiragi_Anri 20.jpg )
There is one, Lizlet L Chelsie looks similar to Anri Hiiragi from the anime/eroge titled Happiness!

Though the same can be said to any other twin-tailed blonde hair girl with blue eyes (or near to color blue)
>> No. 12619 [Edit]
File 136842938222.png - (125.54KB , 480x480 , 1295132515874.png )
Kirino, but only now that she graduated as a true tsundere (before, I'd say she was merely an intern). Let's see now if, like my love, she amounts as well for a full PhD cum laude on the subject.
>> No. 12660 [Edit]
File 13690839474.jpg - (6.15MB , 3131x4082 , 2b791f7cd7a87c3750a85e1bc7862d64443b95b3-75.jpg )
I don't think she's from a show or anything, but I always thought of this girl as being Setsumi at age 10-ish. Helps that the artist is Goto-P, who also did the art for Narcissu Side 2nd.

Of course, DFC girls with long brown hair and brown eyes are a dime a dozen in anime, not that I'm complaining.
>> No. 12661 [Edit]
I thought it was Setsumi from the front page thumb, even before reading your post.
>> No. 12754 [Edit]
File 137093316242.jpg - (87.21KB , 1280x720 , [EveTaku] GJ-bu - 01 (1280x720 x264-Hi10P AAC)[A8A.jpg )
Reminds me so very much of Ui, it's almost unsettling, but the more Yamato Nadeshiko imoutos in the world, the better.
>> No. 12788 [Edit]
File 137151172330.jpg - (145.14KB , 768x432 , [Espada][QR-yesy]_Shinkyoku_Soukai_Polyphonica_-_0.jpg )
Yeah it happens...
>> No. 13776 [Edit]
File 138669768928.png - (1.97MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot-2012-02-13-06h19m02s8.png )
Watching Sakurasou made me think of Nozomi a lot. Shiina Mashiro really reminded me of her, the way she behaved was really similar to that of my waifu. When it comes to looks, all characters with a similar haircut immediatelly remind me of Nozomi. Utsu-tsu from Gatchaman and Saya from Saya no Uta, for example, Oharu from Mushibugyo too, but to a lesser extent.
>> No. 13996 [Edit]
File 138848502749.jpg - (73.72KB , 480x600 , 27143625_p0.jpg )
To add to this, Noire in a somewhat exaggerated way.
>> No. 14048 [Edit]
File 13888050383.jpg - (97.05KB , 618x900 , 7e98e199eea5048991e7be734ff4ac60.jpg )
Ai Nanasaki from Amagami

Both have short dark hair, both are in a swim club, both get tan lines, both wear a yellow coat...

Needless to say, Ai was my favourite in that show.
>> No. 14092 [Edit]
File 138911150041.jpg - (40.20KB , 401x271 , Sekai_looks_like_Nagisa_by_Star_from_balto.jpg )
Oh, yes...
She indeed resembles my dear Nagisa.

But their personalities are totally different.
>> No. 14447 [Edit]
File 139162386447.jpg - (861.72KB , 1200x1200 , 40978530.jpg )
In one of her hairstyles, she resembles Tachibana Marika from Nisekoi the most, but also to a large degree in her temperament and overall mannerisms.

In her typical hairstyle, so far I haven't found anyone else that reminds me of her.

She's not quite archetypical.

Post edited on 5th Feb 2014, 6:39pm
>> No. 14922 [Edit]
File 139680456258.png - (223.41KB , 733x397 , keisuke and goto comparison.png )
I think the resemblance is way more than passing, and the fact that they are both voiced by Sugita in more realistic roles than he usually plays makes it even more uncanny. (They don't sound too similar but still...) Goto sometimes looks to me like an older Keisuke (5-7 years) who just got a haircut. The hair and eye colors are slightly different but not by much.

Their personalities are pretty different but I also think it's funny how they both have male love interests and are probably both bi, or at least that's what I took away from the finale of Samurai Flamenco.
>> No. 15208 [Edit]
File 139902842199.jpg - (205.61KB , 1280x720 , Silvia Lautreamont 3.jpg )
This picture of Silvia Lautreamont from Seikoku no Dragonar is similar to Saber Lily
>> No. 15220 [Edit]
File 139910607280.jpg - (41.11KB , 512x663 , 1357033096013.jpg )
Akari from Aria might as well be a pink Yunocchi with pigtails. They're both wonderful people who can appreciate the small, happy things of life.
>> No. 17031 [Edit]
File 141686190141.jpg - (116.27KB , 821x400 , comp.jpg )
I've been watching "Gochuumon wa usagi desu ka?" recently and chino reminds me of yuno because of the hair ornaments. Their voices also sound similiar in some ways.

Nagisa from Clannad also reminds me of her, more so than chino.
>> No. 17032 [Edit]
Tsukasa Hiiragi reminds me of my waifu, a bit.
>> No. 19163 [Edit]
File 144811901292.png - (457.10KB , 650x1190 , 1a3d05b8c3c3504975dfdef2d9738c7a.png )
Been seeing some pics of this KanColle girl(Arashi is the name, I think) show up on *boorus recently. She must be new or something.
Aside from a few details in hairstyle and clothing she's a carbon copy of how my waifu is usually portrayed, which is weird.

I doubt you're even here anymore, but she's Koakuma from Touhou.
And for posteriority: the girl on the linked post, which has since then 404'd, was Atashi from Jinrui wa, btw.
>> No. 20159 [Edit]
File 148292750394.png - (463.08KB , 950x400 , 1482799619750.png )
I'm reminded of her when I see pretty much any girl with short brown hair, or red hair, or especially any with red eyes.
I have to admit that Makoto Niijima from the Persona series bears a striking resemblance to her though.
>> No. 20160 [Edit]
File 148296442531.png - (319.59KB , 527x888 , copy.png )
Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but this guy only imitated the appearance (and the "oni" attribute). It's like he means to insult Yuugi's personality.
>> No. 20323 [Edit]
File 148934755780.jpg - (5.46KB , 195x195 , 195-1.jpg )
I have been all my life trying to find a character like him, to get some insight on the lines of "How the kind of people he is would react in X situation?". But even if I can recognize other kudere characters, those don't feel like him, and feel they lack even approximated characteristics of his personality.
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