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File 139978360328.jpg - (1.06MB , 1600x1200 , Because why not___.jpg )
15277 No. 15277 [Edit]
So how exactly do you go about deciding on your waifu's birthday if it wasn't officially released or do you guys just not celebrate it because it'd feel wrong etc.? Do you just settle with your anniversary and holidays?
It's been eating at me for the longest time.
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>> No. 15278 [Edit]
File 139978441320.png - (161.54KB , 288x384 , 15.png )
I've hinted at it before but there were a few factors that led to me putting aside a birthday for my partner.

First was a gut feeling. I had a feeling he was born in May for whatever reason, it makes a lot of sense to me. I also know a fair bit about astrology, which I don't particularly believe in but I think it's really useful for character building purposes, and that helped me pick out a day too. (It's May 13th.)

I also asked him if it seemed right and he said yes, but if you don't believe you can communicate with your waifu then obviously that won't help.

I've seen others use the day that the series came out as a birthday, which I think is fine too.

It's up to you really with whatever feels most comfortable for you. We like having a birthday set aside, but do what you will and what makes you and Mami happy.
>> No. 15279 [Edit]
File 139978475998.jpg - (469.18KB , 1000x1414 , f41a943b141dfd230045eb78bc84aaa5.jpg )
This is something that always kind of bothered me too. Eventually I decided to use the release date for her source material.

It's not nearly as good as knowing an official birthday, of course, but I thought it would be about as close as I'd get to one (since I highly doubt her birthday will ever be revealed).
>> No. 15280 [Edit]
I've always been bad at celebrating certain days--I don't recall ever feeling like I've had the whole house to myself to celebrate, and can't cook. I don't even have a particularly anniversary although I'll probably decide on a date next time the time rolls around.
>> No. 15281 [Edit]
File 139979197465.jpg - (144.82KB , 512x512 , 42394731.jpg )
I chose the day she was released for her birthday. It bothers me that I don't know her actual birthday, but I feel that is the closest to actually knowing. Actually... Since she was born as a fox, her birthday must be around summer. Hmm... But I don't feel any other day is significant for her.
>> No. 15282 [Edit]
File 139979370872.jpg - (190.26KB , 1000x1000 , 4440992f1130a793c8e8810907d18cb2.jpg )
I don't, as simple as that. And that's a bit of a trouble for me: I don't know when her birthday takes place, so I get to do nothing. No motivation.
>> No. 15283 [Edit]
File 139980021717.jpg - (114.15KB , 960x540 , 40588900_big_p0.jpg )
She doesn't have a canon birthday. And even if she did, dates and calendars change throughout the ages so it wouldn't necessarily be reliable. I celebrate it on May 13th, I have no idea where the date comes from but that's when most people online choose to celebrate her birthday and it's better than nothing.
I also celebrate New Year's Day and Pentecost as days dedicated to her due to their importance in her story.
>> No. 15284 [Edit]
I already talked about mai waifu's birthday here: >>14768

I looked up the day I ordered the AzuDai DVDs, and set that as her birthday.

It would have been nice if I knew the day I first started watching the series, or the day I fell for her, and used one of those dates instead... It's fine though, what's important is being able to celebrate with her.
>> No. 15288 [Edit]
So are you another ego ignaxio?
Do you also hate the game like 90% of the people that play it?
>> No. 15291 [Edit]
File 139987890174.jpg - (507.52KB , 768x1024 , Saber Lily 24.jpg )
Since Saber Lily has no specified birthday, it is impossible to celebrate her birthday, so sadly I have no idea how and when I can celebrate her birthday.
>> No. 15293 [Edit]

I dont get what you mean by ego ignaxio.

I love the game tho, Ahri could use buffs, but it's p damn fun. Just solo Q is hard, wish I could join a high-caliber team without having to suffer my way to diamond 1 first. Having to fight for mid every game is too difficult. I win my lane when I do but, uguu low diamonds and their trolling.
>> No. 15294 [Edit]
I wait patiently in hopes of her birthday being released, otherwise I plan to try to contact the LN author to find out.
If not, I'll cry a bunch and just celebrate it in spring.

He was a guy known for playing only Kennen and was pretty good at him. Massively gay for him too, even had a ton of art of him as a yordle with Kennen in various ways (many nsfw).
Sadly his apartment burned down and then he seemed to wake up and I think he quit.
Don't take the comparison a bad way though, I liked the guy a lot.
I've lost all interest in the game myself, personally. Partly due to no one to play with and partly due to a growing fear of queuing.
>> No. 15296 [Edit]

Oh I see. To be honest, I rarely play her. Perhaps its my fear of losing, but I find it much easier to play overpowered champions. She's in a bad state at the moment, and whenever I pick her, I can't help but feel I'm sabotaging my own chance of success. I feel pulled in two different directions, between being the best at her and winning.
>> No. 17734 [Edit]
File 142629246391.jpg - (64.44KB , 752x1063 , ian_malcolm_chibi_by_skuxxch4m13-d5mryb6.jpg )
I celebrate his on October 22, he doesn't have a canon birthday so I used his actor's. If I had an anime waifu, I'd use her VA's birthday. Better than nothing, I guess.
>> No. 19438 [Edit]
File 14538984036.png - (1.47MB , 827x1169 , 1323c4195d2132a08600ef4f8f6030ad.png )
I just settle with our anniversary, December 9th.
>> No. 19442 [Edit]
I use the day he first appeared in his source (as opposed to when the source first came out). It bothered the hell out of me having a death day and no birthday, so I had to pick something.
>> No. 19461 [Edit]
File 145426096628.jpg - (21.79KB , 444x331 , CZ-saRWUcAASwnT.jpg )
Happy birthday, Sawa-chan! SWhe is now 32.
>> No. 19462 [Edit]
File 145426115094.jpg - (221.65KB , 838x1280 , 004_siori0_2_lb.jpg )
Happy birthday, Shiori!
>> No. 19464 [Edit]
File 145427611130.jpg - (66.02KB , 636x395 , d2c7599a24db46c0f22c8825874b2722.jpg )
I celebrate her birthday along with my own birthday. I tend to not really want to celebrate my own birth but my bday should be her's. I recently put the few amount of gifts I got for my bday a few days ago around my little shrine of her. I got her roses myself but their started to dwindle a little now.
>> No. 20138 [Edit]
File 148266860397.jpg - (32.38KB , 618x679 , 20d6a21a5247ef6a638c4e36049e80f2c231d99955dc8c711f.jpg )
I haven't actually decided on one yet.

Her name comes from a Greek word meaning "joy", so I tend to assume that she is of Greek descent, and because of this I have considered that maybe March 25th, Greece's independence day, would be suitable.

Her name was also given to the star previously known as Beta Canum Venaticorum on July 20th, so I have wondered if maybe that date would be more appropriate.
>> No. 20140 [Edit]
I celebrate her game release date a little but not much. It bothers me but I don't feel like I could set a date for her and be happy celebrating it.
>> No. 20151 [Edit]
File 148286730358.jpg - (150.70KB , 800x666 , 01c53761494e3c76ea44d0bae00798e8272a69b8.jpg )
Her release date, 30th January 2009, is celebrated as her Birthdays.

But I'm still not sure how old she is.
Official age is 20.
She exists since 2009 that makes her 7 (8 next month).
I met her in 2013 when she was 20, is she 23 now, because it was 3 years ago?
Or is she 27?
>> No. 20196 [Edit]
Ameen is dat you?
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