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File 167083563917.jpg - (134.01KB , 376x482 , 43386193.jpg )
21808 No. 21808 [Edit]
If you were given the chance to meet with your waifu and she didn't know about your feelings for her, what would you say to her? how would you introduce yourself?
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>> No. 21809 [Edit]
Striking up a conversation would probably be pretty awkward, I'd find something to break the ice and keep things going. I'd probably have to carry most of the conversation myself. Far as I know she might actually find it interesting to talk to a foreigner, so I might be able to use that to help things along until hopefully the ball gets rolling and things go more smoothly.
>> No. 21811 [Edit]
File 167084407455.jpg - (248.97KB , 450x640 , Kanako(535).jpg )
Ideally, I think I'd be very forward about it. I could probably talk about gathering faith. It's something I can relate to in some way.
Realistically I wouldn't be able to muster words. No comprehensible ones anyhow.

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>> No. 21818 [Edit]
Try to talk about our mutual interests. Music and bands I guess. Not spilling spaghetti would be hard.

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